Tecovas Boots Review

  • Spencer Pines, iReviews
  • October 15,2022
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What are Tecovas Boots?

You don’t need to spend every night in a honky tonk or every day riding horses and working on a ranch to benefit from a good pair of cowboy boots.


However, shopping online for boots may be a hassle and you might worry about buying a pair that doesn’t look the way they do on the website.


Before you decide to skip the boots, check out the range from Tecovas. Tecovas makes handmade cowboy boots that are perfect for anything you want to do.

Tecovas has a facility in Mexico that makes the boots through an intense 200 step process. Not only will you find great cowboy boots made from the best materials, like ostrich and lizard hide, but you’ll find a range of apparel and accessories too.


In this Tecovas boots review, I’ll look at the top styles for men and women along with the pros and cons of this brand and where to shop.

Find the right boots for you and any western accessories you need from Tecovas.

  • Made by hand
  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Available in different sizes and styles
  • You get free returns and exchanges
  • A size chart helps you find your perfect size
  • Not available outside of the United States
  • Some products are pricey
  • There are limited options for women

For trendy and classic cowboy boots that last for years, you can’t go wrong with Tecovas. You’ll find dozens of styles that use different materials as well as accessories and apparel that make you feel at home on the range.

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Product Features

  • Price: $225 and up
  • Shipping: Free on all orders
  • Returns: Free within 30 days
  • Exchanges: Free within 30 days
  • Size Range: 7 to 14 in men’s sizes, 5 to 12 in women’s sizes
  • Military Discount: 10% off

Tecovas Boots for Men

Tecovas makes many different boot options for men. One of my favorites is the Cartwright model. At $255, the boots are available in three colors and are taller than other designs to stop right at your calf. If you love cowboy boots but have a hard time getting them on and off, try the Dean. Available for the same price, this boot has a full-length zipper on the side.


Other men’s boots you might like include:

  • The Doc ($265)
  • The Earl ($245)
  • The Jason ($255)
  • The Knox ($215)
  • The Emmitt ($395)

How Can You Use Tecovas Boots?

Tecovas recommends that you buy the same size that you normally wear as the brand claims its boots run true to size. The brand also suggests that you size down if you usually wear a half size. Keep in mind that you can return or exchange your boots for free.


Tecovas also offers tips on how to buy belts and jeans. One thing you need to know is that the Slim line has a slimmer cut, especially in the thigh area. You may find it helpful to go up a size or two if you worry that the jeans will fit too tight. When it comes to belts, order the size that fits your denim size.

Ordering the size you usually wear helps you get boots that fit well.

Women’s Boots from Tecovas

Though Tecovas offers fewer styles for women, don’t assume that you won’t find a pair you love. The Annie is the perfect boot for women who want a more traditional look.


Available for $255, this boot also comes in four colors. If you love the cowgirl look but don’t like the way tall boots can rub against your legs, go with the Lucy. Tecovas calls this its suede cowgirl bootie because it mixes the bootie style with the cowboy boot look.


You can check out some of the other cowgirl boot styles, including:

  • The Jenny ($225)
  • The Harper ($275)
  • The Piper ($225)
  • The Zoey ($395)
  • The Jamie ($255)

Where Can You Use Tecovas Boots?

Thanks to Tecovas boots, you can feel comfortable every minute that you spend outside. They have a durable sole that keeps you from slipping and sliding and come in different heights to protect your feet and calves. As a bonus, they have loops to help you get them on and off in a hurry.


Tecovas keeps changing its line to incorporate new trends. You will often find limited edition designs and boots that are only available for a few months. The company also has some that they make in limited numbers such as 500 pairs.

  • First dates and later dates with someone special.
  • At the office when you want to feel comfy and look stylish.
  • To grocery stores and when you need to handle other errands.
  • On the bus or whenever you need to take public transportation.

Tecovas boots go anywhere your favorite jeans go.

The Tecovas Restoration Program

There are few things worse than finding a great pair of shoes and watching them fall apart on you. Tecovas helps you avoid this problem through its restoration program. For just $150, you can send back your boots and let the company completely restore them for you.


Though the program is a little expensive, it’s cheaper than buying a new pair and gives your old boots a new look. It usually takes around four weeks after you mail your boots before you get them back. The customer service team can let you know where your boots are in the process and give you an idea of when they’ll arrive.

With Tecovas restoration, even the oldest of boots will look new again.

Who’s This For?

Tecovas makes boots for those who need durable designs that can keep up with them.These boots are also suitable for shoppers who want to hop on the western wear trend. These boots fit as comfortably as you want and let you spend the entire day on your feet.

Tecovas makes boots that keep you comfortable in all situations.

Apparel and Accessories from Tecovas

You may want to check out the apparel from Tecovas if you love western wear. I like the Cotton Twill Pearl Snap Shirt that has a classic design with pearl snaps on the pockets. It’s available for $88 and comes in both Onyx and Snow.
If you’re a fan of plaid, the Brushed Cotton Shirt has a similar look and sells for the same amount. There’s also the Denim Trucker Jacket for $125 that will keep you warm and go everywhere you go.

Men and women who love traveling like the bags from Tecovas. With the Hanging 2-in-1 Kit for $115, you get tons of space for your belongings. This bag folds flat for storage and has lots of interior space for clothing that you need to hang along with multiple pockets on the outside. I also like the Classic Tote for $135 and the Large Duffel for $395.

The wallets from Tecovas have all of the room that you need while on the go, including slots for your cards and a compartment for your money. The Card Cases are the most affordable at $45 and are just large enough for your most important cards. For $55, you can order a Bifold Card Case that has more storage space and comes in multiple colors made from real calfskin.

Tecovas also makes accessories that you can use on the ranch or in the city, such as the Bronco YETI. Retailing for $40, this insulated cup holds 20 ounces and can keep drinks cold for hours.


If you have a hard time putting your boots on and taking them off, the Boot Jack is perfect for you. It takes the pressure off your back and helps you easily slip into or out of your boots. You may want to invest in one of the Boot Inserts, too.

Should You Buy It?

You could probably tell from this Tecovas boot review that I’m a fan of this brand. Though the company is still new, it has tons of positive reviews from customers who loved their boots and bought multiple pairs.


Some of the top reasons I think these boots are worth the price includes:

  • Tecovas has a restoration program that will restore your boots and make them look new again for just $150.
  • All of the boots come from expert craftsmen in Mexico who have years of experience making boots by hand.
  • You can choose from classic designs and some trendy options.
  • There are occasionally free contests that help you win free prizes and gift cards when you enter.
  • Tecovas has a military discount that helps anyone in the military save money.
  • The site sells both boots and western wear as well as accessories such as bags and wallets.

Don’t forget about the bags and other accessories that Tecovas makes when you buy a new pair of boots.

Cons to Consider

One issue is the retail price of these boots. While ostrich boots and designs that use similar materials from other brands can cost $500=$1,000 or even more, Tecovas keeps its prices down but still charges $225 or more for most pairs. As the company only ships inside the United States, foreign customers cannot order from the site.


While the site has dozens of pairs for men, it has a much smaller selection for women. I also found that some customers complained about the fit of these boots. If you have never worn cowboy boots before, you may find that they feel tight and pinch your toes. You can stretch them out or wear them with insoles for a more comfortable fit.

Some customers also complained that the stores had a different selection of boots than the site did.

Where to Buy

The best place to find Tecovas boots is right here. This link takes you right to the official site. You may want to scroll down to find the newsletter box, too. Signing up helps you learn about limited edition and hot new designs.


I also like that Tecovas has a gift guide because you may want to buy things for other people but don’t know where to start. I recommend looking over the fit guide if you aren’t sure what size you need and using the reviews section to see how other customers felt about the company’s boots and other products. You’ll even find links to the military discount that Tecovas offers and its stores.

All Tecovas boots use durable materials that last for years.


When you search online for cowboy boots or cowgirl boots, you’ll find tons of sites that promise they have the best pairs. I know that it’s hard to view the quality online, which is why I will take a detailed look at the Tecovas competitors below.



One of the more recent additions to this field is CUERO, which makes cowboy boots for men. All of the boots from this brand pass through the hands of more than 500 men and women and go through 220 steps before they reach you. CUERO sells both traditional cowboy designs and work boots that look like cowboy boots but keep you safe at work.


Ranch Road Boots

Why choose between stylish and traditional boots when Ranch Road Boots will help you have the best of both worlds? This website focuses more on the latest trends and uses models in different settings to show you how you can rock all of the company’s boots.



Many people think of Ariat when they think of cowboy boots because this brand has a long history of making boots. When you join the brand’s family and sign up for emails, you get a 10% discount that works on orders of all sizes and all boots. There is a link to help you find a local store and a link that helps you with any questions you have.


Boot Barn

Whether you want a simple pair of boots or a more elaborate pair, Boot Barn is a good place to start your search. I like that this site has a wide range of boots for the kids in your family. You may even find boots for them that match your own.

Final Verdict

Though you have plenty of options as to where to find and buy cowboy boots online, Tecovas ranks as one of the best brands. Not only can you use the site to find cowboy and cowgirl boots in multiple sizes and styles, but you get free shipping on your order and the option to return or exchange any item for free.


When your boots need a little help, take advantage of the restoration program to give them a second chance at life. You’ll also find loads of clothing and accessories that go with your boots. Once you finish this Tecovas boots review, head to the site to live out your western dreams.

Spencer Pines, iReviews

By Spencer Pines, iReviews

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