Zolo Liberty+ Earphones

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  • July 24,2017
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The wireless earphone market has been held back for the following reasons: poor sound quality, uncomfortable fit, unreliable Bluetooth connectivity, and short battery life. No one wants to drop a couple hundred bucks on a set of earbuds that hurt to wear or simply don’t last the duration of your workout. The wireless craze is only good if the technology works. Thankfully, Zolo has taken on this challenge and has created Liberty+ earphones – a set of snug-fitting acoustic marvels designed to deliver 48 hours of straight music play.

Intelligent Earphones

Engineered with water-resistant liquid silicon ear tips, the Liberty+ earbuds have been tested in every possible ear canal shape – thus its incredible ergonomic features. No more adjusting your earphones while running on the treadmill or damaging them permanently during a sweaty workout. Made from a material 100 x’s stronger than steel at a fraction of the weight, the Graphene-construction Liberty+ earbuds make for a super-durable noise-cancelling experience that is truly a cut above the competition.


“As the graphene-coated driver vibrates back and forth to create sound, its extra rigidity and lightness ensure precision oscillation.”


Equipped with an LDS antenna powered by Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the Liberty+ earphones offer double the transmission speed, a 10-meter range, and an 800% increase in data-transfer capacity. The satellite-quality Bluetooth provide for seamless setup and pairing with Push and Go UX. As soon as you take your set of Liberty+ earphones out of their charging case, they immediately sync to your smart devices – making the integration process a painless one. The Bluetooth connection shuts off when you put Liberty+ earbuds back into their case.

Powerful Battery Technology

With a 48-hour battery life, wearers have the equivalent of 960 songs (6-7 albums) before needing a recharge. Whether you’re in the gym looking to wireless connect to one of your motivating playlists or simply wanting to hear the latest news during your morning commute to the office, Liberty+ earbuds are powerful wearables that may only need charging after a full week of workouts.


Zolo designed its state-of-the-art earphones double as a digital assistant – integrating with both Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri. The voice-controlled AI function allows users to access their playlists, weather, news, and traffic with a simple double press of a button and saying, “Siri, what does today’s weather look like?” With each bud having its own dedicated touchscreen built into its external face, a tap is all you need to answer a call or activate one of the digital assistants.

Bottom Line

If you’re someone who has stayed away from a wireless earbud purchase because “you want the technology to catch up a bit,” well it may have finally caught up. Zolo’s Liberty+ earphones have been designed specifically for user comfort using the latest in audio clarity innovation. From the Graphene-automated drivers to the Grip Fit technology, the Liberty+ wireless earbuds is an action-packed experience that lets you connect to Alexa or Siri with a simple press of a button. For the fitness enthusiasts, this will ensure a worry-free, sweat proof listening experience without having to recharge your earbuds mid-workout.
Zolo’s Liberty+ earphones are available for $99 as part of the company’s early bird Kickstarter campaign.


Source: Kickstarter, Zoloaudio.com

  • Made of Graphene
  • GripFit Technology for Maximum Comfort
  • LDS Antenna with Bluetooth 5.0 Technology
  • Effortless Setup & Pairing
  • Amazon Alexa & Apple Siri Compatible
  • 48 Hour Battery Life