Dyson 360 Eye

  • Jordan Cole, iReviews
  • August 02,2022
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The all-new Dyson 360 Eye is hands-down the most powerful robot vacuum on the market today. Equipped with the Dyson digital motor (V2) that spins up to 78,000 rpm, this incredible device epitomizes the Dyson brand. With two different suction modes (Max and Quiet) – both controllable from the Dyson Link app – the 360 Eye robot guarantees one of the most thorough cleaning experiences.

Dyson Proprietary Technology

“Vision, combined with our high-speed digital motor and cyclone technology, is the key to achieving a high performing robot vacuum – a genuine labor-saving device,” Chief Engineer James Dyson said.


Dyson’s autonomous vacuum robot uses proprietary Radial Root Cyclone technology and comes with a full-size brush bar. From the carbon fiber filaments to the nylon bristles, removing dirt from any surface (hardwood floors or carpet) is a welcomed challenged for the Dyson 360 Eye. The best part: Dyson’s compact vacuum robot not only sucks up dirt, but its advanced filtration system captures allergens and subsequently spits out cleaner air back into your home – purifying your indoor environment.


Backed by 297 validation tests, 16,500 On/Off buttons pushed, and 671 miles driven, the 360 Eye is a machine designed to last for years. Outside of passing numerous quality assurance tests, Dyson comes with a live 360-degree vision system capturing 30 images per second for the sake of understanding its environment. Once it gathers the visuals it needs and maps out a cleaning pattern, it strategically starts its cleaning ensuring that surface area is covered using the least battery power possible. Dyson’s intuitive cleaning robot knows where it’s been and when it’s time to recharge, it also knows when to return to its docking station for a recharge.


“The Dyson 360 Eye robot identifies landmarks within the room and locks into these to triangulate its position relative to the room allowing for systematic navigation and cleaning.”

Intelligent Design

With no vacuuming project too difficult to tackle, the Dyson 360 Eye is armed with tank tracks, ready to battle the most challenging surfaces. Deep cleaning in Max Mode gives you up to 40 minutes of operation time. The Quiet Mode gives you a 35% quieter clean with up to 75 minutes of run time. The Dyson 360 Eye goes through a three-step process in order to better understand its environment, it:


  1. Captures a 360-degree image to detect features in the room.
  2. Triangulates and establishes its relative position within the room.
  3. Establishes a systematic cleaning pattern for the living space.


The end result: a highly strategic cleaning process that maps out every square foot of your home. Equipped with obstacle avoidance technology and intuitive drop sensors, the Dyson 360 Eye never gets stuck behind a wall or plunges itself down a flight of stairs. When it’s done with the cleaning job, it simply returns to its slim-profile dock awaiting its next job.


Whether you want to schedule your next clean, monitor your robot’s performance, or switch modes, the iOS/Android Dyson Link app gives you full control of your Dyson 360. Compatible with Amazon Echo and equipped with built-in voice recognition technology, you can talk to your vacuum robot anytime. Questions like “What does my robot’s Quiet Mode do?” or “Is it time to replace the filter?” can be asked through Dyson’s Link app. If you want the robot to spring into action, simply say, “start vacuuming.”

  • 360° Vision
  • Dyson Digital Motor V2
  • Dyson Link App
  • Voice Control
  • Radial Root cyclone™ Technology
  • Full-width Brush Bar
  • Tank tracks
  • Charging Dock
Jordan Cole, iReviews

By Jordan Cole, iReviews

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