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  • Jordan Cole, iReviews
  • October 19,2022
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There is only so much that you can do as a parent to keep your child safe. Kids today face more dangers than most parents can think about both at home and school. Bullies today often use the web and social media apps to threaten and harass others. While you may feel helpless and wonder if there is anything that you can do, using MSPY can help you feel better. This is a monitoring tool that is easy for parents to use and allows them to keep an eye on their kids.


Kids today are online more than ever before. They can come across dangerous people, scams, and more. with MSPY, you can see what your children are doing and help them avoid danger. No matter how old your kids are, you’ll find MSPY and our MSPY review helpful.

More kids today use smartphones than ever before, but MSPY is a tool designed to help parents with kids of all ages to keep them safe.

  • Compatible with jailbroken Android phones and iPhones
  • Monitors all types of online activities, including website visits and app usage
  • Various subscription plans and levels available
  • Many customer support options
  • Older children can find and delete the app
  • Does not include all features in all plans
  • Extra support requires additional fees
  • Limits tracking to only three devices

Parents can benefit from MSPY, which is one of the best cell phone tracking apps on the market. There are different plans available with various levels of support that let you customize features and services. MSPY provides logs of chats, calls, photos, apps used and websites visited.

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How Dangerous is the Internet for Kids?

Thanks to Facebook and similar sites, kids now share more information online than they ever have before. Predators can track their schedules and see when they have soccer practice or hang out with their friends, and also when they’re away from their parents. More than half of all teens admit to having online conversations with strangers, and another 75% of teens claimed that they received explicit offers and messages from adults that they didn’t share with their parents.


Teenagers, especially teen girls, can meet men who claim that they’re the same age when they’re actually much older. With MSPY, you can save your child by using features that allow you to see any potential threats before they become serious.

MSPY is a mobile phone tracker that lets you see everything a child does.

What is MSPY?

You have probably looked at cell phone trackers before. If you’re like most parents, you probably decided not to use one because you wanted to give your child some freedom. No matter how much you trust your child, you cannot always trust those who come into contact with them. MSPY has a helpful background mode that ensures your child doesn’t know it’s there. It takes about 10 minutes to install and offers remote viewing. You do not need to have the phone in your hands to see what your child does with it. Some of the things that you can see with MSPY include:

  • 10 contacts that your child texts, shares photos with or talks to
  • Any messages that your child sends or receives, even if those messages are no longer on the phone
  • Both the current GPS location of the phone and all locations it has been in the past
  • Any media files stored on or sent from the phone
  • All websites that the child visited while on the phone

MSPY turns any device into a GPS that shows you any locations the phone was at and its current location.

How Can You Use MSPY?

Using MSPY is easy due to how quickly you can download it onto a child’s phone. As long as you can get that phone away from your teen for a few minutes, you can add the tracker to the phone without him or her knowing it.


When used with younger children, it’s helpful to let them know that it is there because of the SOS feature. If your child is ever in a dangerous situation, they can hit this button. It sends an alert to the parent and constantly monitors the location of the phone.


With MSPY, you get complete access to another person’s phone. Not only can you view photos and text messages saved on that phone, but you can view content that the user deleted too. If you have a teen dating someone without your approval, you can view where that teen is as well as any messages they sent. MSPY is also perfect for the parents of young kids with their first cell phones. You can monitor their activities and make sure that you approve of everything they do online.

MSPY does a great job of helping parents identify the signs of bullying.

MSPY Mission

With so many tracking apps and products available today, no one would blame you for wondering what sets MSPY apart from the pack. The makers of this app turned to education experts for help designing it. The makers designed this new app that allows parents to use modern technology when protecting their kids.


Some of the features found in this app specifically look for signs of bullying and send warnings to parents that let them know when to act. Unlike similar apps that just monitor cell phones and text messages, MSPY goes a step beyond to monitor the popular apps that kids use too. From WhatsApp and Viber to Snapchat and Facebook, it allows you to monitor all the top apps.

Signs of Cyberbullying in Kids

  • Lack of interest in previously loved activities
  • Acting depressed or withdrawn
  • Becoming angry or upset when using a phone or computer
  • Changes in grades
  • Less interest in going to school
  • Avoidance of friends or groups of others

Where Can You Use MSPY?

MSPY is a tracking app that you can use on an iPhone or Android, though some users found that the Apple version lacks some of the features found on the Android version. You can use this app on any phone belonging to someone in your family when you opt for the family plan.

How Can You Use MSPY to Stop Cyberbullying?

  • Stop numbers from calling and harassing kids
  • Identify anyone who might be threatening a child
  • Block apps where others tease or bully them
  • Learn about the bullying that your child told others
  • Prevent bullying from moving offline

Who’s This For?

MSPY is a tracking app designed for any parent who has concerns about what their children are doing, especially their online activities. Using MSPY allows you to see everything your child watched and viewed on the web as well as everything they did through messages and online chats. MSPY can also help you:

  • Look for signs that your child has an addiction to technology
  • See if anyone in your family spends too much time online or on their phone
  • Monitor activities for signs of inappropriate relationships
  • Make sure that your kids have a healthy online life
  • Get an idea of where your children spend time when they’re not home

Another advantage of MSPY is that it lets you limit what your children can do online. If you find that your kids visit certain websites that they shouldn’t, you can block that site. The phone will never allow the user to visit it again.

MSPY helps you monitor the relationships that your teen has with others and ensures that they have healthy relationships.

What are the Top Features of MSPY?

Though you can do many things with MSPY, you should consider taking a look at some of the top features of this app.


With MSPY, you can:

  • Read any text messages that your child sent and view the messages they have received, even if those messages are gone from the phone
  • Block calls from numbers that you don’t recognize and those you don’t want calling the phone
  • Track the current location of the phone as well as past locations
  • See any apps downloaded to the phone and block any that you don’t like
  • Look over any bookmarks that your child added when visiting new websites
  • See any events or details added to the phone’s calendar
  • Establish zones through GPS that you do not want your child to enter and get alerts when they visit those areas
  • See any messages sent through more popular messaging apps such as Facebook
  • Read any emails that your child sent from the phone and the emails received
  • View call logs to see every number that called the phone and any number your child called

Signs That Your Child Has Contact with an Online Predator

  • Hiding their phone, especially when adults are around
  • Acting secretive about what they do online
  • Frequently deleting contacts and messages from the phone
  • An increase in calls and/or messages to a number you don’t know
  • Refusing to answer phone calls when others are around
  • Turning the phone off when around people
  • Getting messages from people you don’t know

How to Install MPSY

MSPY is different from other tracking apps because you can only use it with the unique control panel. You cannot simply head to the app store and look for it because the app is not available through any of those stores. Once you choose a subscription and pay for the service, you can download the app through a link and sync it to your Control Panel.


Before installing it, you need to do a few things to the phone you want to track, including:

  • Make sure that the phone is compatible with MSPY, which you can do on the website
  • Turn off the firewall and any antivirus software
  • Connect the phone to the nearest wireless signal
  • Open the web browser and load the MSPY website
  • Scroll down until you see the log in box
  • Log in with your unique email address and password

As soon as you log in, MSPY will take you to the setup wizard, which helps you get the app up and running. As long as you follow the instructions on the screen, you should complete the process in less than 10 minutes.

Tips for Using MSPY on an Android Phone

  • Turn off the option that lets the phone scan for security issues
  • Verify that the phone is compatible with the app
  • Use Incognito or Safe mode to download the app
  • Delete any temporary files associated with the app
  • Click on the app’s settings and click the box next to Prevent Uninstall to keep the user from deleting the app

How to Use MPSY

We included a link below to help you buy MSPY. When you visit that website, you need to pick the subscription method that works best for you, you can base this on the number of people in your family or how many phones you want to monitor. Once you complete this step, you’ll get an email with a link where you can download the app.


After adding MSPY to a phone, you can then use your login details to access the Control Panel. This allows you to view any details you want about the phone and switch between more than one device. The Control Panel allows you to use geofencing and set up boundaries for your child and view the call log of the phone, as well as the messages, photos, and calls.

Do You Need to Jailbreak a Phone to Use MSPY?

You do not need to jailbreak a phone to use MSPY, but this will give you access to all the features that you want to use. While this will void the warranty on your phone, you can restore the factory settings later if you need to use that warranty.

Is MSPY Only for Kids?

After reading about MSPY, you may wonder if it only works for children. While thousands of parents use it to keep track of their kids, others use it as a way to keep track of their spouses or partners.

Signs of a Cheating Partner:

Lack of interest in affection and sexual activities

Spending more time away from home

Hiding their phone from you

Making excuses why you can’t join them on trips

MSPY for Businesses

A small but growing number of people use MSPY as a way to keep track of and monitor their workers. Though you legally cannot use tracking apps on employees’ personal phones, you can download MSPY on work phones. Any employee who uses a phone for work must agree to follow your rules. Some of the common ways that employees waste time at work includes:

  • Checking Facebook and posting updates
  • Playing games
  • Scrolling through dating apps and websites
  • Sending messages to family and friends
  • Watching videos

Can You Legally Use MSPY?

MSPY is legal to use in most situations, including on a phone belonging to a minor child. It is also legal to use on phones belonging to adults if they know you installed the app and will use it.

MSPY Free Demo

If you read our MSPY review and still are not sure if this is the best tracking app for your family, you can try it out first through the free demo that the developers offer. To get the free demo, you need to visit the official MSPY website and sign up for an account. The developers will send a link to your email address that allows you to download both the Control Panel and the MSPY app.


With the MSPY free demo, you can view messages sent to and from the phone, along with photos sent and received. It also gives you access to call and chat logs and can show you how long that phone was connected to the internet. The free demo lasts for a full seven days after you sign up. Once it expires, the site will automatically charge the credit card on file for the subscription plan that you selected. If you cancel your account before the seven days are up, you do not have to pay.

MSPY Support Levels

  • 1st Level – Live chat, FAQ section and email help for free
  • 2nd Level – All of the above plus phone support for $12.99
  • 3rd Level – All forms of support plus team installation support and personalized help for $53.99

Should You Buy It? – The Pros and Cons of MSPY

Now comes the time in our MSPY review where we talk about the pros and cons of the child tracking app to help you decide whether to buy it. The easiest way to see why it’s worth the price is with a look at the app’s best features and what you can do with it.

  • Call logs: With the call logs provided by MSPY, you can see anyone who calls your child and which numbers call the most frequently. You can also block unwanted numbers without your child knowing.
  • Text messages: Reading the messages that your child sends and receives is easy with MSPY because it shows you who sent those messages according to both name and number. It also shows photo messages.
  • GPS tracking: Thanks to GPS tracking, you can now see every place your child goes. MSPY allows you to create safe zones and identify places you want your child to visit such as a friend’s house or a loved one’s home. If your child leaves those zones, you’ll get an instant alert.
  • App usage: MSPY also lets you view both the apps used on that phone and messages sent through the apps. It works with many of the top apps loved by kids and teenagers, including Facebook and Tinder.

MSPY and Cloud Storage

When you use MSPY on an iPhone or iPad, it saves all the data that you want in the cloud. You can view chat logs, phone calls, messages and photos in the cloud from your linked computer and keep backup copies of that data too

Cons of MSPY

One problem that a few people reported was that the company didn’t offer refunds. A woman claimed that she used the app for four days and realized that it wasn’t for her.


The company charged her credit card for the full annual plan price and refused to give her a refund. A few others had similar complaints, especially among those who used the free demo. When they tried to cancel their accounts before the demo expired, the company still charged them at the end of the term.


We also found some complaints about the price, which is higher than other tracking subscriptions. If you want to change your plan, you need to contact customer support over the phone or through email. Some found that it took days to get a response through email, which is why we recommend calling the company at (855) 896-0041 and speaking to someone directly.


Another problem you might have with MSPY is when you want to make changes to the app itself. This will require that you use the app on the phone, which you may not have access to at the time.

Other Issues with MSPY

  • Only lets you monitor one device and just three on the family plan
  • The Basic plan doesn’t include as many features as the expensive Premium plan does
  • It takes days or weeks to get a refund
  • You might not get updates as frequently as you would like
  • Only jailbreak phones have access to all features
  • The software was confusing to some

Where to Buy

When you click on this link, you’ll visit the official website where you can choose the best subscription plan and buy MSPY. With the Basic plan, you can choose from three subscription options. This plan costs $29.99 per month when you sign up for the monthly plan. If you sign up for the three-month plan, you’ll pay only $19.99 a month. The cheapest option is the yearly plan that drops the price to just $8.33 per month.


To get all the top features, you’ll want to invest in the Premium plan that can cost as much as $69.99 for the first month. This allows you to use the features and see if the Premium plan is worth the cost. The site also offers a Family Kit that some call a good value. While you pay $479.97 a year, this plan includes full monitoring of three devices for a full year.

What Apps Can You Monitor with MSPY?

MSPY allows you to monitor some of the popular apps that teens and kids use today, including:


Facebook Messenger




Though MSPY ranks as one of the top tracking apps for parents who want to watch their kids, there are alternatives that you might like.


One is XNSPY, which is compatible with Android and Apple phones. You can choose a Premium plan for $12.49 a month or a Basic plan for $8.33 a month. This app monitors offline activities and keeps track of messages sent and sites visited. When the phone connects to the internet later, the app will send all that information to you for viewing.


Another option is Spymaster Pro, which is available for as little as $7.99 a month. This app offers monitoring of the same chat apps, including the dating and hookup app Tinder and messaging apps such as WhatsApp. This is one of the only tracking apps we saw that monitors kik, which is popular on college campuses. You can add extra tracking to the basic plan for an additional $4.99 a month to track photos and emails sent and received as well as track the phone’s accounts on Instagram and other websites.

Top Reasons to Choose MSPY Over the Competition

  • Compatible with most phones
  • Easy to install
  • More customization features
  • Affordable plans available
  • Simple monitoring of apps and online activities
  • Options for phones you didn’t jailbreak
  • Good app tracking
  • 24/7 customer support

Final Verdict

MSPY is the app for parents who do not want to worry about their kids every time they leave home. Not only can you use this for teenagers who hang out with friends after school, but you can use it to keep track of students in college and children who head to camp for the summer. While most tracking apps simply show you where the phone is when you look for it, this app goes much further. It lets you view the photos that your child sends and receives from others, the websites that they visit and the apps that they use.


With the MSPY plans, you can track one phone or choose a family plan that offers monitoring of three devices. No matter where your kids go or what they do when they hang out with friends, you can keep tabs on them and make sure that they are safe. With MSPY, you can keep an eye out for the threats that your kids face, make sure that they act appropriately and identify predators that can cause them harm.

Jordan Cole, iReviews

By Jordan Cole, iReviews

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