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  • June 12,2017
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The commute to and from work is evolving and thanks to innovative tech startups like WALNUTT, consumers are beginning to adopt alternative forms of transportation. Introducing SPECTRA – an electric personal vehicle that is described by most at the “Tesla of Skateboards.” Armed with a Posture Control System (3D Step) capable of learning your body’s movements, this state-of-the-art ride is challenging the status-quo of “driving to work.”

AI Technology

Backed by sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, the SPECTRA listens to its strategically placed pressure and gyro sensors – adapting to your preferred riding style. Designed for a hands-free riding experience, Walnutt created the first electric smart board that doesn’t require a remote. Instead, SPECTRA relies on machine learning technology to ensure rider safety without compromising performance.

Capable of a 15 mph top speed and the ability to travel 12.4 miles on one charge, Walnutt’s e-board has a full arsenal of safety features that include ABS Braking (MagBrake), super lightweight carbon fiber components and a magnesium unibody for optimal stability. In other words, this is the most well-made electric skateboard designed around rider safety.


As with most smart devices, the SPECTRA electric skateboard comes equipped with an intuitive eBoard Go app – allowing riders to seamlessly control their board, manage user settings, select the preferred riding mode, and share their experience with fellow SPECTRA community – making the entire experience highly interactive. By learning the style of each e-board rider, the machine learning technology becomes increasingly more intelligent over time.

Intelligent Design

So what makes the SPECTRA a must-have purchase? First and foremost, Walnutt made its electric skateboard for everyone. According to a recent Forbes article, company founder Henri Pang says he got the inspiration for Spectra because “he’s always had an interest in unique riding vehicles such as unicycle and hoverboards, but found that they were difficult to master.” The product’s chief industrial designer, Scott Parker, built the SPECTRA to streamline the commuting experience: “I think commuting is a drag, so I wanted to create a personal vehicle that is fast and fun to ride.”


With the ability to recharge using regenerative braking down hills, the SPECTRA e-board funnels its kinetic energy to the many small motors built into its wheels – making it an eco-friendly form of transportation. Charging the SPECTRA takes only 90 minutes and a full charge yields close to 12.4 miles of continuous assisted riding.


In addition to displaying battery power, the forward- and rear-facing LEDs keep night riders safe during night rides. Protecting the rider even further is SPECTRA’s automatic braking system designed to sense unstable/erratic riding conditions – slowing the e-board to a more manageable speed until it regains stability.


SPECTRA has already secured $360,000 in funding from its Indiegogo campaign and is estimated to ship “sometime in July” (2017). Aside from the board, backers will also receive the Walnutt Commuter Backpack for free. This bag is designed to easily carry the 12-pound device.

  • Posture Control
  • Bluetooth Remote App
  • Portable
  • Firmware Updates
  • Regenerative Hub Motor
  • Different Speed Modes
  • Safe Battery
  • LED Indicators