RIVER Mobile Power Station

  • Jacob Wilson, iReviews
  • August 02,2022
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Battery life and power are important things to have no matter where you are. That’s why there are products like the RIVER Mobile Power Station that try to give consumers a way to bring that power supply with them on the go.


How well does it work, what are my thoughts on what has been said about it, and what are the general features of the RIVER Mobile Power Station are all important questions that I hope to answer here.


Starting off, there are a few key features that make the RIVER Mobile Station what it is. The small power source comes with a battery shelf life of one year and the ability to charge up to 11 devices at once.


The high-end of its capacity can get up to 116,000mAh. This is a decently impressive amount for the small size of the device I believe.


This goes well with its total output of 500 watts. It’s not the most powerful generator, but that’s not the point of it. The mobility and ease of use along with the decent power create a product that should meet any short-term power needs while you’re away from home.


the RIVER Mobile Power Station also includes a couple of solar generator features that make it even more useable in the long run. For a short trip off the grid, this is an amazing product as long as it manages to work properly.


The RIVER Mobile Power Station was designed to be a lightweight and highly portable generator. It’s also one that I find strives to have ease of use and compatibility as two of its key selling points.


With a wide selection of charging ports, there is little the RIVER won’t work with. All of the available inputs that come with the RIVER include two USB QuickCharge 2.0s, two USBs, two USB Type Cs, two AC Outlets, two DC Outlets, and a 12V Car Port.


All of these ports ensure that most devices will have a way to get powered by the RIVER as long as it has power. There is little I see not working well with the small power supply.


The ease of use and variety extends to the methods available to charge the RIVER when it starts to get low. The time does vary depending on what you connect it to, but there are three main ways to charge it.


Using the included car jack gives a full charge in about nine hours, the included wall socket charges in around six hours, and using the solar power charge can take from ten to fifteen hours. Even if charging an empty RIVER Power Station can take a while it can still charge other devices while waiting to regain its charge.


There is a lot to consider technology-wise when looking for a new power supply. What I would say is most important is maximum output, battery capacity, compatibility, portability, and surge protection.  With a few of these already covered in the RIVER Mobile Power Station, it’s off to a good start, but there is still more to look at.


A feature of the RIVER Power Station that impresses me is its intelligent computer monitoring system. With this system, it protects itself from power surges or sudden temperature changes. The RIVER even alerts you immediately if it detects any changes to its system.


Even though EcoFlow’s RIVER can theoretically operate in temperatures ranging from –4 to 140-degree Fahrenheit, its smart power surge protection makes sure that risks are minimized even further.



From automatically adjusting the power outlet to the right amount of wattage per device to regulating temperature to ensure interruption-free charging, RIVER’s battery management system is one of its best selling points. By continually monitoring all 11 outputs individually, if one shortcircuits the other can keep charging.


With a battery shelf life of one year, the RIVER is a portable generator several times more powerful than the standard portable generator upon its release. The device offers a great deal of power, getting up to 500W, but that’s not my favorite part.


What I like most is how quiet the generator is for the level of power it has. It’s not as loud or clunky sounding as other competitors, and gives a gentle and less bumpy noise as it takes its time to charge your devices.


This design means that the RIVER is a versatile piece of equipment to add to any household. There is the obvious use of any small generator where it can function as a short-term emergency battery during power outages of course.


What I think this little generator could do even better is join a camping trip. If the right precautions are taken and solar panels are brought along with it the RIVER could have plenty of power to last for whatever tech you need with you on your outing.

Pros And Cons

With everything I’ve talked about so far, I think it’s a good idea to line up the pros and the cons that the RIVER Mobile Power Station offers. I want to allow the most informed choices possible to be made, so I’ll be giving what I think are the biggest things for and against it.



  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Smart Power Surge Protection
  • 4 QuickCharge Ports
  • High Power Output
  • Charges up to 11 Devices at Once


  • Not Cheap
  • Some Complaints About Not Working on Arrival

Final Thoughts

I find that there is a lot to like about the RIVER Mobile Power Station. The design is functional while still trying to maintain ease of use and mobility.


Others I’ve seen share my sentiments for the most part. The only outliers tend to be those who receive a product that doesn’t function out of the box. While this doesn’t happen often, it happens just enough that I felt it was important to bring up.


That aside, the RIVER Mobile Power Station is a wonderful product for anyone that is looking for a mobile power source. It’s not the biggest market, I’m aware, but backup generators that can hold a charge can one day suddenly become something you wish you had.


If it’s not clear yet, I recommend the RIVER to anyone looking for an extra power source. If you would want it for camping, just to have a backup, or to have a potentially solar-powered generator then this might be the product for you.

  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Smart Power Surge Protection
  • 4 QuickCharge Ports
  • Water Resistant Case
  • High Power Output
  • Charges up to 11 Devices at Once
  • Not Cheap
  • Some Complaints About Not Working on Arrival
Jacob Wilson, iReviews

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