Gate Smart Lock

  • Spencer Pines, iReviews
  • August 01,2022
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San Francisco-based Gate Labs has designed an all-in-one smart lock that watches your home even when you’re not there. Armed with a key cylinder, a keypad entry system, and a motion-activated camera, Gate is a connected smart lock that lets the homeowner see who’s at their front door.


As “the world’s first camera-equipped smart lock,” Gate allows homeowners to lock and unlock their door for trusted visitors from remote locations. Strategically located right above your door’s deadbolt and installation taking only five minutes, Gate Labs created one of the most intuitive home security systems imaginable.


If the Gate smart lock is installed above the deadlock, any motion in front of the door is detected and push notifications are instantly sent to the homeowner. Accepting the notification activates the Gate camera and audio system, allowing the homeowner to see, hear, and talk to the visitor.


Connecting with the individual at the front door, whether it’s the UPS driver or the Nanny, is as seamless as opening the Gate Door app and connecting with them. Alerts are also sent when the visitor presses the call button – opening the alert activates the camera – giving a visual of the person standing outside your door.


Connecting to your home’s WiFi network, the Bluetooth-enabled smart lock is capable of assigning temporary or permanent passcodes to your anticipated guests, making it a good choice for AirB&B hosts. Armed with two-way audio and a powerful motion-activated camera, Gate is perfect for people who receive tons of deliveries, have service people in and out of their house or want alerts when the kids arrive home from school.


Whether you want to simply know who’s at your door for security reasons or want to monitor authorized visitor activity, the Gate Door App tracks all of the activity coming in and out of your house. Using your iOS/Android compatible app, you can easily connect to Gate’s camera feature whether you’re at work or on vacation.


So what sets Gate apart from other home monitoring devices? For one, Gate is four different products built into one – a combination of the smart lock, doorbell cam, smart keypad, and call button. Secondly, no other smart lock system is capable of remotely locking/unlocking as well as providing pin access codes to verified parties.


Already compatible with Amazon Alexa, the Gate smart lock is the perfect compliment to a connected home. With plans to add HomeKit, Nest, and IFTTT technology, Gate is set to be compatible with most of the smart home devices on the market.


Equipped with a four-month battery life and timely notifications when it’s time to switch them out, Gate Labs pretty much thought of everything. For those who still want to use keys instead of a keypad, Gate comes with three sets of keys.


Personally, I find it kind of odd that the device has the number pad layed out in a rotary style rather than the square shaped touch tone style you’d find on most phones or calculators. I could see this being awkward to get used to as most people today are more familiar with the numpad layout.


Secondly, the lock still features the traditional tumbler key lock which is notoriously easy to break into with a bump key. I would personally prefer it if Gate was simply a digital locking device with no traditional key.


Flaws aside, if you want a smart lock and doorbell cam all rolled into one device that can connect with other smart home features, this may be worth looking into. The Gate is available for purchase on the official website.

  • Physical Key Access
  • Camera
  • Keypad Entry
  • Call Button
  • Motion Detection
  • 2-Way Audio (Mic + Speaker)
  • Reinforced Metal Exterior
  • Gate Door App
  • 5-Minute Installation
  • Availability (August 2017)
Spencer Pines, iReviews

By Spencer Pines, iReviews

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