Vessi Shoes Review

  • Jacob Wilson, iReviews
  • August 18,2022
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I say one of the worst universal experiences with shoes is when they get so soaked that your socks are soggy. The feeling of treading through water stuck in your shoe with no chance of relief until you can change them out is awful, uncomfortable, and all too common in wetter regions. Vessi Shoes promises to get rid of this problem with their specially designed shoes, but is that all there is to them?


While keeping your socks dry during wet weather is a big plus, it would never be the sole reason I would buy a pair of shoes. They need to also be durable, stylish, and comfortable even when it’s not raining. I want to look at all of these traits and more with Vessi Shoes, but before I dig in deep I want to answer the question of what Vessi Shoes are.

  • 100% Water Proof
  • Select Countries get free shipping
  • Large selection of well-designed styles
  • Free exchange & returns in the US & Canada
  • Lacks option for wider sizes
  • Shipping is limited to select countries
  • Lack any retail stores; all shopping is done online
  • Hard to tell if a shoe will fit before purchase

Getting your shoes wet is inevitable during a storm, and it’s one of the most uncomfortable feelings walking around with wet socks. This is a problem that Vessi Shoes promises to get rid of with their claim of a 100% waterproof shoe.

What are Vessi Shoes?

Vessi Shoes are made with the bold claim of being the world’s first 100% waterproof shoes. These claims are plastered all over their marketing, so it’s clear to me that this is what they want to be known for more than anything else. The shoes do a fantastic job at keeping the water out from my experience, though there are a couple of issues I will get into later.

The company behind these shoes, Vessi, is all in on their product offering it a wide range of options. There is a clear level of dedication they have put into these shoes. They even try to push them as more than just a pair of shoes that you would wear during the rain.


All of this is possible thanks to a patented Dyma-tex membrane that separates Vessi from other water-resistant shoes. The stretch, give, moisture-wicking, and other features make Vessi what it is. It all holds up well when put together, but that still leaves the question of how I feel about the product when I have it in my own hands.

Vessi Shoes Unboxing and First Impression


My first impressions of Vessi shoes are positive. While I didn’t have a bucket of water on hand to really put the waterproof nature of the shoes to the full test, I can tell just from the feel and texture that these are no ordinary shoes.


The stretch and give of the Vessi are impressive, and make them more moldable than your average shoe. This doesn’t get around the issue of there being a limited amount of variety in the width Vessi offers. If you have narrower or average feet they will fit fine, but if you have wider feet I don’t think they have many models that will fit you comfortably.


Speaking of comfort, it didn’t take long for me to get used to the feel of Vessi. That brief window of discomfort with a new pair of shoes, which typically lasts a week or two, was gone in about two days. After I adjusted to Vessi, their elastic nature fit me like a glove.


In the dead heat of a humid summer, there is also a good chance to test the breathability of Vessi shoes. Taking them outside in the middle of the summer heat I felt a minor problem.


Vessi shoes are certainly more breathable than the likes of dress shoes, but their retaining nature means that they don’t breathe as well as other work shoes that keep breathability as their main focus. I’m sure during a hot wet day they would be the best choice, but if it’s hot and dry you’re better off grabbing a different pair of shoes.

Vessi Shoes Features

The main feature of Vessi Shoes is obviously its waterproof build. This function works, but it’s not enough to sell a shoe all on its own. That’s why I’ve found that Vessi comes with several other perks and features that they like to list about their shoes.


One perk that goes well with Vessi Shoes being waterproof is that they’re lightweight. When compared to regular shoes they’re on the lighter side, but it’s when you compare them to rainboots that you start to see a big difference.

Vessi shoes are much lighter and easier to slip on and off than any pair of rainboots during and after a storm. I wouldn’t call them a total replacement for rainboots though. Their shorter build means that water can still get to the exposed parts of your sock.


What this does make them perfect for is lighter rain, heavier rain when you have an umbrella and it’s not splashing much, and the point after a storm when the ground is still soggy. I think Vessi Shoes work best in a storm when you have rain gear protecting you from anything but the splash your own feet make against a puddle.


Another feature I briefly touched on is how breathable they are. While I did say there are shoes out there that do the job better, none of them are going to also protect you from the rain. For wet and hot places this may be the only option to keep your feet dry from both the rain and your own sweat.

Not all features can be seen or felt when you have them in your hands. The ethical build of a product can be important too.


For Vessi Shoes the company promises that their shoes are 100% animal-free. No animal-based products of any kind are used in the production of Vessi Shoes according to their own claims and website. This removes any ethical problem related to leather and other types of animal products that may keep someone from purchasing an otherwise fine item.

Vessie Shoes Review, and Just How Waterproof Are They?


Starting off with the most important feature of note, the waterproof nature that Vessi has made their entire marketing focus. Put simply, it works, but there are a few caveats I want to go into.


The shoes themselves do keep water out. Any water that splashes against the outside of the shoe won’t be getting in through it. The top is secure and doesn’t let the water sink down like it would in most other sneakers.


If you live in anywhere that’s dry, sees only light rain, or you don’t need to spend any time in the rain when it does happen then these are probably not for you. For people living in wet regions where it’s almost always a storm, the ground is constantly soggy, and puddles are everywhere, this will help a lot.


Now, looking away from the waterproof aspect of the shoes, what else is there about them that I like or dislike?


Well, there is the cruelty-free way the shoes are made. No animal products like leather are used in the process, and they leave a smaller carbon footprint than the majority of shoes on the market. They’re also lightweight, barely weighing anything at all.


They also come in a decent variety of colors. They have the except white, black, and greys, but there are other options available like blue or pink. These colors are on the more muted side though.


One problem I do have that there isn’t a good tradeoff for is the lack of variety in shoe widths that Vessi offers. While they might have a size that fits you, people with wider feet might find that there aren’t any shoes offered by Vessi that fit them well enough to be used.


In my experience, my pair fits like a glove, but that won’t be universal. I have narrower feet meaning I have an easier time fitting into a lot of shoes and an easier time adjusting them to fit me better. This isn’t a luxury most people will have.


To cap off, I have had a generally good experience with my pair of Vessi Shoes, but that won’t stop me from being critical of some aspects of them. They are good shoes, but the high price means what they offer won’t be enough for everyone.

Who Are Vessi Shoes For?

I believe the people who would most want the footwear offered by Vessi are those in wetter regions. If you live somewhere that barely gets rain, or never gets heavy storms, then this might not be the product for you.


For those who live in a region that is constantly getting rained on, Vessi would make a great addition to your shoe lineup. The water resistance they offer is perfect for those unpredictable days where you don’t know if it’s going to be nothing more than cloudy, or if the sky plans on falling out.

I would treat Vessi Shoes like a smaller pair of rain boots. When you don’t want to bust out the heavy gear but still don’t want to run the risk of getting your feet wet this would do the job better than anything else I can think of. If you live in a region with near-constant storms then having both rainboots and Vessi might not be a bad idea.

What Are the Benefits of Vessi Shoes?

The obvious benefit of Vessi Shoes is never having wet feet again, but that’s not all I see in them. These are shoes that are going to be taken out mostly when it’s expected to rain, and that’s the time that your shoes are at the greatest risk of getting filthy. One wrong step into the mud and any new pair of sneakers you got is suddenly ruined.


Vessi Shoes are decently easy to clean, but there is more to it than that. If you put them on instead of your good shoes whenever it’s still wet outside, say after a late-night shower, then you don’t have to worry about your more expensive shoes getting muddied and ruined.

Of course, all the other features of Vessi Shoes offer small benefits that add up. The cruelty-free nature of the shoes makes them an open option for anyone they fit, they don’t retain much internal heat, and even the white bottoms of some models are easy to clean. There is a lot of good packed into a single shoe here.

Vessi Shoe Style

All the functions of the Vessie Shoes are nice, but what about how they look? I realize that fashion can be as important as function to people when it comes to their clothing, and this includes shoes. So the question is, what do I think about their aesthetics?


Vessi has gone for a simple appearance with their shoes. Everything from the build to the color options is muted and uniform in a way that shows the attention to function over appearance. That doesn’t mean that they look ugly, however.


The simple look of the shoes is an aesthetic in its own right. There are no complicated logos or overly artful additions.


They come in a wide range of colors, though they have many more white, grey, and black models than any other. Different colors are available, but their numbers are limited. Even with the more distinct colors the shoes themselves never go beyond three on a single shoe.

This all adds to that simple look I mentioned earlier. None of this is bad. I’d say it works in the shoe’s favor.


I find a great deal of beauty in simplicity, and the Vessi Shoes’ attention to the little details while not going overboard is generally on the nose. They won’t be blowing anyone away, but I also don’t think any person in their right mind can call them ugly.

Should You Buy It?

If you require water-resistant shoes then I would suggest looking into Vessi. All of the features I’ve listed do come with a hefty price, though. At around $140 for a pair of regular Vessi Shoes, they’re more expensive than some premium brand names.


I think Vessi Shoes live up to the expectation they set, but they shouldn’t be looked at as a pair of everyday shoes with that price tag in mind. Think of them as a smaller pair of rain boots. They will keep the water out while not taking up most of your leg.


I think some people will get plenty of value out of Vessi Shoes, but others won’t get enough. If you live in a dry region, or a place that doesn’t suffer from heavy rain, then you probably won’t be taking these shoes out enough to make the cost worth it.

How To Buy Vessi Shoes

The best place to buy Vessi Shoes is from their website here. With their warranty and free exchange offer it’s the safest way to make sure you get what you’re looking for.


The price might be a bit expensive to some, but there is a small silver lining. Vessi offers free shipping for all orders over $80. With most of their shoes costing around $140, and even their kid’s shoes being about $85, that means even a single pair gets free shipping.

How Do Vessi Shoes Compare to the Alternatives?

Vessie Shoes is a quality product that suffers from a big price. If you can afford them and get plenty of rainy weather, you might not sneer at that $140, but for plenty of people, that’s too much. That’s why I wanted to look at some similar products and see how their quality and prices compare.


One alternative is the Loom Shoe from Loom Footwear. This shoe boasts that it’s one shoe for all weather, including rain and general wet weather.


The shoe can be on the expensive side, even more than Vessi, but they also offer occasional sales that dramatically reduce the price. The shoes can go down from around $250 to $99. If you catch Loom Shoes during a big sale and require durable shoes for multiple kinds of weather, then they might be for you.


The Space Cloud Work Sneakers from Snibbs is a good alternative if the price of Vessi isn’t your main problem. These shoes come with a price tag of $135, only a little less than Vessi, but come with much more style. The space decal design at the bottom of the shoes gives them a unique aesthetic, and you can still get them in solid black or white if you prefer.


These shoes also boast water resistance. Though it may not be comparable to Vessi’s it’s still passable. They also have slip resistance making them good for people who need to spend a lot of time on slick wet ground.


Both of these options are expensive as well, even with sales. It shows that getting sneakers that work well in the rain can cost a pretty penny. It’s more of a luxury option, with low-cost rainboots being the cheap option if you’re only looking for footwear to get you through a storm.

Final verdict

I like Vessi Shoes, make no mistake about that. I think they’re comfortable, they do their job better than anything else I’ve ever used, and they look good while doing it.


With that said, I would call them a product with a specialization. They work wonderfully for people who need waterproof shoes, but otherwise, the price isn’t worth it. I find it best to think of them as a better version of rain boots in that regard.


With that in mind, I recommend Vessi Shoes to anyone living in a wetter region. Dry regions might not get much use out of them, but people who are expecting rain a few times every month can get constant millage out of Vessi. For people living in rainy places, Vessi Shoes will show their worth in no time.


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