Image Intimacy™

  • Jordan Cole, iReviews
  • November 08,2022
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Image Intimacy

Imagine if prior to a complicated invasive surgery, your doctor was able to mark precise incision locations on your floating organ? Or walk around the operating room and see, in real-time, every possible angle of your appendix prior to an appendectomy?
That would certainly diminish the chances of complications; or better yet, boost survival rates. This has become a reality in the medical field thanks to Israeli start-up RealView, Ltd. The innovative medical device company designed the world’s first 3D medical holography display and interface system. Their proprietary technology projects hyper-realistic, 3D holographic images, “floating in the air”. The difference maker: The projected 3D image appears in free space, allowing the user to interact with it on an entirely new level, in real-time.
RealView’s Image Intimacy system is revolutionizing digital holography. From poor, non-colorful image quality, to compromised viewing angles; technology has yet to catch up to the vision. That is, until now. RealView’s holograms are a cut above in every way imaginable. With their high-resolution and quality, a user can literally touch the holograms and manipulate them in real-time. As described on RealView’s website, “the interaction with the image is as intuitive as grabbing an apple or painting a statue as the image is optically real and within touching reach.” We’ve all seen holography in action in futuristic movies like Minority Report or Total Recall, but can this technology be used in operating rooms? The answer is yes, especially in cardiology.
Targeted specifically for interventional cardiology, RealView’s enhanced 3D imaging technology supports minimally invasive procedures. Because the images are digital, they can be rotated or manipulated by a Cardiologist. This provides the doctor with the “unique capability of working very intimately and accurately with the 3D information.” The floating image allows the medical professional to probe, morph, reposition, adjust, etc., without the limitations of a 2D system like a laptop or x-ray machine.
RealView invented the concept of “image intimacy,”. So what makes RealView’s “image intimacy” device so revolutionary? For one, it’s ultra-realistic and according to field tests, “provides the freedom for unbounded interaction,” and at the same time, it empowers its users. RealView illustrates their systems capabilities with four action-packed bullets highlighted on their website.
Assuming that the user is a medical professional, the system can make:

  • “In air” markings of specific points of interest; allowing users to mark a location, define a path or tag a specific anatomical landmark in mid-air.
  • “In air” quantification within the image; enabling the measurement of true distances and more precise volume quantification.
  • “In air” device – image interaction; providing the ability to literally place a physical device inside the hologram, such as a stent in a patient’s specific anatomy.
  • Real-time spatial plane definition; allowing the user to freely crop/sculpt the hologram to define the desired plane.

From measuring the length of a baby in its third trimester, to determining the exact location of a stent, RealView’s imaging system is complimentary to all available technologies that generate 3D content (3D-CT, 3D Rotational Angiography, 3D-Ultrasound, etc.).
RealView’s proprietary 3D user interface improves capabilities, whether it’s in the form of true visualization (ultra-realism) or eyewear-free interaction, which can only be described as groundbreaking. The benefits of holography are limitless. RealView encapsulates the boundless innovation of its Image Intimacy system: “In reality, objects are in free space and for different areas on the object, the eyes will accommodate differently, will converge differently, and will have a slightly different point of view.” In the spirit of aiding medical professionals with their complex diagnoses, RealView’s proprietary Image Intimacy technology is visionary and is positioned to make an immediate impact on all of our lives.

  • Eyewear-free
  • Compatible with all available 3D modalities/navigational tools
  • Good image quality (full color)
  • Large viewing angle
  • Fully dynamic holographic image
  • Fixed coordinates of the hologram
  • Real-time marking, calibration, simulation
Jordan Cole, iReviews

By Jordan Cole, iReviews

Jordan Cole is a USC Masters student from upstate New York. The Syracuse University Alumni has worked with publishing firms, marketing departments, and communications specialists across the country.