3Doodler PRO

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  • March 15,2017
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 3Doodler Pro

From the 3Doodler Create to the low-temperature 3Doodler Start designed for children, the company behind the original 3D printing pen just unveiled its most advanced version: The 3Doodler PRO. Considered the “world’s first professional-grade 3D printing pen,” 3Doodler wants to entice creative professionals (architects, engineers, designers, artists, etc.) to turn their vision into reality using their revolutionary prototyping and tactile design tool.


Equipped with a sophisticated speed and temperature adjustment feature, the PRO is a highly customizable 3D pen with a full arsenal of filaments, including 25 strands in wood composite, bronze composite, nylon, and polycarbonate. Armed with a nozzle set containing six different sized tips (0.5 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, ribbon, square and triangle, and a smoothing tool), the 3Doodler PRO prints a wide variety of materials. Your 3D design is only limited by your imagination.


By simply inserting a strand of thermoplastic inside the pen and pushing it through the hot metal nozzle on the other end, you end up turning the plastic into a malleable goo allowing you to draw in 3 dimensions. With improvements in the temperature and extrusion speed, users have a higher degree of precision while designing their objects. “Beyond the numerous upgrades, what really makes the PRO so unique is how the device and materials came together to answer the needs of professionals,” Maxwell Bogue, 3Doodler’s CEO and co-founder, explained to Digital Trends.


Whether it’s the range of nozzles, large drive system, LCD display, carbon fiber finish, or the speed and temperature control system, 3D Doodler PRO is way more advanced than its predecessors. Resembling a more sophisticated hot glue gun versus a high-tech tactile pen, users are able to transform flat Doodles into 3D objects with greater precision and control. You can “literally lift your imagination off the page,” and turn designs into “pieces of art that you can actually grasp.”


If there is any drawback to 3Doodler’s groundbreaking new 3D printing device, it would be the rather significant learning curve upon initial use. According to users at this year’s IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, it takes a while to get the setting exactly right. According to a recent article in Digital Trends, “the ideal temperature and speed depends entirely on the filament you’re using.” With each PRO purchase coming with a handy chart that guides creatives on proper use, it seems as if this is a case of “practice makes perfect.”


With that being said, the 3Doodler PRO is impressive. The newest upgrades have put 3Doodler into a class of its own. If you’re creative professional needing a tool that instantly transforms your creative vision into complex 3D models, then the newest 3Doodler PRO should be your device of choice. “The high-performance PRO can be used for the most advanced purposes to bring concepts to life, and become an integral part of the creative process,” Bogue said.

  • Full Range of Nozzles
  • Large Drive System
  • LCD Display
  • Carbon Fiber Finish
  • Speed & Temperature Extrusion Control
  • Variable Speed Fan
  • Steep Learning Curve