Ease of Use 98%
Value for the Mone 97%
Compatibility 98%
Security 94%
Visibility 96%
Warranty 92%

Advertising Disclosure: Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers.  Compensation,  along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.

Advertising Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.




VIZR can help eliminate some of the distractions that you have on the open road. It is compatible with all vehicles as well as cell phones. One of the best affordable HUD systems for drivers.

VIZR Review

A heads up display or HUD is a gadget designed to eliminate distracted driving. Depending on where you live and drive, a ticket for distracted driving can land you in jail or come with a high fee that you need to pay or risk losing your license. Many things can distract drivers on the open road, including the cell phones they have in their pockets or on their seats and anyone else who might be in the vehicle. While you can tune out the kids shouting in the backseat and ignore your ringing phone, you might find yourself distracted by other things such as a light on your dashboard. VIZR is a HUD that can help you stay safer on the road.
Before writing our VIRZ review, we looked at what others thought about this HUD as well as how well it worked in a vehicle. We tried it in a car, SUV, truck and van just to make sure that it worked in all types of vehicles. Our experiences helped us write a long and detailed review that you can use to decide on the gadget. The research that we did helped us create the ultimate VIZR review for drivers today
VIZR Review
VIZR is easy to use and won't get in the way
when you drive.

What is the VIZR?

A simple car accident can cause major injuries as well as property damage. You can easily strike another vehicle because you drove forward too quickly while talking on your phone. Pausing to change radio stations or check an incoming text message can cause someone to hit you from behind. Simply paying attention to the world around you and using the right gadgets can keep you safe. One of the best gadgets that we found for those on the go is the VIZR. It lets you keep an eye on the important features of your vehicle and provides you with access to your navigating apps too.

It puts everything you need right in front of you and stops you from bending down and taking your eyes off the road to view your current speed or to get directions. As VIZR is compatible with all of those apps, it lets you use your favorite. VIZR works with both large and small smartphones too. It essentially turns your windshield into a massive display that you can customize to show the information that you need while driving. Our VIZR review ensures that you learn the benefits of this product and discover how easily you can use it in any type of vehicle.

One big advantage of VIZR is that it works in any make or model.

What is the VIZR?

How Can You Use VIZR?

You can use VIZR when you spend long hours in your car because you work as a delivery driver. It also works well for those who love taking road trips and anyone who drives a few hours a week. Setting it up is easy too because the box includes a universal stand that acts as a mount. This keeps your phone in place and allows you to see important information from your dashboard. To set VIZR up, you’ll need to:

  • Clean your dashboard to remove any dust or gunk
  • Place the VIZR mount on the dash, just above your steering wheel
  • Slide your phone onto the stand with the screen facing up
  • Turn on your phone and select the navigational app that you want to use
  • Start the car and begin driving

Cleaning your dashboard is necessary because the VIZR stand may not mount well to dirty surfaces. Stuck-on cigarette and nicotine stains, dust and pet hair can all interfere with the stand’s mounting power and cause your phone to slide across the dash as you drive. You may want to move VIZR closer to the center of the dash to make sure that it projects the display across the entire windshield too.

Tips for Cleaning Your Dash
  • Use a dry cloth to remove as much debris and dust as you can
  • Wipe off the dash with a damp microfiber cloth
  • Apply a small amount of olive oil to the dash once it dries
  • Buff the oil into the surface with a dry cloth
  • Wipe the surface again to remove excess oil before adding the stand

Where Can You Use the VIZR?

Another nice benefit of VIZR is that you can use it anywhere. Let’s say that you decide to rent a car for a weekend vacation with someone special. You can easily remove the stand from your car and use it on the dash in your rental. Before turning the car in at the end of your trip, you can take the stand off and put it back on your dashboard. You can also use VIZR in multiple cars that your family has. Many people now share vehicles with their loved ones. As VIZR works in all vehicles, every person in your family can share one. If you all drive daily, you may want to purchase several and use one in each vehicle.

VIZR is also compatible with all types of smartphones. It doesn’t matter if you have an old iPhone 5 that your friends tease you about or if you just bought a new Samsung that comes loaded with features. All phones will fit on the stand and work with VIZR to project a large image of the important information you want to see on the windshield. The only thing that you need to use VIZR is a navigational app on your phone.

VIZR recreates your dashboard right on your windshield.

Stop Distracted Driving

No matter how cautious you think you are, there are dozens of reasons why you might drive distractedly. Taking your eyes off the road for even a fraction of a second can leave you vulnerable to other drivers as well as wild animals and pets that can dart across the street. Some of the top reasons why people drive distractedly include:

  • They let their minds wander as they drive
  • They bring their pets along for the ride and don’t keep those animals in safety harnesses
  • They pay too much attention to other people in the car
  • They get caught up in the music blasting from their radios

Driving with other people in your vehicle can cause quite a few distractions. You might get caught in the conversation and forget to pay attention to the road or become distracted because they keep asking you questions as you drive. Many people also have problems when driving at night. The bright streetlights and signs that you pass can catch your attention and cause you to crash into someone else. VIZR is a handy gadget that you can use when driving during the day or at night to cut down on possible distractions.

Potential Dangers of Distracted Driving

Stop Distracted Driving - Injuries


Stop Distracted Driving - Death


Stop Distracted Driving - Penalties

Fines and penalties

Stop Distracted Driving - Property damage

Property damage

Stop Distracted Driving - High insurance premiums

High insurance premiums

Who’s This For?

Many drivers on the road today could benefit from using VIZR in their cars. College students and others work part-time and on weekends as delivery drivers. They risk getting into accidents every time that they deliver a food order or a new product. Adding VIZR to their cars can help them pay attention to the people and cars on the road. This is also a solid gadget for those who drive long distances. You don’t need to work as a truck driver to benefit from VIZR. Even if you only drive to work and run a few errands, you’ll find that it helps you focus more on your driving and less on the distractions that are around you.

We also recommend VIZR for those who love road trips. Nothing beats the feel of the wind rushing through your windows and some good music playing on the radio as you travel with friends and family. Thanks to VIZR, you can stay safe on your trip and avoid finding your group stranded on the side of the road after an accident. Not only does it show you pertinent information from your dashboard, but it lets you access navigational and other apps from your phone.

VIZR helps you avoid some of the causes of common car accidents.

Who’s This For?

Can You Legally Use VIZR?

As we started working on this VIZR review, we found that many people wanted to know if they could legally use it in their vehicles. You might live in a city or state that bans the use of radar detectors and other electronic devices. The idea behind these laws is that it keeps drivers from taking their focus off the road. Radar detectors can beep so much that you stop looking at the road to turn it off or find the right button to make the noises start.

Most American states have laws against distracted driving and laws that keep drivers from using certain devices when they’re behind the wheel of a vehicle. These laws usually only apply to minors and those who are under the age of 18 or 21. This prevents younger drivers from posting photos, responding to text messages and using other apps as they drive. VIZR allows you to follow the rules of the road as well as the laws of any city or state. It helps you follow the directions that an app provides and stay on course without constantly checking your phone or looking down at a screen. VIRZ is legal to use in all 50 states.

Can You Legally Use VIZR?
VIZR provides a better and clearer image than other HUD systems do.

How Secure is the Adhesive?

VIZR comes with an adhesive backing that keeps the stand securely mounted on your dashboard. This is what prevents your phone from sliding across the car. If you frequently move the stand between cars or place it on a dirty dash, you might find that the adhesive starts wearing off faster than you would like. Cleaning the surface first is the best way to make sure it sticks to the dash. We included some basic tips on how to clean and polish your dashboard above.

If you only want to use VIZR in one specific vehicle, you can use superglue. After cleaning the dash, experiment with VIZR to decide where to place it. You can then apply a small drop of glue and place the stand on it. As long as you press down for a few seconds or until the glue sets, that stand will never move. To use VIZR in more than one car, you can use Velcro. Simply cut this strip to the size that you need and glue it to the dashboard. You can glue the other half to the back to the mount. Glue similar strips to the dashboards in other cars to use VIZR wherever you want.

Temporarily or Permanently Secure VIZR with Superglue or Velcro.
How Secure is the Adhesive?

Tips for Installing VIZR

Though VIZR comes with instructions on how to use and install it in a car, you might want to look at the process before you buy it. We found some tips that can make VIZR installation go a little smoother.

  • Check the packaging to make sure it comes with everything you need
  • Make sure that you clean the surface of your dash where you’ll use it
  • Remove the paper from the back of the gadget
  • Only place the stand once

Many people have problems with VIZR because they keep moving the stand. When you see the stand, you’ll find a piece of paper sticking to the back to keep the adhesive safe from the air. As soon as you remove that paper and press the stand in place, the adhesive will form a tight grip with the dash. If you keep lifting the stand and moving it to new spots, the adhesive will wear down. Using Velcro in place of that adhesive is the best option for those who want to use one unit in multiple cars. You should also take a few minutes to go through the display options to pick what you want to see on the windshield.

Check out some of the signs that you may need to adjust the display after installing VIZR in your car.
  • You have a hard time seeing all the available info
  • A portion of the display appears on your roof or dash
  • Lights from surrounding areas interfere with your vision
  • You need to move your head or eyes to see everything
  • The info keeps bouncing across the windshield

What is FIXD and Why Do You Need It?

FIXD is a useful product that is available from the makers of VIZR. This is a car health monitor that you plug into your vehicle. It then sends you real-time updates when it finds anything wrong with your vehicle. Not only can you see when your engine runs too hot or when your lights stop working, but you can keep an eye on other potential problems that can lead to costly repairs down the line. FIXD can give you data about 7,000 potential problems and is easy to use. It can even tell you why your check engine light just came on and send updates to your phone. A bonus of buying FIXD is that you get access to two apps:

  • FIXD

With the FIXD app, you can learn about potential mechanical failures and engine troubles, but HUDWAY Go is a navigational app that can work better than those you have on your phone. Once you enter a starting point and destination, it can show you all the ways to get between those points and suggest which route to take. The app can beam the directions and map onto your windshield or use voice commands to help you get there.

Benefits of HUDWAY Go.

  • Beams clear and easy to follow directions on your windshield
  • Features voice navigation for those who need it
  • Lets you pick the route that you want to follow
  • Gives you the option of adding new stops
  • Finds your current location in seconds
  • Allows you to quickly find destinations

Does VIZR Come with a Warranty?

The makers of VIZR changed the warranty recently to cover the first 30 days after your purchase. Called the 30-day money-back guarantee, it ensures that you can return your VIZR and get the refund that you need. This guarantee starts on the day that your order ships and not on the date that you order or when it arrives. It usually takes less than a week for it to get to your home, which gives you nearly three weeks to try it out and decide if it’s worth the money. You’ll need to contact the makers and request a refund within those 30 days for a full refund.

During the clearance sales that the makers hold a few times a year, all sales are final. You can get a big discount on VIZR, but you cannot return the gadget if you aren’t happy. Our link lets you take advantage of low prices and get the same deals that you would during clearance events. When you buy from our link though, you get the 30-day money-back guarantee. It takes only minutes to request a refund because you can contact the makers over the phone or online.

Does VIZR Come with a Warranty?
How to Use the VIZR 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

With the VIZR warranty, you can drop your return package off at the post office.

  • Decide between contacting the company online or over the phone
  • Check the packaging slip to find your order number
  • Call the makers and explain your reasons for the return
  • Place VIZR and its original packaging in the box
  • Attach the return slip and ship the package back

Can You Use Different Apps with VIZR?

VIZR is a handy tool that is compatible with apps from FIXD as well as other companies. One good app that you can use on the go is Waze. If you have Apple CarPlay, you can download this app to any phone with an operating system of iOS 12 or higher. CarPlay allows you to use an iPhone as you drive and gives you access to tons of features, including iTunes when you want to listen to music in the car and Siri. You can have Siri do a quick search for you to find a new restaurant while you’re on vacation or to send a text message while behind the wheel. VIZR works with both CarPlay and Waze, but if you have an Android phone, you can use other apps too.

One thing to keep in mind is that VIZR only works with navigational apps that include a heads-up option. This takes the data shown on your phone screen and sends it to the windshield. You can download additional apps to send speedometer data to the windshield and to view your current speed and the posted speed limit. Navmii is another popular app that can help you get to any destination. It even works on desktop computers to help you plan your trip before transferring the data to your phone.

VIZR is compatible with most of the apps you use on a smartphone.

Can You Use Different Apps with VIZR?

Does VIZR Really Work With All Phones?

When looking at the competition, we couldn’t help but notice that some HUD systems only worked with newer cell phones or those of a specific size. VIZR has a major advantage over those products because it can hold any type of smartphone. The stand that you get measures more than six inches long and releases a projection of more than two-inches by more than five-inches. You can put your phone flat on that stand, making sure that the screen faces up and towards the windshield. VIZR will take the image from your phone and project it in high-definition.

You might find that your phone is slightly longer than the base of the stand. You shouldn’t worry about the phone sliding out because VIZR has a slip-resistant coating that keeps the phone in place. Smaller phones can also sit on that base, which will keep them from moving. This allows you to use a loved one’s phone if your battery dies. If you see your phone sliding, you may want to add a piece of cardboard or fabric to the bottom of the phone where it meets the dash just to ensure that it can’t move.

Does VIZR Really Work With All Phones?
VIZR is easy to see when you face the gadget head-on and when you use it at an angle.

What Can You Do With the VIZR FIXD App?

VIZR is a handy tool for tracking your speed and getting directions without relying on your phone’s screen. When you combine VIZR with the FIXD app, you can do even more behind the wheel. Some of the information that you can see displayed across your windshield includes:

  • Time and date
  • How much gas is left in your tank
  • The amount of fuel used during a trip
  • Wear and tear on your tire treads
  • The orientation or direction of your car

The FIXD app is especially helpful for those who enjoy road trips and driving while on vacation. You can use the trip mode to see to keep track of how many miles you put on your car and your fuel efficiency. It can even help you prepare for your trip because it looks for issues that might leave you stranded and makes sure that your tires are ready for your vacation. If you just want to view directions and keep an eye on your phone, VIZR is all you need. It can display directions from your app on the windshield and use voice commands as you drive.

How Much Does FIXD Cost?

FIXD comes with free shipping when you buy one or more units. A single unit retails for $59, but the price can drop as low as $39 when you buy multiple units. The FIXD unit comes with instructions on downloading the app and using it with VIZR.

What Benefits Does VIZR Have Over Other Heads-Up Displays?

With so much competition in the aftermarket car accessory space, you might wonder why you should choose VIZR over all the other products. The best reason we found is the ease of installation. Instead of dealing with wires that connect to your electrical system and systems that might not be compatible with your car, you get a HUD that works in any car and installs in minutes. VIZR requires no professional support or trips to the auto shop either because you can do it yourself. Other benefits that it has over other HUD systems include:

  • It is much cheaper and affordable, especially when you buy more than one
  • You get navigational data, which is something that other systems lack
  • VIZR keeps your phone secured to the dashboard as you make sharp turns and drive at high speeds
  • You get a much brighter display that you can see regardless of how much natural or artificial light is nearby
  • It works when the sky darkens and you drive through storms with heavy rain or snow
  • You can easily adjust the HUD to change the brightness and angle of the display
  • VIZR works in both newer and older vehicles where others can not
Is VIZR Compliant with Driving Laws.

VIZR is compliant with all local and state driving laws. While the National Highway Traffic Safety Association warns against using navigational tools and apps when driving, VIZR offers a safe way to get the directions that you need.

Should You Buy It? – Top Features of VIZR

Universal Design

The top feature of VIZR is the universal design, which lets anyone use it in any type of vehicle. Not only can you install the mount on a dashboard in a classic Corvette, but you can use it in a muscle car with loads of engine power. It works just as well in the minivan or crossover that you use to get your kids around town and in the sedan that you drive every day. VIZR also works in SUVs. Thanks to the universal design of the stand, you can mount it in one vehicle and then use it in a second vehicle whenever you want. You can use VIZR in a vehicle that lacks a HUD or in a car that has a broken HUD system.

Real-Time Navigation

Do you remember a time when a loved one gave you directions? They probably told you to turn at the white house on the corner and used other landmarks that made getting to your destination rough. Navigational apps are easier to use because they provide you with turn by turn directions and keep up with your current location. Thanks to VIZR, you can use those apps without worrying that you need to keep your eyes on the screen or listen for specific instructions. It broadcasts everything from that app onto your windshield. This lets you know when you need to turn and helps you track your current speed as well as how far you are away from that destination.

Will VIZR Work Without FIXD?

You do not need FIXD to use VIZR in any vehicle. It will still send navigational data to your windshield and display information from your phone. Having FIXD gives you access to new apps as well as a tool you can use to diagnose car problems.

Easy Installation

Installing a HUD system on your own is usually tricky because you need to find a way to make it work with your vehicle’s electrical system. Cutting the wrong wire or making one wrong move can short out that system and require a repair of $1,000 or more. VIZR is so easy to install that you can do it whenever you want to drive. As long as the dashboard is clean, you can add the stand to the surface. This stand functions as the mount for the system and a stand for your phone. It’s then just a simple matter of picking the app that you want to use and putting your phone on the stand.


When you spend hundreds of dollars on a new cell phone, you want to make it last as long as you can. With VIZR, you get a slip-resistant mount that keeps your phone safe when you drive. It takes only seconds to slip the phone onto the stand. Whether you take a turn a little too fast or come to a sudden stop, the stand will remain on your dashboard with your phone safely on top. With other systems, turning around a tight corner at a high speed can cause your phone to sail across the dash and hit the floor or windshield. VIZR keeps your phone safe during the longest of trips.

You can avoid the hassles of shattered screens and other phone problems because VIZR keeps your phone securely on the dashboard.

Should You Buy It? - Slip-resistant

All Phone Models

Choosing the best heads-up display is sometimes confusing because many models require professional installation. Not only do you need to pay for the HUD and its installation, but you need to make sure that it is compatible with your make and model. Some of these expensive models won’t work in other vehicles. VIZR uses your smartphone rather than your car’s electrical system. As long as you have a phone that gives you access to different apps, you can use this gadget. It works with popular smartphone brands such as Samsung and Apple and can work with any phones that you later buy too.

Texts and More

One of the biggest reasons for distracted driving in the United States is notification checking. Even if you never talk on your cell phone while driving, you probably have looked away for a second to see who is calling or who sent you a text message. With VIZR, you can access the notifications that you need while still staying safe. It can broadcast the name of the person who is calling or the incoming number and show you any of the text messages that you receive. While you get all the information that you want or need, you can see it as you focus on the road.

Should You Buy It? - Texts and More

VIZR lets you view text messages and incoming phone calls without staring at your screen.

HUD for Old Models

Auto manufacturers often add heads-up displays to newer models and make those systems a key selling point. This is especially true of the manufacturers of luxury automobiles. As someone who drives a late model car, you might worry about finding a HUD that works with that older engine and design. VIZR is a great option for you because it’s compatible with all makes and models. It doesn’t matter if your check engine light is always on or if you have an engine that rumbles as you drive. Unlike other systems, VIZR does not rely on your motor. VIZR uses your favorite apps to beam information onto your windshield.

No Wires Ever

The high-tech design of VIZR can throw you for a loop the first time that you see it. Many people look at the design and automatically assume that it won’t work with their cars or that it will take too long to set up. Most people find that they can install VIZR in 10 minutes or less, which includes the time it takes to clean their dashboards. If you want to use the VIZR app, you can download it from any app store. As soon as you install the app and click on it, you’ll see all the instructions you need to follow to set it up.

Tips to Take if VIZR Won’t Stick to Your Dashboard.

  • See if the dashboard feels tacky or sticky to the touch
  • Make sure that the surface is not wet or damp
  • Check to see if the original adhesive is still sticky
  • Try using VIZR on a different spot
  • Use a dab of glue to secure it, if all else fails

Adjustable When Needed

When you drive during the day, you’ll likely notice quite a bit of sunshine coming in through the windows. That sunshine can create glare on the glass that makes it hard to see the display. Most cell phone holders that you can use in your car only rotate in one direction, which makes it difficult to escape that glare. VIZR rotates and moves in several directions to help you adjust the display. Not only can you compensate for glares caused by sunshine and road conditions, but you can handle any issues caused by headlights on the road and streetlights.

Resistant to Scratches and Smudges

Another nice feature of VIZR is that the surface is resistant to scratches and smudges. It uses a special type of glass that the company treats to reduce scratches. Even if you drop the stand when getting in your car, you might find that it is still as smooth and clear as when you took it out of the box. As it’s resistant to smudges caused by fingerprints, you don’t need to worry about what might happen if you need to adjust the screen. Every time that you use VIZR, you’ll see a projection on your windshield that is just as clear as the first time you used it.

What to do if the Display Isn’t Bright Enough

If the VIZR display isn’t bright enough to see clearly, you can try several things such as:

  • Turn off the auto-brightness on your phone
  • Adjust the light settings to make the phone brighter or dimmer
  • Push VIZR up and down to fit the windshield
  • Keep tilting the screen until you can see clearly

Daily and Nightly Use

A common issue found with some HUD systems is that they work best in the day or night. Many people find that cheaper systems cannot handle nighttime driving. The lights that shine through the windows keep them from seeing the projection. You might find that the display isn’t bright enough to see at night. When you drive during the day, you may have issues seeing the projection due to the glare on the windshield from the sun. VIZR is a HUD that you can easily see at all hours of the day. It has the exact amount of brightness that you need when driving in the snow or rain too.

More Than One Car

We like that VIZR is a gadget that you can use in the same car that you drive every day and in any vehicles that you drive. Though you only get one stand, you can easily remove that stand and use it more than one car. If you plan on using VIZR in two or more vehicles, we highly recommend investing in a few pieces of Velcro. It takes seconds to glue Velcro straps to the dashboard in each car and to ade a matching strip to the back of the stand. Velcro won’t wear out as quickly as the adhesive can either.

VIZR even lets you keep an eye out for wild animals that might run across your path while on the road. Deer and other types of animals can jump out with little to no warning. As VIZR does not block your windshield, you can see them as soon as they step foot in front of you.

Should You Buy It? - More Than One Car

Are There Any Cons to VIZR?

No matter how good a product is or how well it functions, you’ll still find people lodging complaints about it. VIZR is no exception. A major complaint is about the warranty because similar HUD systems come with a warranty that lasts for a year or longer. The makers of VIZR only offer a 30-day warranty that begins as soon as it leaves the warehouse. Many people found that they needed more time to try all the features to make sure that it worked for them. Issues were surrounding the warranty too, with some claiming that they couldn’t get a refund because they threw away the original packaging.

We also found that it wasn’t as compatible as the makers claimed, especially in regards to some of the apps that we tried. Google Maps is one of the top apps for those who need directions on the go. It can find your current location and lets you set your home/permanent location on the map. When you open the app, it can identify where you are and tell you how to get there via different routes. This app did not work perfectly with VIZR and suffered from a few glitches, including identifying the wrong starting spot and missing some of the routes we could take.

Common Problems and Flaws with VIZR 

  • Does not stick to dashboards that aren’t clear
  • Can block incoming calls and messages, even after you give the app permission
  • Works better with FIXD apps than other apps
  • Some thought the display wasn’t as bright or clear as they expected
  • May turn the image on your windshield upside down

Where to Buy

Buying a HUD system locally is a hassle because you need to find a store that sells these gadgets. You might spend a few hours in the store before you find one that is compatible with your vehicles. Following this link is an easy way to buy a HUD that will work in any vehicle. You can order VIZR online and get the gadget in one week or less. Though you can buy a single HUD, the special offers that are now available make more financial sense. To buy one VIZR, you’ll pay $39.99 and shipping and handling. This is a discount of $20 off the original price.

One of the more popular deals gives you one free VIZR when you buy two. The total cost is $79.98, which comes to less than $27 per system. You can drop the price even more with a bundle that includes five VIZR systems for $119.97, which comes to $23.99 per unit. Both of the bundles come with free shipping for shoppers who live in the United States. You can only take advantage of those discounts and bundle deals if you use our link, which also lets you see VIZR in action.

How Much Does VIZR Cost?

How Much Does VIZR Cost?
1 – VIZR
$59.99 $39.99


How Much Does VIZR Cost?
3 – VIZR Buy 2, Get 1 FREE $26.66/each (Total $79.98) FREE USA Shipping
How Much Does VIZR Cost?
5 – VIZR Buy 3, Get 2 FREE $29.99/each (Total $119.97) FREE USA Shipping


IZR is not the only heads-up display that you can get for your car. We’ll take a look at some of the alternative products that are available in this section.


A popular choice for some is the SHEROX 3.5” Car HUD. It limits some of the information that you see to reduce distractions but can also take away some of the data that you need. Many shoppers like that they can easily set it up without using reflective film and that it has a 3.5-inch display screen. Three built-in alarms let you know when the engine runs too hot, you have low voltage or you went over the speed limit. It also displays four pieces of information, including your speed in miles or kilometers and how many miles you traveled in a specific period.


Though you might not know the YUGUANG name, you may still like the Six-Inch HUD that the company makes. This increases the size of the information broadcast onto your windshield and allows you to see all the data at the same time. It has a lower profile than similar systems do to ensure that the stand never interferes with your field of vision. One downside of this HUD is that it only works in vehicles where you can use OBD devices. If you have an older car, the chances are good that it’s not compatible with this device.

Loncaster Car Phone Holder

One of the cheapest options you can choose is the Loncaster Car Phone Holder, which comes with a mount that easily attaches to the dashboard. It has a non-slip design that keeps your phone in place. You can view everything on your phone’s screen without staring down or looking over at it. The main issue with this device is that is not a traditional HUD system. It essentially acts as a holder that lets you view your phone while driving. This holder does not have a projection feature. The compact size also means that it’s not compatible with all cell phones.

LeaningTech Original HUD

Another alternative to VIZR is the LeaningTech Original HUD, which has a plug and play design and is compatible with all vehicles. It displays your current speed in miles or kilometers and can show how far you drove and how long you spent driving. The bright green light used on the display is easy to see in all conditions, but it also has a button for quickly adjusting the brightness. It monitors the speed limit in the area and beeps three times when you go over that limit. While LeaningTech makes an affordable HUD, it’s not as cheap as VIZR.

Final Verdict

A car accident can do more than just damage your front or rear end and require a trip to the repair shop. Even the simplest of fender benders can result in whiplash and other injuries that require immediate medical attention. If you’re at fault, you might spend a few nights in jail and pay some high fines too. Any time that you hit someone from behind, you caused the accident because you followed the vehicle in front of you too closely. You can cause accidents due to distracted driving too, including using your phone too often or paying attention to passengers in the backseat.

With VIZR, you can get a simple solution to some of the more common causes of distracted driving. This little gadget attaches to the top of your dash and runs on your favorite apps or the VIZR and FIXD apps. Not only does it let you see when you’re speeding and view the current time, but it can act as a navigational tool that superimposes the map onto your windshield. While you can still see cars and other obstacles on the road, you also get a clear view of where you need to go. Adults, teenagers and anyone else who drives can benefit from VIZR.