• Jordan Cole, iReviews
  • November 06,2022
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With over 15+ years of experience engineering Nokia and Microsoft smartphones, the team at LoupeDeck is developing a highly intuitive photo editing console that makes working with Adobe Lightroom a piece of cake. Designed specifically for aspiring and professional photographers, Loupedeck improves productivity and leaves plenty of room for creative expression.


This device lets the user focus on the photo instead of the editing process. As someone who has experienced the painstaking task of cropping thousands of photos using Adobe Lightroom, this is a welcomed device.


The custom-built hardware replaces the traditional PC setup. Compatible with both Apple and PC, the LoupeDeck team created a user-friendly, highly interactive console that operates using sliders, dials, and buttons instead of mouse clicks and keyboard strokes.


Targeting hobbyists, serious amateurs, and professional consumers, the digital editing tool can easily transform a freelance photographer into a full-blown digital studio owner overnight. Whether it’s improving workflow or staying on the cutting edge of digital photography, Loupedeck offers photographers an immediate advantage.


Being able to edit thousands of pictures without compromising the creative process is by far, one of the greatest benefits Loupedeck has to offer. “It allows any aspiring or established professionals working with Adobe Lightroom to level up their productivity and efficiency,” said CEO Mikko Kesti. Loupedeck empowers users to explore new editing techniques and at the same time, fulfill one’s potential as a digital editor.


LoupeDeck hopes to attract the thousands of loyal Lightroom users interested in a more practical, expedient way to edit their work. Whether it’s adjusting exposure, cropping images, or playing with various color schemes, the USB-connected console uses knobs to change settings such as shadows or contrast. Loupedeck’s eight sliders control components like color saturation and brightness levels, whereas the buttons navigate the user’s photo library and control copy/paste functions.


LoupeDeck’s groundbreaking photo-editing console is poised to take over the digital photography world. Its immediate impact will be isolated to Adobe Lightroom users, but its DJ mixer type design features may catch on – especially in an industry known for thinking outside the box. Designed as a companion device, the company’s longevity depends entirely on its compatibility with Adobe Lightroom. If Lightroom makes changes, LoupeDeck has to follow their lead.

  • Ease and Speed
  • Intuitive Control of Adobe Lightroom
  • Improved Workflow
  • Increased Output
  • Seamless and Intuitive Controls
  • Compatible with Apple and PC Operating Systems
  • USB Connectivity (No Bluetooth technology yet)
Jordan Cole, iReviews

By Jordan Cole, iReviews

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