Webwatcher Review 2021



Ease of Use 97%
Device Compatibility 99%
App Compatibility 98%
Age Range 100%
Reliability 98%

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Advertising Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.




For monitoring your employees, children and partner, the best app is Webwatcher. It comes with a free trial that gives you access to all the top features and is compatible with all phones, computers and tablets. You can use it to listen to recordings, view text and photo messages and track online activities.

Product Features

Do you remember when the only time you could watch cartoons was on Saturday mornings or if you got home in time from school? Kids today can watch cartoons and anything else that they want at any hour of the day. It takes only minutes for them to log into Netflix or Disney+ and pull up a television show. They can do even more things on the internet, including chatting with their friends from school and using a streaming app to listen to music. Kids also have access to dozens of apps that help them connect and share with others too.

As much as kids love the internet, parents aren’t quite as thrilled. Whether you spend long hours at work or work from home, you don’t always know what your kids do on the web. They might come across pedophiles and others with nefarious things in mind. Kids also face bullying from their peers and others they come across online. It’s not only kids that you need to worry about on the internet because adults can make poor decisions too. Thanks to Webwatcher and our Webwatcher review, you can find out what this online tool does and why you should use it on your computers.

Webwatcher Review

Webwatcher makes keeping an eye on your family and their online activities easy.

What is the Webwatcher?

Webwatcher is the best online monitoring app that you’re not using. This app is so easy to install that the process usually only takes five minutes, which includes the time that you spend looking for it in the app store. It works on all types of computers and comes in a mobile version that you can install on an iPhone or Android phone. Webwatcher runs quietly and will not get in the way of the other apps that they use or cause the device to run slowly. Users cannot tamper with the app or remove it either. Some of the things that you can do with Webwatcher include:

  • Read any emails sent to or from the device
  • View any SMS or text messages sent to and from a phone
  • Look at the websites most recently searched for and all sites visited
  • Get alerts when the user used words you added to a special list
  • Check out screenshots taken at different points
  • View a full list of all the programs and apps used on the device
  • Keep an eye on the social media accounts that a user access from the device
  • Track online activities when you don’t have access to the computer

With Webwatcher, you can track the online activities of kids and adults.

What is the Webwatcher

How Can You Use the Webwatcher?

Using Webwatcher is easy, especially when you use our link to download the app. This link allows you to pick the version of the app that you need based on your devices and operating systems. You can download multiple versions to work on all of your family’s devices. We’ll go over how to download and install it in a section below. Unlike similar apps that require a lot of tech-savvy or know-how, this app is easy for anyone to use. It doesn’t come up when people search the device, which keeps them from tampering with the app or turning it off as well as deleting it.

If you have kids who are rarely without their phones, you don’t need to worry about holding that phone to use the app. Webwatcher lets you send alerts to a different linked device. With the screenshot feature, you can now view screenshots taken when that device is in use to see what your kids do when they’re away from the house or hiding in their bedrooms. Webwatcher also has an alert feature that lets you create a list of keywords. When the child uses any of those words, the app will send you an alert.

How Can You Use the Webwatcher

Webwatcher is compatible with all types of mobile devices and computers.

Where Can You Use the Webwatcher?

Webwatcher comes in four versions that are compatible with Android and Apple devices, including PCs and Macs. It is a good app for those who want to monitor their employees to make sure that they’re not wasting time online. Common time wasters include social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram as well as music and video apps that include YouTube. You may want to use the app if you worry about your partner or spouse cheating too. Those who cheat typically do things such as putting a lock on their phones and claiming that they need to work late. You can use Webwatcher to see if your partner is faithful.

The biggest way to use Webwatcher is as a monitoring app for kids. Kids don’t always want to tell their parents about the bullying that they suffer at school and online. They may experience some of the signs of depression, including sleeping late and for long hours or not sleeping at all. You might find that they claim they’re sick every morning when it’s time for school or that they suddenly stop hanging out with their friends. Webwatcher can help you identify the bullies and predators your kids come into contact with online.

Constant Brightness

Online bullying can significantly impact your child’s well-being.

Where Can You Use the Webwatcher

Who’s This For?

Webwatcher is a monitoring app that is best for anyone who wants to see what another person does on the web. You can use it if you work as an office manager and worry that your employees aren’t using their computers for work purposes. Many companies use this and similar apps on the computers that their remote workers take home too. They want to make sure that those workers aren’t posting updates on Facebook or downloading new games and apps that can infect their devices. It works just as well on their mobile devices too, including the tablets that they take home and the phones that they use in meetings with clients.

We highly recommend Webwatcher for those who want to keep an eye on their families too. You can make sure that your spouse is faithful and not talking to other people online or meeting with another person. It’s the best monitoring app for parents who have young kids or teenagers. The app helps you identify the bullies wreaking havoc on your kids as well as predators talking to older children. You can also use Webwatcher to see if your children exchange photos or personal information with people online.

Who's This For

Your kids can’t see the people they talk to online, but Webwatcher helps you see who those people are.

Webwatcher for Android Devices

One version of Webwatcher that you can download works on Android devices, including phones and tablets. It does not require that you root the device to use it with the phone and runs quietly without disrupting other apps. You can view activities remotely to gain access to the phone when the user refuses to give it up. Once you set up a web account, the app gives you full access to all features through the user interface. Compatible with any device running Android 2.0 or higher, Webwatcher works on the older phones that you may give to a young child. Installing this app allows you to do different things, including:

  • View all MMS and SMS texts sent through the phone and to it
  • Read through text messages that the user deleted from the phone
  • Check incoming messages sent through apps such as TikTok and Viber
  • Look at GPS data to see where the phone was
  • Get up to 1,000 screenshots taken of the phone in use with each license that you buy
  • See a full call log of all numbers and contacts who called or received calls from the phone, even if the user deleted the original call log
  • View the photos taken with the phone/device

Webwatcher works on any Android phone that uses a 2.0 or more recent operating system.

Webwatcher for Android Devices

Webwatcher for iOS

Webwatcher for iOS works on any Apple device that uses iOS 6.0 or a more recent version of the operating system. It works with both an iOS app that you can download to an iPhone or through the user interface that you can access on the web. The app is resistant to tampering and does not allow users to lock the app, which means that your kids can’t disable it if they find it. You’ll also like that you do not need to jailbreak the phone to run Webwatcher as you would with other apps. This version of the app lets you:

  • Check the camera roll to view any photos taken with the device and those saved on it
  • Look over the website history to view all sites visited with the device
  • Track the GPS location settings to see where the phone is and where it was
  • View the phone’s call log history to see who the user called and what calls the phone received
  • Get copies of all the text messages deleted from the phone
  • See any SMS or MMS messages sent and received on through device
  • Check whether the person used and what they sent/said on apps such as WhatsApp and Kik
Webwatcher for iOS


Webwatcher works on most iPhones and iPads.

Webwatcher for Personal Computers

It takes around five minutes to find and install Webwatcher onto a PC. Many parents give their children computers with older operating systems as a way to save money and stop them from using certain apps. As long as the computer has a Windows 7 operating system or a newer version, you can use this app on it. Similar to the other versions, it keeps users from tampering with it and ensures that some users won’t know that Webwatcher is even on the computer. Once you install the app, some of the things that you can do include:

  • Set alert words and view times when the user typed those words
  • Get continuous screenshots to view alerts of what the user did with the computer
  • Check the social media that your child visited and what they did on those sites
  • Use remote viewing to keep an eye on their online activities when you’re not near the computer
  • Get a complete list of all the apps and programs downloaded to and running on the computer
  • Use a keystroke tracker to view any keys typed
  • Check all the websites visited with the computer and those searched for
  • Track messages and emails sent or received

You can download Webwatcher to both laptops and desktops.

Webwatcher for Personal Computers

Webwatcher for Macs

Apple fans believe that the company makes better computers than anyone else can. No matter how many Macs you have or how old they are, you can generally use Webwatcher. Webwatcher is compatible with all Mac operating systems since the 10.8 update and takes only five minutes to install. With remote viewing, you can use the online interface or iOS app to view what someone does on a Mac. Most people do not know that the app is running in the background as they use their computers. Parents and others can use Webwatcher for Mac to:

  • See all emails sent to and from the Mac, including those the user deleted
  • Set up alert words and view screenshots of times when the user used those words
  • View a complete website history, including all pages searched for and visited
  • Get screenshots when the user checks social media sites or uses other apps
  • Look at any programs downloaded to the Mac, even those hidden in folders
  • Check social media to see what the user posts and does on those sites
  • Keep track of the apps that the user accesses to send and receive text messages
  • View photos taken with the Mac or saved on it
Webwatcher for Macs

Use Webwatcher to view the online activities of anyone with a Mac.

Webwatcher for Chromebook Users

Many parents give their children Chromebooks because these laptops are usually more affordable than other types. To use most of the apps, you need to have an internet connection. That can result in kids spending more time online than they would with another type of computer. Webwatcher now offers a version of the monitoring app that works on any Chromebook, no matter what operating system it has. It doesn’t require any special hardware and doesn’t have a ton of steps you need to follow to install it. After setting up the app, you can do some of the same things you could on other computers, including:

  • Use alert words to see when your kids search for those words or use them
  • Get screenshots of any times where they used those words
  • Opt for continuous screenshots to view regular shots taken of the computer in use
  • View all of the websites that the user searched for on the computer

Webwatcher for Chromebook also has a website history feature that allows you to view all the sites visited with the computer and how long the user spent on those sites along with some of the things that they did. This is a good way to see if your partner uses dating sites or if your kids visit sites that you don’t approve of them accessing.

Webwatcher is compatible with all types of Chromebooks.

Webwatcher for Chromebook Users

How to Install Webwatcher

The easiest way to install Webwatcher is through this link, which takes you to the homepage. You’ll have the chance to view all the different versions that are available to help you select the right one for your device. We recommend viewing the features and things that you can do with each version too. Once you select the right one and add it to your cart, you can check out and pay for the monitoring app. You’ll also need to set up an account that you can use on any computer or device as long as you have your password handy. To install Webwatcher, you need access to the device too.

Webwatcher does not require any special tools but does ask that you use a USB cable to install it on a Mac. You’ll still visit the website to select a version and then pay for your purchase. As soon as you check out and create a new account, you can use that cable to save a copy of the app onto the Mac and get it running. If you can connect to the site with the Mac or iPhone, you do not need this cable. Webwatcher recommends that you sync the app to the device and your account over a secure WiFi connection.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can set up a Webwatcher account and install the app.

How to Install Webwatcher

Should You Buy It?

Let’s start our section on whether you should buy Webwatcher with a look at some of the things that we liked about the software such as its compatibility. This app is compatible with all versions of Windows after Windows 7 and any Mac running an OS of 10.8 or higher. You can use it on any Android that has a 4.0 or higher operating system and Chromebooks from all leading brands, including Google, Acer, Samsung and Asus. It also works on most iPads and iPods as well as iPads. Other top features that we love about Webwatcher include:

  • Easy installation: Why worry about finding someone who can jailbreak your phone just to install tracking software? Webwatcher installs easily and doesn’t ask you to jailbreak a phone first, which will void your warranty.
  • User interface: We like the Webwatcher user interface for two reasons: it’s easy to use and gives you remote access. You don’t need to have that device in front of you to check what someone did with it as long as you can log into your online account from another device. The user interface also lets you make changes to the keywords that you set and the alerts that you get.
  • App compatibility: Webwatcher is compatible with most of the popular chat and messaging apps that people use today, including Kik, WhatsApp and Skype. It allows you to see how long they spent on the app and who they talked to as well as what they did. You can see if they sent photos and the texts that they sent.
  • Free trial: Don’t worry about spending a lot of money on software that doesn’t meet your needs because Webwatcher offers a free trial. You’ll set up an account and choose your login details, which then gives you full access to the site and the associated app.
Should You Buy It

Webwatcher also functions as a keylogger to keep track of every key that a user touches.

You might consider investing in Webwatcher due to some of the top things that you can do with the app too, including:

  • Read text messages: Smart teenagers and adults know that deleting messages from their devices will keep others from seeing them. Webwatcher is one of the only apps we found that lets you read any messages saved on the phone plus those that the user deleted. You can view message drafts and sent messages too.
  • Check websites: You can’t trust that your kids are smart enough to avoid websites that download harmful viruses to their devices, which is why this feature is so helpful. It lets you see all the sites that they visited and get an idea of how often they use those sites.
  • Call log tracking: With Webwatcher, you can view the call log history on a phone too. This allows you to see who your children or partner talks to every day and how often they call certain numbers. The app lets you view numbers not saved in the user’s contacts also.
  • Voice recording: Kids can have inappropriate chats with other children as well as adults, which is why many parents use voice recordings to keep an eye on their children. This feature records the voice messages that they send and can track phone calls they make to help you catch a cheater.
  • Program/app usage and installation: Find out what programs and apps your child or partner downloaded through Webwatcher. It shows you all apps on a device or programs on a computer, even if the user hid them in other folders.
  • Track via GPS: When someone isn’t home at the time that they said, you might worry about what happened to them. With Webwatcher, you can view the exact location of the device because it accesses the GPS on it. You’ll know instantly where your loved one is.
  • Instant alerts: With instant alerts, Webwatcher can notify you every time a user gets a text message or phone call. You can then go online and view the contact if it’s saved on the phone and the number of the caller along with how long the call lasted. This feature also lets you get alerts if a child tries to visit a website that you blocked or types a certain word.

Get instant alerts from Webwatcher when your kids use bad words on their devices or when they visit dangerous websites.

Should You Buy It

Webwatcher has some drawbacks that are worth mentioning too, including the overall design. When you use other parental control apps, you can often figure out the features and functions in a few minutes. While the user interface has an intuitive design, some users found that the app was more complicated than they initially thought. Others found that it was difficult to install the app on a device because they couldn’t get it away from the user. You’ll need to figure out a way to get your hands on the device long enough to install the software on it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t work well with antivirus software. That software keeps loved ones from downloading malware that can hijack your computer and installing viruses on it. You need to disable the antivirus software to make the app run. The software will often detect the app as a dangerous program and turn it off or delete it. There is a small chance that it might keep the device from functioning the way it should too, which will require an expensive repair.

Other Cons of the Webwatcher App

  • It costs a little more than similar monitoring apps do
  • You can only listen to old recordings and not calls in real-time
  • The keylogger feature only works on Windows computers
  • You cannot download or save past reports after getting new ones
  • There’s no guarantee that it will work with new operating systems

Where to Buy

The best place to buy Webwatcher is right here from the official website. We recommend checking out the site if you want to learn more about the app after reading our Webwatcher review or if you want to see the helpful tools that come with each version of the app. Some of the versions come with a free trial too. Once you pick a version and select the “Try it for Free” button, the site will ask you to set up a new account. This requires your email address and asks you to create a user ID. You can then login and view what you can do with the free trial and how long it lasts. Other reasons why we recommend buying through the official Webwatcher website include:

  • You get a money-back guarantee that lets you return the software for a full refund if you’re not happy with it
  • The site offers short videos that go over what you can do with the app and why experts recommend it
  • There is a link to the official blog that includes articles on why parents might read their children’s text messages and the dangers of certain websites
  • You can find out what to do if you want a refund

Most versions of the Webwatcher app give you remote access through another device or computer.

Where to Buy

How Much Does Webwatcher Cost?

Before you look at the competition, you should see how much Webwatcher costs to get an idea of how the app can help you save money. You do not need to pay for the software until your free trial expires. The cost often depends on how you choose to pay. For example, Webwatcher for Android costs $59.95 for a six-month plan or $129.95 for a 12-month plan. This reduces your price to less than $11 per month. Webwatcher for iOS costs the same amount and is compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPods. Both Webwatcher for PC and Webwatcher for Mac cost the same amount too.

No matter which plan you choose, you need to pay for six to 12 months of service at the beginning of your contract. Most found the initial investment worthwhile, but even if you don’t, you can easily use the money-back guarantee to get out of the contract before the term expires. The cheapest plan that we found is Webwatcher for Chromebook. It costs only $39.95 for a 12-month plan that costs less than $4 a month. You can use this version of the software on a Chromebook that you buy for your child or one that they bring home from school.

How Much Does Webwatcher Cost

For less than $11 a month, you can use Webwatcher to feel better about what your kids do online.



Quostodio is one of the best parental control and monitoring apps available today. As a new customer, you can choose from three membership levels depending on how many devices you want to monitor and the features that you need. Prices start at around $50 for the basic package and climb to more than $124 per year for the advanced packages. This app lets you set time limits to tell users how long they can spend on the web and works across multiple platforms. One thing we don’t like is that it has a paywall that limits some of the things that you can do until you upgrade to a more expensive package.

OpenDNS Family Shield

If you want to monitor your whole family, OpenDNS Family Shield is a good option because it offers monitoring of all activities done on a shared router. This includes the computers that your family uses and any devices that they connect to your home’s network. Priced at less than $20 per year, this is one of the more affordable options. OpenDNS Family Shield can improve your surfing speed and lets you set up blocklists that include pages you don’t want users to visit and keywords. It does not allow you to monitor or track users when they’re away from home though.


Though KidLogger bills itself as a free monitoring app, many find that the free version is useless and that they need the features found on the premium packages. For example, the free version does not record the voices of people who use the device. You’ll pay around $30 per year for the basic plan or $90 a year for the professional plan. Both plans will record people when they use a device and work across multiple platforms. You can use the keystroke tracker to view every button typed or pressed too. The main downside to KeyLogger is that it only monitors one device.

Wondershare FamiSafe

If you worry about making a large upfront investment in tracking software, you might consider Wondershare FamiSafe, which allows you to make monthly payments. You can pay $9.99 per month or $6.66 per month when you sign up for the quarterly plan. The annual plan charges you at the beginning of the year and drops the price to less than $5 per month. Known as one of the most reliable monitoring apps for parents, it lets you track up to 30 linked devices from a single account. It has blocking tools that prevent users from playing certain games and visiting potentially dangerous websites.

Final Verdict

Parents today worry about their kids almost more than they did in the past. You can’t just rely on their teachers to tell you about the problems they have at school because they can also experience bullying on social media sites and through email. Webwatcher is one of the best parental monitoring apps available because it works on so many devices and with so many different apps. Not only can you see who calls your child and who the child calls, but you can view all the text messages they send and receive along with photo messages.

Webwatcher isn’t just for parents who are concerned about their kids. You can use it to monitor employees when they work from home or are in the field. It shows you what they do with the phone such as the sites that they visit and the apps that they download. Many people use Webwatcher if they’re concerned about their partners too. The same day that you install the app, you’ll have all the information that you need at your fingertips, including who your partner calls, what they said during those calls and the apps that they use. For the ultimate in online tracking and monitoring, reach for Webwatcher.