GrowWall Gardening System

As gardening technology advances, year-round indoor hydroponic systems are all the rave. GrowWall, Opcom Farm’s revolutionary gardening system, is capable of growing 75 plants with a 5-tier display. Designed to harvest a full crop of fruits and vegetables in just a matter of 4-5 weeks, GrowWall’s starter kit includes seeds, nutrients, pH adjusters, and EC and pH meters.


If you’ve ever wanted to harvest fresh vegetables straight from your home or back yard, then the OGarden might be the right product for you. The product resembles a miniature ferris wheel and rotates produce around a light source so that you can grow your own healthy food from the comfort of your house.

Autonomous Cultivation Controller by IoT Gardens

Cultivation Controller by IoT GardensScheduled to ship March (2018), the Autonomous Cultivation Controller gives complete control of the entire growing process to the gardener. With strategically placed Wi-Fi-enabled nutrient and pH dosers that integrate with the Track Your Tree app, gardeners can watch every step of the cultivation process from seedling to harvesting time. Whether it’s monitoring grow room temperatures, reservoir pH levels, or the light intensity, you can set ideal growing conditions and get SMS alerts, emails, or Twitter notifications if the growing environment is compromised.