Autonomous Cultivation Controller by IoT Gardens

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  • August 16,2017
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Whether you’re a commercial grower or a medicinal provider, the Autonomous Cultivation Controller (ACC) by IoT Gardens ensures incredible crop yields with minimal resources. Equipped with a 4.3″ TFT (thin-film-transistor) touch-screen display, a pH probe, digital temperature and humidity sensor, light sensor, and peristaltic pumps, the ACC is one of the most intuitive hydroponic garden controllers on the market.

Intelligent Design Features

Cultivation Controller by IoT GardensScheduled to ship March (2018), the Autonomous Cultivation Controller gives complete control of the entire growing process to the gardener. With strategically placed Wi-Fi-enabled nutrient and pH dosers that integrate with the Track Your Tree app, gardeners can watch every step of the cultivation process from seedling to harvesting time. Whether it’s monitoring grow room temperatures, reservoir pH levels, or the light intensity, you can set ideal growing conditions and get SMS alerts, emails, or Twitter notifications if the growing environment is compromised.

So How Does It Work?

Accessing real-time garden statistics via the Track Your Tree app is as simple as setting up your ideal growing conditions and monitoring alerts. According to IoT Gardens’ Kickstarter campaign, as soon as the pH probe senses the reservoir pH levels out of the preset range, the peristaltic pumps automatically turn on – dosing the hydroponic reservoir with pH Up (alkaline) or pH Down (Acid) to bring the reservoir pH levels to the previously set range.


There are two information platforms growers can access to get the latest statistics on their hydroponic crop(s). The ACC displays environmental data on its 4.3″ TFT intelligent touch screen and users can access sensor information from their iOS/Android compatible Track Your Tree app. From controlling pump levels to viewing statistical data remotely, the entire IoT Gardens setup keeps you in complete control of your crops.

The IoT Gardens Track Your Tree app

What would a Smart Garden controller be without a powerful companion app? The Track Your Tree app allows gardeners to monitor garden stats from any location, preview hydroponic reservoir levels, adjust light intensity, control environmental temp/humidity, and adjust your nutrient and pH pumps. The best part: by accessing the Track Your Tree dashboard, users can set up alerts and trigger warnings in case the levels go outside the preset grow parameters. Just imagine having lunch with a friend and having an automatic e-mail alerting you of hydroponic reservoir pH scales being too acidic for ideal crop growth. Then, having the proper alkaline dosage automatically delivered to the hydroponic reservoir.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to be a horticulturist to produce the perfect hydroponic crop. With IoT Gardens’ Autonomous Cultivation Controller (ACC) and the intuitive Track Your Tree app, the gardener is in complete control of the growing process from start to finish. The art, science, and technology of growing hydroponic plants are streamlined as soon as you purchase the ACC by IoT Gardens. Armed with a full suite of sensors that include a pH probe, digital temperature/humidity, light, and peristaltic pumps, gardeners have an arsenal of data points at their disposal as they wait for harvesting.


According to the IoT Gardens Kickstarter campaign, the ACC will be available for shipping in March of 2018.


Source: Kickstarter

  • 4.3″ TFT Display
  • pH Probe
  • Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensors
  • Light Sensor
  • Peristaltic Pumps
  • iOS/Android Compatible
  • Track Your Tree app
  • March 2018 Availability