EcoloBlue 30 Water Cooler

  • Jordan Cole, iReviews
  • November 01,2022
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According to EcoloBlue’s website, “there are 37,500 trillion gallons of “fresh” water in the air at any given time.” A hydrological cycle regenerates this amount every 9-16 days. Simply stated, there is ample opportunity to tap into the air around us for pure drinking water. That is exactly what California-based EcoloBlue did when they created their EB30 water generator. Standing for the company name EcoloBlue, and its ability to generate 30 liters of 99.9% pure water, the EB30 generator is poised to revolutionize the way we access clean drinking water.


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Using a 12-stage Water-From-Air-Filtration System that includes five filters and three UV lamps, the EcoloBlue 30 uses the most advanced components to generate its 8 gallons of pure water per day (depending on the humidity). Designed for both the home and the office, the Atmospheric Water Generator relies on both humidity and temperature to determine its daily water yield. Here is just a short list of some of the amazing technology EcoloBlue 30 has to offer:

  • Advanced Leak Detection System
  • 12-Stage Filtration Process including Reverse Osmosis
  • Customizable Hot & Cold Temperature Control
  • Reflux Technology to ensure water stays fresh
  • Alkaline Option
  • Solar Power Option
  • Ultra Violet Lights for Sterilization

EcoloBlue’s state of the art organic filtration system starts with the Electrostatic Air Filter that sucks in large quantities of air while minimizing the pollutants. By letting the air intake flow over a set of condenser coils, EB30’s filter system is able to remove most impurities and subsequently turn vapor into a liquid. “Water is squeezed from the air full of impurities and micro-organisms and stored in the bottom tank,” according to EcoloBlue’s website. “The carbon bag located in the bottom tank starts to remove ammonia, chlorine residues, organic compounds, and other VOC’s.” After filtered water collects in the 2-liter tank, powerful UV lights kill any remaining bacteria, viruses, protozoa, mold spores, etc. Finally, the last stage of the filtering process involves pumping water through a series of two carbon charcoal filters, a reverse membrane, a mineral filter, and a final charcoal filter.


The end result: 99.99% purified drinking water.


From customizable hot water temps ranging 167 – 203 degrees Fahrenheit to needing no power source outside of itself, EcoloBlue’s Atmospheric Water Generator is by far the most advanced AWG on the market today. With a mission to “bring the previously unfathomable idea of limitless, sustainable, and portable hydration to the masses,” the EB30 is a highly versatile clean water source. Whether you want to “connect” it to your municipal water supply or use the air around your office to generate a replenishing clean drinking source, the choice is entirely up to you.


One thing is for sure – this is an appliance poised to disrupt an entire industry relying on consumers cycling through millions of plastic water bottles and cups. All the EB30 does is strategically gather the air all around us, and after an extensive 12-step filtering process, give people unlimited access to the purest drinking water imaginable.


Source: EcoloBlue

  • 99.99% Pure Water
  • Hot & Cold Water
  • Child Safety Lock on Hot Water
  • Up to 8 Gallons or 30 Liters per Day (Humidity Dependent)
  • Advanced Leak Detection System
  • 12-Stage Filtration Process
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • UV Lights for Sterilization
  • Alkaline Option
  • Solar Power Option
Jordan Cole, iReviews

By Jordan Cole, iReviews

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