Raises $2.3 Million in Pre-ICO to Bring AI to the Medical Field

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing. Besides improving everyday activities like mowing your lawn, AI also has great potential to disrupt the healthcare industry. We’ve seen Artefact Group’s mobile clinics and Forward’s answer to a doctor’s office. Now, we’ll take a look at This startup wants to use AI and Blockchain to revolutionize conversations in health care. They just raised $2.3 million in future sales of their new cryptocurrency, Neuron (NRN).

Filecoin ICO Raises Record $200 Million in First 60 Minutes

In early July,’s EOS tokens launched at a record $185 million raised in five days. Earlier this month, the Tezos Blockchain Project shattered EOS’s record by raising $232 million in less than 14 days. A few days ago, the Filecoin ICO surpassed all records previously set – by raising nearly $200 million in the first hour of the offering.

Litecoin: a Legitimate Contender in Cryptocurrency

Referred to as the “Silver Bitcoin,” Litecoin has a number or traits that give it an advantage over the current crypto market dominator. Besides these traits, every crypto enthusiast knows that one characteristic defines cryptocurrency right now: volatility. Noone can tell you what will happen with cryptocurrencies in even a few weeks. Below are the basics about Litecoin to help you decide if this popular altcoin sounds like a good investment.