EBS 260 Handjet Portable Printer

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  • August 11,2017
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Capable of printing large stenciling characters up to 2.2 inches in height, the handheld Inkjet printer is a highly-versatile device designed to label industrial products. Equipped with a built-in touchscreen and Inkjet’s proprietary software, users are able to mark products such as concrete, metal pipes, poly woven bags, wood and other materials. With the optional barcode scan-and-print upgrade, manufacturers and retailers have an intuitive handheld printer that keeps track of inventory with the latest data-driven technology.

Intelligent Design Features

Weighing only 2.5 lbs, the super lightweight printer made by EBS Inkjet systems is designed for mobility – giving users the ability of marking, coding, and labeling their products at any location. Armed with an electromagnetic print head, a battery, and full wireless control, the EBS 260 printer replaces old school handheld devices such as stencil duplicators and in roll coding devices. The all-new EBS 260 is less labor intensive, more affordable, and seamlessly configures for handheld printing of lot numbers.

User-Friendly Operation


What makes Inkjet’s next generation handheld printer so revolutionary? For one, the EBS 260 performs extremely well when printing on non-absorbent surfaces. Whether it’s PVC piping, concrete cinder blocks, or glass window panes, the solvent ink attaches nicely to traditionally difficult materials. Arguably the most impressive part of Inkjet’s handheld printer is the user-friendly print operation.


Here is the step-by-step process of branding a product with the EBS 260:


Step 1: Place the rubber rollers onto the surface to be printed.

Step 2: Press the Print Button.

Step 3: Start moving the printer on the surface of the product – Inkjet printing will occur automatically – adapting to the speed of the user.


Finally, users have the option of scrolling through hundreds of pre-stored imprints by navigating through the intuitive built-in touchscreen. Before printing the final label, you can also preview the final template before pressing the print button.

The Magic’s in the Software

With automatic updates that include date/time stamps, service life, storage life cycle, expiration date, object numbers (incremental/decremental counters), Kody 1D, and Kody 2D code, the EBS 260 is a fully customizable inventory printer that keeps track of your products. If you need specialized text labeling, you can access Windows (True Type) fonts, diacritical natural characters, Chinese characters, Cyrillic, etc. Unique shipping graphics that provide additional info, warning labels, handling details, can all be found by opening Inkjet’s software platform.

Inkjet Compatibility


Compatible with the Firefox web browser, connected by WiFI, and armed with Bluetooth LTE technology, the EBS 260 Handjet allows for seamless wireless data transfer from a computer or external device. Connecting the printer involves a WiFi network and running the software via the built-in web server. Or if you prefer, copy the imprint messages to the EBS Handjet memory via the USB port on the side of the device. This allows for users to easily access, create, and import lists of data with many part numbers.

Bottom Line

Inkjet’s EBS 260 is a highly versatile, lightweight, handheld printer that comes with a full suite of inventory bells and whistles. Designed for keeping track of industrial-level products that come in all shapes and sizes, this state-of-the-art handheld printer creates not only 2.20-inch high barcode labels but it keeps track of the inventory data critical to running a successful retail/manufacturing operation. Does it come with a steep price? Yes. But is it worth it? 100% – especially if you have unique products that needs customized labeling.

  • Lightweight & Highly Portable
  • Variety of Surface Types
  • Wireless Printing Technology
  • Wireless Data Transfer
  • Works with any PC via Firefox
  • Built-in Touchscreen
  • Proprietary Inkjet Software
  • Expensive Handheld Printer