Raycon E25 Everyday Review

  • Spencer Pines, iReviews
  • September 08,2022
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I’ll admit, I was pretty skeptical about the idea of wireless earbuds when Apple first announced their AirPods. I remember thinking that this was just a fad that wouldn’t catch on since there were so many disadvantages involved compared to wired headphones. I know now that I was very wrong and wireless earbuds are everywhere with multiple companies making and selling their own brands.

A name that has been growing quickly in the wireless earbud market is Raycon. Founded by former music artist Ray J, Raycon has made a name for itself by heavily advertising their line of bluetooth headphones through Youtuber endorsements and podcast sponsorships.


But how good are Raycon earbuds? Are they truly the next wave? In this review I will go over Raycon’s cheapest and most basic set of headphones, the Everyday E25s, while sharing my honest thoughts on the product, the branding, the official website, and more.

  • Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • Good sound quality
  • Price
  • Cannot connect with older technology
  • No multi device pairing
  • No charging brick included and short charging cable
  • No USB type C
  • May not be best for professional work
  • Microphone quality varies depending on the setting

The Raycon E25 Everyday earbuds are a great option for a set of casual earbuds. Audio quality is adequate, microphone is good, and the earbuds themselves are small and discrete.

What are the Raycon E25 Everyday Earbuds?

The E25 Everyday earbuds are the cheapest and most basic headphone option from Raycon. These are wireless earbuds that connect to your phone or other device via bluetooth and charge though an included case.

Raycon became well known in the industry primarily through their aggressive marketing, using celebrity endorsements, along with online content creator sponsorships, to get the word out about their products. Advertisements for the E25s, as well as other products, can be found throughout many sponsored Youtube videos and podcasts.

Raycon Everyday E25 Unboxing


My Raycon earbuds shipped to my house in a nice brown cardboard box with “The Next Wave” printed across the front. The inside of the box had some text about how Raycon is the next wave and how these earbuds will basically change your life. I found this to be a bit pretentious and over hyping of the product, but I understand why they put that there.


The box the earbuds came in itself was also pretty nice, being a bright red color that was very vibrant and appealing to the eye. The back of the box featured text blurbs on how these particular earbuds work and the benefits to choosing Raycon.

Upon opening the package, I was met with all the included materials, that being the instruction manual, the tiny charging cable inside another cardboard box with the additional silicone ear tips, the earbuds themselves in the charging case, and a small sticker with The Next Wave printed on it.


The biggest disappointment with the unboxing is in regards to the charger and the port Raycon decided to use for this product. The included cable is tiny and the charging case uses a micro USB port instead of the much more popular and convenient USB C. There also wasn’t any sort of USB to wall adapter included in the box, which was another disappointment.


I was pretty unhappy to learn that, along with these $80 headphones, I was going to have to drop more money on a new USB brick as well as a specific charging cable that is becoming more and more difficult to find in stores. Not a huge issue and it’s something that’s now common with electronics, but still a downside regardless.


Other than that, everything in the box was nicely packed and of good quality. I especially liked how they included plenty of silicone ear tips so that you can find which one works for you and is most comfortable right out of the box.


The Raycon Everyday E25 earbuds feature everything you would expect from a standard set of wireless earbuds. These pair wirelessly to your device through bluetooth and deliver audio with no wires or anything between them and the device.

Each earbud can hold a charge for about 6 to 8 hours of continuous listening with the case able to fully charge them about 3-4 times on a single charge. The earbuds are also water resistant, stay in your ears while exercising or moving about, and feature a microphone on each earbud to take calls and make recordings.


Overall a nice set of features though I do wish the audio and recording quality was a bit better.

Raycon Everyday E25 Test


I’ve had my set of Raycon earbuds for a couple weeks now and I quite like them. Until now I’ve only ever used wired headphones due to the fact that they can be used on any device with a headphone port, whether that be my brand new cell phone or my original Game Boy from 1989. So in addition to being my first time using a Raycon product, this is my first time using wireless earbuds in general.


The first night I really put these headphones to the test with a 6 hour online Dungeons and Dragons session. They worked pretty well and I was able to hear everything my group said far more clearly than through my old wired set. I also didn’t have nearly as many issues with the microphone and my own audio quality as I had previously.

The battery on the one earbud I was using did get low near the end of the session, though this wasn’t really an issue since I was only using the one, so I just swapped it out for the other one. I assume this was because my unit wasn’t shipped fully charged as I haven’t had this happen with any subsequent D&D sessions and one earbud was able to stay charged and active the whole time.


In addition to D & D, I decided to test these headphones out by going on a few bike rides with them to see how well they stayed in during constant movement and if the audio quality remained consistent. I’m pleased to say that not once did either earbud fall out nor did my music drop in quality or disconnect.


The audio quality is pretty good, but not perfect. The sound was very heavy on bass and some vocals in the music got washed out, but I would say that if you’re not looking for these flaws, like I have to as a part of my reviews, you likely won’t notice the minor issues in the audio quality.


One thing that did frustrate me about using my Raycon earbuds was that, if I wanted to use them on my laptop instead of my phone, I had to go into my phone’s options and disconnect them before reconnecting them to my computer. Again, not a huge issue, but all those steps compared to just plugging a cable into a port was something I had to get used to.


Overall though, I really enjoyed my time testing my Raycon earbuds. There were a few problems, but I don’t think the average user would notice or care, and the audio and microphone quality was adequate for everything I used them for.

How Can You Use the Raycon Everyday E25? / Who Is This For?

The Raycon Everyday E25 earbuds are easy to use and set up for anyone who has connected a device via bluetooth before. Simply take the earbuds out of the case, put them in your ears, open the bluetooth settings on your phone or other device, and pair it to your earbuds.


Each Raycon earbud features a control button that can be pushed to do a variety of things. A single press on whatever side will pause whatever you’re listening to. A double press on the right side will skip the current track and a double press on the left will go to the previous track. A triple press on either side will increase or decrease the output volume and holding the button will activate your phone or other devices virtual assistant, whether that be Siri, Alexa, or any other service.

This makes it very easy to control whatever you’re listening to without having to open up your phone or mess around with another device.


The Raycon Everyday E25 earbuds aren’t exactly for the audiophile who wants the cleanest and most genuine sound out of their headphones. Instead, these serve the casual consumer who simply wants a basic set of headphones that will last long and serve them well to listen to music, podcasts, or make and receive calls.

Web Infrastructure/Branding

The Raycon official website is quite nice, featuring not only their line of quality earbuds but also standard over the ear headphones, speakers, and additional accessories. Everything works the way it should, no dead links, and there’s no annoying pop ups to interrupt the experience.


I also really like the overall design of the logos and visual media associated with Raycon. It’s all very bright, vivid, yet understated and elegant enough as to not overload you with color.


I think that Raycon’s biggest issue is in how they market their products. Raycon would have you believe that these earbuds are the only headphones you would ever need and are perfect in every way for all types of listeners. I don’t see that as the case.


Raycon earbuds are fine for the casual listener who maybe doesn’t care too much about the audio quality and won’t look out for the finer details. This kind of marketing I believe is why you will see a lot of hate for Raycon online, they simply promise far too much that they can’t deliver.

Should You Buy It

As stated above, if you’re a casual listener who isn’t going to notice the minor flaws in audio quality, then the Raycon Everyday E25 earbuds are for you. They’re small, compact, convenient, and the audio quality is just good enough to get you through the day.


If you’re an audiophile who wants to make sure they get the clearest and most accurate sound possible, then you may want to look elsewhere. Sound quality is far from perfect, though I believe that these earbuds will serve most consumers very well.

Where to Buy

Raycon earbuds can be purchased from pretty much any retail store that sells headphones and electronics. They are also available on the official Raycon website as well as Amazon with free 2 day shipping from Prime.


As I stated in the introduction of this review, Apple was one of the first to the market for wireless earbuds with their Airpods. Since then, they have revised the design a few times, with the current cheapest model being the 3rd Generation.


The Airpods are definitely more feature packed than the Raycon Everydays, with multi-device connection, noise canceling technology, and more precise controls. Though these features come with the high price of $179, almost twice as much as the Raycons.


These are probably the best option for Apple users. They will work on any bluetooth compatible device albeit they will function differently on non-Apple products.


I mentioned in my unboxing video that I had previously been using a pair of wired earbuds from Skullcandy before receiving my first set of Raycons. Well, the company also produces a few lines of wireless earbuds around the same price as the Raycon Everydays, one of which being the Grind Earbuds.


For $79.99 you get pretty much all the same features as the Raycons and then some. The most interesting feature being the voice controls which allow you to control the volume, pause your music, answer calls, and even send text all without hitting a button.


I can’t say anything about the audio quality of these particular headphones, but I would suggest keeping an eye on them in the future. Skullcandy is a brand that I have had nothing but good experiences with and I’m excited to see if they produce any more earbuds like this.

Final Thoughts

My Raycon Everyday E25 earbuds have served me very well in my time testing them. The past couple weeks, I’ve been bringing these everywhere and using them for everything.


Transitioning from wired earbuds to these ones did feel a bit confusing and frustrating at times, but the ease of use and overall quality of these ones made the switch much easier. Though I would also understand if someone with a more refined ear would want to use a different set of headphones.

Spencer Pines, iReviews

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