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Advertising Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.




The Farmer’s Dog is your ultimate go-to when it comes to top-notch quality food for your lovely dogs! Veterinarian nutritionists who are board-certified develop and review each recipe, ensuring that it is 100 percent complete and balanced in accordance with AAFCO requirements. You get to enjoy free shipping as well.

Product Features

About The Farmer’s Dog

Reading the nutrition labels on some dog meals can be a frightening experience. They frequently contain substances that are difficult to pronounce and production techniques that you may not be confident with. Dog food is no different than human food: if you wouldn’t eat it, why should your dog? That’s where The Farmer’s Dog comes in to play a role. The founders of The Farmer’s Dog, two dog parents, were concerned that many dog diets on the market today were overly processed and of poor quality. As a result, they set out to blend human-grade components into recipes that were specifically designed for dogs, thereby providing a healthier alternative for pet owners.

The Farmer's Dog Review
Nutritionist Formulated; Vet Praised!

Your dog’s weight, breed, and activity level are taken into consideration when creating the recipes, which are then delivered to your door. Because the ingredients are sourced from small farms, you can be confident that you are eating real food. Furthermore, you may be assured that a qualified nutritionist prepared a balanced and nutritious diet for your dog (without having to do all the cooking and research yourself). Pet food is delivered to your house by The Farmer’s Dog, an online service that provides freshly prepared pet food. Following its philosophy of creating food that is “simple recipes, led by science, and driven by love,” the company has rethought pet food by integrating human-grade ingredients and allowing customers to choose feeding regimens based on their dogs’ profiles and tastes, among other innovations.

For the most part, the brand has transformed ordinary dog food into a delectable fine dining experience for your canine companion. Forbes, Vogue, CBS News, the Wall Street Journal, and Fast Company have all written about the brand, which has also been featured in other important publications. With 143k Instagram followers and more than 71k Facebook followers, the brand’s large following on social media may be attributed to its early entry into the market, as well as its reputation for openness and honesty. Let’s face it, every day is a good day for a dog. The Farmer’s Dog simply adds a delightful variation to the dish. In order to help you understand why you shouldn’t be the only one who eats healthfully, we’ve written this The Farmer’s Dog review. We’ll show you how The Farmer’s Dog makes life easier for you and your canine companion by delivering real meat dog chow right to your doorstep.

The Farmer’s Dog Overview

The story of The Farmer’s Dog begins with Jada, a gorgeous Rottweiler puppy who suffered from terrible intestinal disorders for two years before being adopted by the Farmer. When her father, Brett Podolsky, sought advice from a veterinarian, he was told to feed her simple home-cooked meals. The result was almost immediate. Jada was cured in a matter of hours, and Brett became a proponent of whole foods. Brett formed a partnership with his dog and fellow dog parent Jonathan Regev shortly after Jada’s recovery to launch The Farmer’s Dog rescue organization. The Farmer’s Dog, which opened its doors in 2014, was one of the first companies to enter the fresh dog food industry. They learned from Jada’s experience that just because a package of pet food contains the words “real,” “healthy,” “natural,” or “organic” does not imply that it is similar to actual, fresh food. Brett has stated repeatedly in talks with many publications that “it isn’t even close to being close.”

Brett and Jonathan established The Farmer’s Dog seven years ago, and the company shows no signs of slowing its pace of growth. As previously indicated in our study of The Farmer’s Dog, the company is notable for its openness and transparency in its operations. If you notice the Farmer’s Dog stamp, you can be sure that the food is as follows:

Brett and Jonathan say they individually taste-test their pet food recipes because they wouldn’t have it any other way. According to dog parent evaluations, their recipes are licked clean by their canine children. However, much as with human food, there are advantages and disadvantages to eating The Farmer’s Dog. Some of these will be listed in the Farmer’s Dog review, which will be based on customer evaluations, research, and my own experience (and worries) as a dog parent.

Farmer’s Dog Overview

You know it’s her all-time Favorite!

The Farmer’s Dog Food Key Features

Farmer’s Dog Food Key Features
Just the kind of healthy diet your pet needs!

Why Choose Fresh Dog Food?

First, some somber facts and numbers on why it’s crucial to know what’s in your dog’s food and how to keep it that way. According to a survey conducted by VCA Animal Hospital, active dental disease affects 80 percent of pets over the age of three years in the study. In the United States, about 60% of dogs are either obese or overweight, according to statistics. The Farmer’s Dog review will now turn its attention to what we can do to save our canine companions. According to The Farmer’s Dog, the first step is to provide them with proper nutrition.

Numerous investigations have discovered that pet foods frequently contain components that are not specified on their labels, or that they do not contain ingredients that are claimed to be used. Production of pet food in the United States is carried out at disturbingly low levels of safety and quality, which are concealed behind lax labeling and marketing regulations:

The Farmer’s Dog has arrived, bringing with it a delicious selection of fresh food. Unlike most brands, this one does not make a lot of grandiose statements. They expressly explain on their website that there is nothing flashy or magical about what they are attempting to accomplish. The Farmer’s Dog makes only one claim: that they make real, fresh food, and that is it. “It’s still dog food, and that’s exactly the way it should be,” the company claims. If anything, the brand has earned my admiration for its decency. When compared to traditional kibble, if you have any doubts about what you’re feeding your dog, you can taste the food before you feed it to him. This is because it’s made with ingredients sourced from reputable food suppliers, local farms, and other human food purveyors that comply with USDA regulations.

The Farmer’s Dog food is manufactured in the United States and is free of preservatives and processed ingredients because the goal is not to be shelf-stable. They want to make certain that your dog receives the most natural nutrition possible. So, what changes can you anticipate to observe in your canine companion as a result of making the switch? For my review of The Farmer’s Dog, I read through a number of customer testimonials, and the following is what I discovered: Customers have reported that their pets’ digestion has improved, their immune systems have strengthened, their skin and coats have become healthier, and their vitality has increased since switching to fresh food. For want of a better expression, your pet will not only survive, but also prosper.

Why Choose Fresh Dog Food

Freshly made; vet-approved pet food

How Does The Farmer’s Dog Work?

First and foremost, creating an online profile on The Farmer’s Dog’s website is the first step in the process of evaluating their cooked dog food. I established a profile for myself and my dog Sir Harisson Furred, a fox terrier-dachshund mix, for the purpose of reviewing The Farmer’s Dog. The entire process took less than ten minutes to complete. As part of The Farmer’s Dog subscription process, you are initially asked to key in basic information such as your zip code, contact details, name as well as some facts about your dog, including his/her age, sex, breed, and weight. 

Fill up the blanks with any relevant information on your pet, such as:

In addition, The Farmer’s Dog offers a two-week tasting sample that will begin within a week of clients selecting their plan and making an order with the company. In order to preserve the product cold, the dog food is packaged with dry ice, and the food is pre-portioned into bags that contain enough food to last a day. Because the bags are frozen flat, they take up very little space in our overflowing freezers.

Following the trial period, your chosen plan will be paid and mailed every eight weeks. The delivery is scheduled in such a way that you will never run out of groceries. You can also tailor the frequency based on your canine’s needs and preferences, and you can cancel at any moment during the subscription.

How Does Farmer’s Dog Work

Get your favorite dog started on the healthiest pet diet on the market!

The Farmer’s Dog Food

A combination of four distinct dishes, including beef, chicken, turkey, and pig, are included in The Farmer’s Dog meal plans. The following ingredients will now be highlighted in The Farmer’s Dog food evaluation for each of these recipes: USDA beef, sweet potato, lentils, carrot, beef liver, kale, sunflower seeds, fish oil, and TFD nutrient blend are all included in the beef portion (Vitamin mix). USDA chicken, brussels sprouts, chicken liver, bok choy, broccoli, fish oil, and TFD nutrient pack are included in the chicken meal. The following ingredients are used: USDA turkey breast, chickpeas (chickpeas are a legume), carrot, broccoli, parsnip, spinach, fish oil, and TFD nutrient blend. USDA pork, sweet potato, potato, green beans, cauliflower, pork liver, fish oil, and TFD vitamin blend are all included in the pork recipe.

Vet-approved diets to suit your pet’s palate!

Farmer’s Dog Food

The Farmer’s Dog Price

Meal plans from The Farmer’s Dog start at $2 per day. Each dog is unique, and the price of a full meal will vary depending on a range of criteria such as age, weight, and activity level. The Farmer’s Dog puppy food formulations and serving sizes are determined by the weight of your pet. You can find out the actual cost by going to and completing the questionnaire provided by the company. Sir Furred’s full daily meals were priced at $28.70 per week, with a 20 percent discount available for the 2-week trial period ($45.90, down from $57.40) and a 30-day money-back guarantee. That works out to about $115 per month. If you have more than one mouth to feed, or if your dog is larger than the average, The Farmer’s Dog is likely to be the most expensive alternative. The cost for a 25-pound dog goes from $4 to $5 per day, and the cost for a 55-pound dog ranges from $8 to $9 per day. For example, if you are the owner of a 60-pound Golden Retriever, a complete daily-meal plan will cost you $70.75 a week. That amounts to a hefty $283 each month! However, if your dog doesn’t respond to the food, you can request more recipes to test, or you can request a refund if you choose to donate the food to a rescue organization.

Farmer’s Dog Price

Quality dog food at friendly prices

What Clients Think: Farmer’s Dog Reviews

For our The Farmer’s Dog review, we read through a slew of customer reviews, all of which expressed a variety of emotions, ranging from skepticism about the company’s push for fresh food to disbelief over its shockingly low prices to exasperation over the difficulty of transitioning their dogs from dry food to canned food. According to customer reviews posted on the Better Business Bureau’s website, the brand has an average rating of 2.33/5 stars. The majority of pet parents were dissatisfied with the company’s customer service, particularly with regard to the length of time it took to terminate their subscription.

It was too late for me to cancel the next delivery when I sought to do so. As a result, I now have two months’ worth of frozen dog food ($250) that my puppy will not even look upon. In one The Farmer’s Dog review, the customer writes, “I called The Farmer’s Dog and was informed they would give me Anchovy Oil to add on the food in the hopes that she would eat it. If that didn’t work, I could donate it to a rescue and email them the receipt and they would reimburse me.”

In the Farmer’s Dog Reddit reviews, customers expressed doubt about the word “human-grade,” as well as what appears to be a regular struggle with the company’s customer service. “When you attempt to contact customer service, you are routed to an automated message instructing you to text a message, send an email, or leave a voicemail with a phone number. “I’ve tried them all and have received no response,” said another.

On the plus side, many customers report that their pets are only resistant during the first few days of transitioning away from the food they are accustomed to eating, rather than throughout the entire process. However, once they have passed through that first obstacle, the effects are very immediate. The evidence can be found in the feces of their dogs. According to one consumer who remarked on Reddit, “her feces is so much better now.” Customers particularly appreciated the firm for its innovative packaging and on-time delivery, which ensures that your dog will never be without food.

The leading dog food in the market; even customers agree!

What Clients Think - Farmer’s Dog Reviews

Is The Farmer’s Dog worth It?

The prices for Farmer’s Dog are on the higher end of the scale. The company’s customer service can be subpar at times. It’s possible that your dog will tilt its nose up in the opposite direction. For those who are concerned about their dog’s nutrition, prefer to be informed about what is going into it, are particular about how it comes out, and are prepared to pay a premium for it, The Farmer’s Dog is a good option to consider. Many pet parents are put off by the first battle to get their dog used to eating new food because of the cost. Having raised a canine who was a picky eater, I would recommend supplementing the fresh food with only a sprinkle of kibble throughout the trial period. If The Farmer’s Dog is out of reach for your financial situation, simply supplement the regular kibble with some fresh food and continue in this manner in the long run. Only a few consumers have expressed concerns about the quality of the products used by The Farmer’s Dog. Because of the brand’s devotion to high manufacturing standards, it is regarded as dependable. It’s also a convenient alternative for pet parents who have hectic schedules to consider. What is the conclusion of the Farmer’s dog review? Give it a shot and see how it goes!

The Farmer’s Dog Promotions & Discounts

During the Farmer’s Dog trial period, which lasts two weeks, pet parents can receive a 20 percent discount at The Farmer’s Dog. Check their website and social media pages on a regular basis for new discounts and promotions.

Creating The Farmer’s Dog User Account

Our Farmer’s Dog review includes detailed step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for The Farmer’s Dog. You and your dog(s) can register for The Farmer’s Dog website by creating an online profile for yourselves.


Where is The Farmer’s Dog found?

The company’s headquarters are in New York, in the United States of America.

Is food from The Farmer’s Dog raw?

All of The Farmer’s Dog recipes call for gently heating the meal at low temperatures in accordance with USDA-facility guidelines in order to maintain more of the nutritional value of the ingredients. They are then promptly frozen (not deep-frozen) for the purpose of shipping and storing them safely and conveniently. Because the food is fresh and does not contain any preservatives, it must be stored at a temperature that is safe for consumption in a refrigerator or freezer. In the refrigerator, the meal will last for up to 5 days if properly stored. Fill freezer-safe bags with the ingredients and keep them in the freezer if you aren’t planning to use them for feeding within this time range. An easy-to-follow handbook will be included in each package, demonstrating how to properly store and feed the food.

How long does the Farmer’s Dog shipping order take?

The Farmer’s Dog currently ships to all 48 contiguous states in the United States at no additional cost to the customer. Customers receive deliveries of freshly cooked food on a recurrent and flexible basis, depending on their preferences. The first delivery is made within a week of placing the order, and after that, every successive delivery is scheduled in such a way that your pet does not run out of food between deliveries. Prior to invoicing and shipping, you will receive an email notification for each order placed with us. At the time of writing this The Farmer’s Dog review, no additional information on the shipment was available.

How do I go about canceling The Farmer’s Dog order?

Clients can make changes to their shipping frequency, as well as stop or cancel their subscriptions, at any time by going into their profiles on the Farmer’s Dog website. According to the Farmer’s Dog review, there was no information on how long refund processes took.

How do I Contact The Farmer’s Dog

Following our evaluation of The Farmer’s Dog, if you have any further questions, you can contact customer care by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling (646) 780-7957.

What is the importance of giving your pet fresh food?

The majority of currently available pet food options provide a sufficient amount of vitamins and nutrients to ensure a dog’s survival, but we believe there is a significant difference between simply surviving and truly flourishing. Despite the worrisome rise in the number of pets suffering from obesity, cancer, and diabetes, there is a growing body of scientific research that points to the health benefits of a fresh food diet, as well as the hazards of many commercial pet food manufacturing procedures. And we’ve witnessed firsthand the excellent impact of feeding fresh to our own dogs as well as those of our clients, whether your dog is a finicky eater dealing with a specific health concern or totally healthy and happy to eat just about anything.

How are Farmer’s Dog recipes formulated?

Unless otherwise stated, all of our ingredients are of human-grade quality and sourced from reputable food suppliers, local farms, and other human food providers who adhere to USDA guidelines. We never utilize feed-grade products, and we never treat our ingredients to make them shelf-stable, guaranteeing that your dog receives the best quality, most natural nutrients available on the market today. The Farmer’s Dog develops dishes that are based on natural ingredients. Every dish calls for clean USDA proteins that are blended with fresh veggies and vitamin and mineral supplements to create a well-balanced meal. That’s all there is to it. In order to ensure that each recipe is 100 percent complete and balanced in accordance with AAFCO guidelines, our board-certified veterinary nutritionists meticulously construct each recipe using only human-grade components and manufacturing procedures.

Should I cook Farmer’s Dog food?

No need, our food is pre-portioned and ready-to-serve! You can serve it directly from the fridge or add a touch of hot water if your dog prefers warm food.

Should I contact the vet before feeding my pet on Farmer’s Dog food?

Absolutely! While many veterinarians disagree on the latest food fads, almost every veterinarian agrees that fresh, nutritionally balanced food is best for dogs. Our recipes are designed to completely replace a dog’s regular diet, however many dogs with a variety of health conditions have reported that they are doing well on our food.