Embr Wave Thermal Wristband

  • Spencer Pines, iReviews
  • August 01,2022
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Embr Wave

With a mission to “harness the power of temperature to improve personal comfort,” Embr Wave has created its very own body thermostat. The cutting-edge wearable is co-founded by three MIT scientists and is backed by Bose Ventures and Intel Capital. The device is now available in a much smaller and stylish 2.0 model, which resembles a standard wrist watch.

Intelligent Design Features

So how does it work? By simply pressing a button on the Embr Wave wristband, the wearer gets an instant blast of thermal relief. The user gets the similar chill of an ice cube gently resting on their wrist or the sensation running their forearms under warm water. Designed for those who want to personalize the cooling down/warming up experience, the Embr Wave improves your overall comfort without changing the body’s core temperature.


This works by applying either waves of heat or cold to a specific area on the wrist that can potentially spread the feeling to the entire body.


Whether you’re stuck in an overcrowded subway car or working in a chilly office space, the Embr Wave empowers its wearer to adjust to their ideal comfort level. At the touch of a button, you can keep cool after a grueling workout or give yourself a blast of heat while waiting for your car to warm up. “It finally gives you control of the temperature you want to feel, immediately and at the press of a button.”

Embr Wave’s Thermoregulation Technology

We all know the incredibly uncomfortable feeling of walking around in wet socks, especially when trekking outside for long distances. It makes your entire body frigid even though it’s isolated to your feet. The same goes for inserting hand warmers while skiing.


Even though the warming sensation is isolated to your gloves, it provides a universal comfort level similar to standing in front of a fireplace in the winter. This is the magic of the Embr Wave thermostat. “Thermal sensations trigger the regions of the brain that control pleasure and thermoregulation.”


Equipped with three revolutionary technologies, the co-founders of Embr Wave made sure its product differentiated itself from other cooling and heating products. According to the company’s Kickstarter campaign, the thermal sensations that Embr Wave creates are immediate, precise, and energy-efficient.


With the ability to personalize the technology by finding your very own temperature sweet spot, wearers can control their comfort no matter how challenging the environment. By having direct contact with your skin, Embr Wave is able to immediately cool or warm your wrist using state-of-the-art conduction technology.


With the added bonus of delivering waves of temperature that “leverages your nervous system’s response to rapid thermal changes,” you have yourself one of the most innovative thermal control devices hitting the market in 2018.

Widespread Application

To activate cooling, wearers simply click the left side of the Light Bar and voila – a sensation similar to pressing an ice cube to your wrist in well-timed waves. To activate the warming features, simply click the right side of the Light Bar and experience the warmth similar to holding a warm mug.


With the option of wearing the Embr Wave on the outside or inside of your wrist, adjusting the sensation point will once again give you greater control of the targeted thermal zone.Other cool features include 16 temperature sensitivity settings, from Very Cold to Very Warm and a battery life that lasts 2-3 days in normal use (25-50 sessions).


There’s certainly a market for a wrist wearable that allows users to control their temperature while sitting on a stuffy airplane, in a crowded movie theater, or fresh off a grueling spin class. For the temperature sensitive, this could be a game-changer.


The Embr Wave is available for $299 and can be purchased along with other products from the Embr Labs official website.


Source: Embrlabs, Kickstarter

  • 16 temperature intensity levels
  • Thermoelectric cooling module
  • Stainless iron Milanese loop band
  • Battery life: 2-3 days in normal use (25-50 sessions)
  • Availability (ESD November 2018)
Spencer Pines, iReviews

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