KI Ecobe

Footwear is an important yet often overlooked part of daily life. I’ve learned well in the past that the wrong pair of shoes can lead to a lot of pain if you’re on your feet a lot. That’s why I’ve always been rather particular when it comes to what I consider decent shoes. KI Ecobe is an interesting product to look into when it comes to shoes. It claims to be the first self-assembled modular smart shoe that uses no toxic adhesives. Those are a lot of words, but what should they mean to the average consumer?

DigitSole SmartShoe 001

Taking wearable technology to an entirely different level, the French startup DigitSole has created the world’s first smart shoe and it’s awesome. With its futuristic and urban design, their SmartShoe 001 is fully connected (Bluetooth 4.0), automatically tightens, and comes equipped with heated sole technology.