Holho 4Faces

  • Jacob Wilson, iReviews
  • August 02,2022
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Holho 4Faces

3D holographic technology is a mystifying technology to me and I’m sure to countless others. It’s advancing non-stop in ways I would have never expected it to, and while it’s not quite what people think about in movies it’s still a more feasible idea than ever before.


As far as 3D holographic displays go, the Holho 4Faces generator is an interesting device that’s been seen in the business world for a while. The display system is more than just a fancy way to showcase an image. It’s a digital marketing strategy that overlays whatever products are necessary behind an animated scene.


The Holho 4Faces aims to captivate audiences in a wide range of settings, from conferences, retail storefronts, presentations, fairs, etc. The Holho 4Faces display is certainly a method of engagement that I think will work wonders in captivating most audiences.

Holho 4Faces Function

If the goal is to represent a brand in a way that catches attention then I think the Holho 4Face is a good method to branch into a new field of marketing tactics. From the displays I’ve seen, there is a wide field of applications that this technology can be put to use for.


Whether you want to transform a video signal into a hologram the size of a person or simply showcase a 3D image from all different angles there is a way for the Holho 4Faces to do it. Its impressive levels of detail give it an almost life-like feel that can be seen from multiple angles. That alone is an impressive enough function to make me feel it’s worth it.


The four-sided panoramic display can allow any user to immerse themselves further into the show that is being put on. For a product display, I would say this means that it will draw a lot more attention to whatever is being shown. It’s a show that draws people in and puts attention on whatever is centered.

Holho 4Faces Technology

It’s important to think about the makeup and why it makes this device special. Designed specifically for business marketing there is a great deal I’ve found to go into the overall design of the Holho 4Faces.


The Holho display generates the graphic and the built-in 3D holographic technology makes it come alive. The Holho 4Faces device is capable of hosting real objects inside the holographic space.


What this means as I understand it is it allows them to seamlessly interact with tridimensional images. The four faces of the display create a 3D feeling that only holographic imaging technology can generate.


Any featured product or object will always remain front and center while a directional low consumer LED light keeps it focused for all to see. The plug-and-play device is supposed to be one of the easiest things to operate as well. Along with an intuitive app that helps move things along there is a lot going on but even I can get a grasp on how the basics of it all start to come together to form the images.

Holho 4Faces Design

From the colors, materials, and even the finishing elements the Holho customizable Holho display leaves a wide-open area in its design to tinker around with. There is a lot that it can do as far as the display design of the product is concerned.


The Holho presentation illustrates the ease in which the Holho display can change from different sizes and shapes with seamless precision. Capable of projecting both still and moving images, the 4Faces device projects videos and divides them so they can be shown on the pyramid.


It can take a bit of time beforehand to set up as some have said, but I think the little bit of effort is worth the outstanding results. After all, a little bit of preparation time gives a chance to make sure that everything is working right and is good practice for displays anyways I feel.

Pros And Cons

There is a lot of good that comes with this product, and that’s a part of it I want to make clear here. While there will always be cons to any product, it’s all about weighing them against the good, and there is a lot of good to weigh back with the Holho 4Faces and the technology that is used in it.



  •  Holho Business Application
  •  Companion App
  •  Mobile 3D Projection Option
  •  Highly Customizable
  •  Panoramic Viewing Angles
  •  Directional Low Consumption LED Light


  • Business Focused Product
  • Low Quantity Available

Final Thoughts

Overall, I have seen little other than positive opinions on the Holho 4Faces. The same technology that has gone into it is now spread out wider and it’s not as easy to get your hands on this specific make anymore though. If you can though it’s definitely worth it.


If you’re not able to then you’re not out of luck, the Holho company has made plenty of strides in the field to keep a good quantity of their products available to this day. There is a lot to think about when it comes to getting something using modern holographic technology.


While you might not have an easy time getting the Holho 4Faces display there are other ones that are still available such as the 3Faces or the pyramids. The 4Faces was designed with a focus more on the business application and the display over anything else, but other products expand on this.


Some of these products are for more personal use while others are even more focused on businesses and what the Holho line can do with and for products. There is definitely at least one display that will fit whatever your personal or business-related needs are.


Overall, I recommend much of the Holho line of products if you have any interest in advance displays. It’s an interesting technology that still has a lot of room to grow, but the amount of advancements that have happened already is staggering to look at. The technology is likely here to stay, so it’s good to get on it while it’s not already the standard.


Source: Nix Sensor

  • Holho Business Application
  • Companion App
  • Mobile 3D Projection Option
  • Highly Customizable
  • Panoramic Viewing Angles
  • Directional Low Consumption LED Light
  • Business Focused Product
  • Low Quantity Available
Jacob Wilson, iReviews

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