GrowWall Gardening System

  • Jordan Cole, iReviews
  • August 01,2022
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As gardening technology advances, year-round indoor hydroponic systems are all the rave. GrowWall, Opcom Farm’s revolutionary gardening system, is capable of growing 75 plants with a 5-tier display. Designed to harvest a full crop of fruits and vegetables in just a matter of 4-5 weeks, GrowWall’s starter kit includes seeds, nutrients, pH adjusters, and EC and pH meters.


Capable of growing 75 pesticide-free plants, GrowWall’s vertical design requires 50% less space, allowing plants to grow 25% faster than outdoor gardening. According to Opcom’s website, “these environmentally friendly systems grow with 90% less water usage compared to outdoor gardening, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.” Because GrowWall is a soilless system and most pesticides absorb into soil, users are ensured clean herbs, fruits, and veggies.


One of the many advantages of growing plants hydroponically is the ability to “control the plant’s environment by adjusting the nutrients, pH, and lighting.” GrowWall’s Ebb and Flow system has an automatic mode, which not only controls the 5 tubes of 30-watt light bulbs (turning them on for 12 hours each day); but also, turning on pump cycles throughout the day distributing water 30 minutes on, 90 minutes off. All you have to do is fill GrowWall with 7.9 gallons of water and make sure you keep the system in a stable climate.


With no gardening experience necessary, GrowWall is the perfect hydroponic system for those who want a clean indoor garden that is artistically displayed. Estimated to use up only 2.4 kW of energy daily, GrowWall is an eco-friendly alternative to an outdoor garden. With a width of 58” x 12” and a height of 75”, GrowWall can fit seamlessly inside your kitchen, dining room, or spare room.


Here are the top four reasons to grow with Opcom Farm’s GrowWall indoor gardening system:


  1. Clean, safe food – GrowWall provides your family with delicious, clean food, grown in your home, year-around. No pesticides. No pollution.
  2. User-friendly set-up – the GrowWall system is more convenient than growing outdoors. With no weeding or traditional watering, GrowWall takes the physical toll out of gardening.
  3. Fully equipped – Opcom Farm’s system includes seeds, pH management solution and nutrients – everything you need to start gardening immediately.
  4. Advanced technology – GrowWall features an energy-efficient Auto-Cycle that continues light and water circulation. Once planted, the growing process is completely automated.
  • Space Saving Vertical Design with a 5-Tier Display
  • Space Saving Vertical Design with a 5-Tier Display
  • High-Capacity (75 plant sites)
  • Patented Angle and Height Adjustable 4′ Grow Light Tubes
  • Starter Kit with Seeds, Nutrients, EC and pH Meters
  • 4-5 Weeks to Harvest
  • Grow All Year Around
  • Clean, Soil-Free Planting
  • No Pesticides. No Pollution
Jordan Cole, iReviews

By Jordan Cole, iReviews

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