Blockchain Startup Winding Tree Aims to Revolutionize the Travel Industry

We’re in the middle of vast disruption across many industries. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are the main ingredients to many of these changes. And yet, somehow, one industry has managed to remain rigid in the face of revolution – the travel industry. It is not due to lack of effort, though. Many startups have tried their luck. But because of the virtual monopoly that the current big players have over the industry, progression seems impossible. Winding Tree, a new Blockchain startup, aims to change that by cutting out the “middle man.”

Filecoin ICO Raises Record $200 Million in First 60 Minutes

In early July,’s EOS tokens launched at a record $185 million raised in five days. Earlier this month, the Tezos Blockchain Project shattered EOS’s record by raising $232 million in less than 14 days. A few days ago, the Filecoin ICO surpassed all records previously set – by raising nearly $200 million in the first hour of the offering.