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  • Jordan Cole, iReviews
  • September 23,2022
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Gutters are usually made from plastic or metal, they collect the water that falls off your roof and keeps the moisture from soaking into the ground. An excess buildup of water in the ground can cause foundation damage. Gutters also collect the waste and debris that might otherwise damage your roof.


Keeping your gutters clean and maintained is important, but you may not want to deal with the hassle of finding a ladder and getting onto the roof. If you want an easier way to maintain your roof and gutters, try Gutter Helmet.


In our Gutter Helmet review, we’ll take an in-depth look at this product to make sure that you understand what it does and how it works. We’ll also look at some similar products.

The Gutter Helmet is one of the best products designed for keeping gutters clean and free of debris.

  • Designed to work on a wide range of materials and debris
  • Comes in multiple colors to match your home
  • Installed by certified professionals to ensure safety
  • Keeps you safe and saves you save money
  • Lots of complaints about the contractors who installed the systems
  • Only available from authorized dealers
  • Doesn’t collect all types of debris
  • Future service calls cost extra and are expensive

The Gutter Helmet system keeps you off ladders and helps you stay safe. It serves as the ultimate protection for your roof because it keeps rain moving and stops any clogs from forming. This system works in both warmer and cooler climates.

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Product Features

  • Cost: Based on square footage of your home and slope of your roof
  • Material: Reinforced aluminum
  • Opening: 3/8-inch wide
  • Home Compatibility: Most hangers
  • Installation: Professional contractors
  • Estimate: Free

What is the Gutter Helmet?

The Gutter Helmet is a patented system that you can use on top of your current gutters or when you install new gutters. You do not necessarily need to hire an expensive professional to do the job for you, as most users found that they could install the guards in less than an hour themselves.


Rainwater can easily build up in clogged gutters and cause the water to spill over the sides. That moisture can cause damage and let mold develop on your home. Gutter Helmet uses a special design that lets rainwater reach the gutters as it blocks over debris.

The Gutter Helmet is almost invisible to the naked eye but does a great job of blocking debris.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Checking your gutters for signs of debris takes a lot of time and puts your safety at risk. Most experts recommend that you clean your gutters at least twice a year. But depending on where you live, you may need to clean your gutters more often. Those in warmer climates often need to clean their gutters at least three times a year, as do those who live in areas with a lot of wind.

Cleaning and maintaining your gutters can prevent ice dams from forming in winter.

How Can You Use the Gutter Helmet?

While there are many gutter guards on the market, the Gutter Helmet has a patented design that you won’t find anywhere else. This guard uses both gravity and surface tension to ensure that your gutters stay clean and free from debris.


Gutter Helmet functions a standard guard but has an extra 3/8-wide lip along the edge. When rain hits your home, it falls onto this lip, which uses surface tension to break through and push it in. Any debris that lands on top of the guard will remain there, then the rain moves through the lip and into the right pieces.

The patented design of the Gutter Helmet ensures that rain gets through while debris stays out.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Gutters?

You probably have a few questions about why you need to clean your gutters. The short answer is that clean gutters can save you quite a bit of money in the long run. Any type of debris can form clogs in the gutters, including:

  • Plastic bags
  • Fast food wrappers
  • Leaves and twigs
  • Animal nests
  • Plastic bottles

Replacing or repairing your foundation can easily cost $10,000 or more. If you want to keep your home safe and don’t want to deal with ladders and complicated cleaning products, the Gutter Helmet is a good alternative that can keep gutters clear.

Depending on where you live, you might find that wild animals live in your gutters.

Where Can You Use the Gutter Helmet?

The best place to use the Gutter Helmet is on your home’s roof. As the guards can handle both heavy snow and rain, you don’t need to worry about them not being effective for your home.


You can even use the Gutter Helmet if you live in a warmer climate that gets lots of rain. These guards ensure that the rain moves freely through your gutters and that no clogs will form.


We also recommend the Gutter Helmet for those with a vacation home that they only visit a few times a year and landlords with rental properties.

The Gutter Helmet can prevent mildew and algae from growing on your roof and gutters.

What are the Top Reasons to Use the Gutter Helmet?

The top reason to use the Gutter Helmet is as protection for your roof and gutters. It works on pine needles and other small pieces of debris that flow through the gutters and often become stuck.


You’ll also find that it acts as a deterrent against wild animals. As the gap between the gutter and lip is so small, animals have a hard time finding a place to build a nest and will usually move to another house.


Some of the other top reasons to use the Gutter Helmet include:

  • It keeps rainwater and other types of moisture from pooling around your home and causing damage
  • You can keep your eaves and fascia free and clear
  • Gutter Helmet can prevent all types of water and moisture damage, including algae and mildew
  • It can stop wood surfaces on and around your roof from rotting

Another reason to use the Gutter Helmet is that it can keep you safe from injuries. You no longer need to climb on a rickety ladder to clean your gutters and risk falling.

The Gutter Helmet deters all types of birds and other wild animals that nest in gutters.

Who’s This For?

The Gutter Helmet is a product designed for anyone who hates cleaning their gutters or wants to prevent damage to their roofs.


We also recommend the Gutter Helmet for those who own rental properties. As a landlord, you are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the home. While you can ask tenants to keep the home clean and let you know of any problems they have, you can’t expect them to repair a hole in a roof or clean the gutters. If a clog forms in the gutter and significant damage occurs, you might be responsible for paying for the tenants to stay in a hotel room as well as the cost of the repair.

Expensive home repairs can significantly reduce the profits that you make from your rental homes.

How Long Will the Gutter Helmet Last?

When you buy ordinary gutter guards from a hardware or home improvement store, you may get a guarantee that lasts for one year or a few years. The makers of the Gutter Helmet want you to feel confident that this is a lasting product. When you buy from this link, you get a Triple Lifetime Warranty. No matter what problems you have with the Gutter Helmet system, it takes just one phone call to get the help that you need.


Another nice feature of this system is that you can transfer the warranty. Other gutter guards offer a temporary solution and only last for a few seasons. If you move, you can either leave the guards for the next owner or take them with you.

The Gutter Helmet ensures that rainwater will always move into the downspouts on your home.

Should You Buy It?

We want you to love the Gutter Helmet system and feel confident that it’s the solution to any gutter problems you have. That is why we’ll use this section to go over the system’s benefits and the reasons why the company has so many satisfied customers.

Installation Process

Unlike similar products that you can install on your own, the Gutter Helmet system requires professional installation. When you visit the official website, you’re only one click away from checking out the full list of authorized dealers in your area. Even if there isn’t one in your city, the chances are good that you’ll find one in your region or state. Contacting the dealer allows you to get a free estimate and find out how much it will cost to install the system on your home. You also have the chance to have a contractor come out and measure your home to ensure that you get an accurate quote.

Gutter Helmet Cost

One thing that we didn’t address in our Gutter Helmet review is the installation cost. Even if you and a neighbor have homes of a similar size, there’s no guarantee that you’ll pay the same price for the system. Some of the factors that can determine the cost include:

  • How many stories your home has
  • If your roof has any unusual angles or slopes
  • Whether the contractors need special tools to access your roof
  • The size and number of gutters on your roof

The price can also vary depending on the number of corners your home has and the length of your gutters. Getting an estimate helps you avoid any hidden surprises in the cost later.

Multiple corners and a high slope can lead to a more expensive estimate because the contractors need special equipment to install the guards and will spend more time on your home.

Color Selection

The Gutter Guard system is available in many different colors. Most customers match the guards to their roof shingles, but others match them to their exterior paint or hardware colors. If you live in an HOA area, ensure that you choose an authorized color.

Helmet Heat Ice Reduction System

Another reason why we love the Gutter Guard system is that it works with the Helmet Heat Ice Reduction System. Those who live in the Midwest know that winter comes with many problems, most notably ice and snow.


Simply adjusting the temperature in your home when you leave can help you avoid ice dams and burst pipes. Ice dams commonly form on your roof, but you can eliminate that problem with this system. It increases the temperature of your roof to make sure that ice and snow melts and falls away from the roof before it can refreeze.

The makers of the Gutter Helmet system offer a similar system designed to prevent ice dams and similar problems.

Rainfall Protection

The Gutter Helmet went through various stages of testing to verify that it could handle more than 20 inches of rain every hour. As the rain falls, it moves harmlessly down your roof and into the gutters. While the guards block hail and anything else that falls during a storm, the water enters the gutters and exits through your downspouts.

Triple Lifetime Warranty

Whether you live in an older home built during the 18th or 19th century or bought a newly constructed home, you can use the Gutter Helmet system. It works with both your existing roof and any brackets or supplies used to secure the gutters to the roof.

The Gutter Helmet system works with older metal gutters and modern PVC gutters.

Some of the other things that we think make the Gutter Helmet system worth the price include:

  • Small opening: Thanks to the small opening on the system, you don’t need to worry about clogs forming. That opening keeps the debris out and forces it to stay on the roof until wind pushes it to the ground.
  • No more animals: Birds commonly build nests high off the ground and often choose gutters because the spaces feel safe. When you leave your gutters open and exposed, other types of animals can either live or play there, including squirrels and cats. The Gutter Helmet system blocks your gutters off from animals.
  • Transferable warranty: Selling your home can come with a lot of complications, but you won’t need to worry about your gutter guard system when you sell. The warranty that you obtain with this system is transferable to the next owner. Putting that into your listing may help you appeal to more buyers.

Keep your gutters from clogging with the addition of this guard system.

Complaints About Gutter Helmet

Gutter Helmet received some complaints from previous customers that we wanted to address to give you a well-rounded look at the product.


Some had issues with the contractors who installed their systems. They claimed that they didn’t install the guards properly and either caused damage to their homes or that the guards leaked during the next storm. Others said that the guards started pulling away from their roofs and that they received high estimates to fix the damage, despite having the Gutter Helmet warranty.


There were also a few issues with county or city inspectors claiming that the contractors placed the guards too close or too far away from the roof. Some received mailings from Gutter Helmet that told them they would beat any lower advertised price and give the shoppers a $100 gift card. When they tried to take advantage of the offer, the company made excuses as to why it could not give them a lower price and/or the gift card.


Most of the problems we saw came from the installers though and not the Gutter Helmet.


Other Issues with the Gutter Helmet System

  • A local dealer may not have the color that you want in stock
  • Some had problems contacting the company after the installation
  • Transferring the warranty is sometimes difficult
  • It doesn’t always collect pine needles and smaller types of debris
  • You may need to pay a high fee to have someone come out if damage occurs
  • The system may fail after five to 10 years

Where to Buy

While you can wander into any home improvement store and find a selection of gutter guards, you won’t see the Gutter Helmet on those shelves. Once you finish our Gutter Helmet review, you can head over to the official website to see the dealers listed in your area.


Some of the benefits of going with an authorized dealer include:

  • Ensuring that you get the Triple Lifetime Warranty on your purchase
  • Giving you the freedom to relax as you let a professional install the system
  • Making sure that the installation goes as smoothly as possible
  • Helping you choose the right color of gutter guards for your home/li>
  • Letting you find answers to any questions that you might have about the system before you buy

Insider Tip

Always check the Gutter Helmet official website before you buy to see any available special offers. You might save $250 off the total cost when you visit.


THERMWELL PRODUCTS 6×20 Plastic Gutter Guard

If you’re looking for a DIY solution to your gutter problems, consider the THERMWELL PRODUCTS 6×20 Plastic Gutter Guard. Made in the United States, it comes in a large roll that measures six-inches by 20-inches. You simply unroll the plastic and cut it to the length that you need. All you need is a pair of scissors to cut through the plastic. This type of gutter guard usually only lasts for one reason before you need to replace it.


A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard

A slightly more expensive gutter guard is this aluminum guard from A-M Aluminum. The heavy-gauge aluminum guard can stand up to frequent rain and snow without rusting and comes with a lifetime warranty. That warranty covers any rusting or corrosion as well as deterioration. Compatible with K-style hangers and hidden hangers, the guard works on most homes. With 380 holes in every square foot, the guard can handle any type of storm.



DIY enthusiasts who don’t mind spending a little extra on gutter guards might prefer those made from aluminum. Compatible with the five-inch gutters found on most standard homes, it has an overlapping design that makes it easy to install. You don’t need any special tools or even screws to use these guards. Unfortunately, it can stick out several inches from your roof and detract from the design of your home.


Raptor Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh Gutter Guard

Another option you might go for is this Raptor Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh Gutter Guard, which uses a stainless steel base with a micro-mesh layer over the metal. That mesh is fine enough to block grit and debris that falls off your shingles. Made from heavy-duty materials, the guard will not rust and can last for years on your home. It comes with all the supplies you need and a 25-year warranty. We found that the price was quite high, especially if you need many the guards.

How Does the Gutter Helmet Stack Up to the Competition?

After taking a look at the competition, you may wonder how Gutter Helmet compares. While you have the option of buying the system from the company and installing it yourself, doing so may void your warranty. When you order the system, you can meet with an installer and find out how much it costs. The upside is that this gives you a long warranty that covers any type of damage you may encounter.


Some of the other ways in which the Gutter Helmet system beats the competition include:

  • You don’t need to worry about measuring your house and figuring out how many guards or panels you need
  • The system serves as a permanent solution that will work on all types of debris
  • It uses strong materials that can withstand the roughest rainstorms and snowstorms
  • The warranty is transferable if you ever decide to sell your home

If you want a break from cleaning your gutters and don’t want to deal with ladders and equipment, the Gutter Helmet system is a great choice.

The Gutter Helmet can even protect your home from domesticated and stray cats that climb or walk across the roof.

Final Verdict

No matter how careful you are when working outside, all it takes is one accident for you to wind up in the hospital. The makers of the Gutter Helmet system created a product that lets you keep your gutters as clean as possible while keeping your ladder safely tucked away. You don’t even need to worry about measuring your roof or finding the right tools to install the system either. Once you find an authorized dealer nearby, you can arrange for the professional installation of the system.


Designed to work on common hazards that plague homeowners, this system features a guard that covers the top of the gutters with a thin lip that runs along the edge. Any rain or snow that falls gets through the holes in the guards and moves safely into the downspouts. Use our Gutter Helmet system review to see how this system works and our link to order today.

Jordan Cole, iReviews

By Jordan Cole, iReviews

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