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  • June 15,2017
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Kobi is your fully autonomous, weatherproof, all-season garden robot that does all of your backyard work. As the company’s site says, “Kobi eats snow for breakfast.” Kobi mows your lawn an inch at a time, snow blows your pathways while the snow is falling, and rakes your leaves as soon as the first leaf falls. Just simply show Kobi the outside perimeter of your house and let it go to work.


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“You own a smartphone and yet your shed is still full of dumb garden tools?”


Kobi is your gardener but without the invoice. Instead of spending countless hours keeping up with your landscape, leave it to an autonomous robot that is programmed to know your background. According to the American Time Use Survey, “the average American spends about 70 hours a year on lawn and garden care.” From battling through demanding workweeks to carving out time quality family time, the last thing on your mind is fueling up the gas-guzzling lawn mower and spending a Saturday afternoon battling your overgrown lawn. More importantly, landscaping services are expensive and they keep on comin’ – no matter the season.


With over 17 million gallons of fuel being spilled annually in backyards across America, according to the EPA, why not rid yourself of refueling accidents and help out the environment. Instead of having a mini-Exxon Valdez soaking into your soil next to the shed, replace the gas lawnmower with the electric powered Kobi. Btw, the 17 million gallons of spilled fuel in backyards per year is more than the oil spilled by the actual Exxon Valdez environmental catastrophe.


“Gas powered lawnmowers are responsible for about 5% of U.S. air pollution,”  according to the EPA.


Armed with three different modes controlled via its companion app, Kobi takes a pro-active, “small project” approach to tackling your lawn, leaves, and the snow. Connected to real-time weather forecasts, Kobi starts working as soon as the first snowfall occurs – recharging between removals – then going back out to remove another inch or so. It stays ahead of the project and since it doesn’t feel cold temps, it stays out there until your paths are clear and the snow finally stops.


Your job is rather simple: show Kobi the parameter of your house, pinpoint backyard obstacles that may prevent it from doing its job, and finally – tell Kobi where to dump the snow, leaves, grass.


Worried about a neighbor swiping your robotic gardener while it at work? Kobi comes with an intuitive anti-theft system that is password protected. If someone tries to walk away with Kobi, an ear-piercing alarm wails while simultaneously sending an alert to your smartphone. Kobi will then shut down and go into “disable mode” making it useless to anyone else.


Kobe is the epitome of disruptive technology. The autonomous robot gardener is eco-friendly and takes care of menial yard work – freeing up your time for something way more important.

  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Anti-theft system
  • Safety sensors
  • GPS
  • Control and planning through app
  • Wireless communication
  • Linked with weather forecast
  • Price