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  • November 10,2016
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Muzo is a smart gadget that turns almost everything, whether it’s a windowpane or your desk surface, into a personalized acoustic environment. Muzo allows you to customize your surroundings by blocking out unwanted noise disturbances and replacing it with dynamic realistic sounds. But is this noise-canceling device to good to be true?


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With thousands of soothing sounds, this is first acoustic smart device that applies anti-vibration technology to a nearby surface. In other words, fasten Muzo to your desktop surface at work and seamlessly drown out the distracting office noises like phone calls and copy machines with Serenity Mood sounds, like a river stream or winter wind. You have full control over your environment allowing you to transform intrusive sounds into welcomed ones – all from your smartphone.


Muzo uses BillionSound Technology to generate its powerful sound experience. Whether it’s being used as a sleep aid or an after-work mood booster, Muzo turns every space into a personalized acoustic experience. The Sleep Ambience mode, for example, can be combined with Rainy Day and Campfire soothing sounds to create an ideal pre-bedtime environment. Set the alarm, wake up to the sound of Winter Wind, and start your day in a relaxing, somewhat meditative state instead of the traditional blaring alarm we’ve all come to dread.


San Francisco start-up Celestial Tribe, LTD developed Muzo for the sole purpose of minimizing the disturbance from any unwanted noise sources, like loud talking. It also keeps your conversations secret. Muzo’s Secret Mode, controlled by a compatible app, protects your privacy in public places like restaurants, airports, trains, coffee shops, etc. Muzo’s Sound Masking feature adapts from location to location by easily adjusting the variable noise levels, blocks out other conversations, and shields your own conversation from potential listeners.


With a simple mode change, you can seamlessly bring the sounds of the outdoors to any environment. Muzo’s Soundscapes Mixing, powered by Exciter, allows users to experience nature sounds from any surface. You can choose from 12 realistic sound escapes and mix them together. For example, combine Summer Night with Campfire and River stream and instantly bring the outdoors to life by drowning out the jackhammering from the nearby construction site.


So why purchase Muzo? If you’re someone easily distracted by life’s noises, whether it’s traffic outside your window or late night tinnitus, this is the perfect device. If you’re interested in controlling the noises in your life to adjust your mood, then Muzo can be a game changer. Muzo lets you gain back the control from noisy environments. It does this by sticking to smooth surfaces and with its built-in anti-vibration technology, Muzo allows users to set the mood and escape from the noisy world.


Activating Muzo is as simple as sticking the device on a flat surface towards the direction of the noise, selecting the appropriate mode, and adjusting the volume accordingly. From baby nurseries to college dorms, Muzo is perfect for anyone interested in drowning out unwanted noise. With an extension pack that includes self-customizable mood lighting, Muzo’s portable device is the most convenient way for you to escape the world’s unwanted distractions and replace them with what makes you happy.


With that being said, Celestrial Tribe is promising a lot from its Muzo gadget. If it can’t deliver on its BillionSound technology, then Indiegogo backers will be set up for disappointment. As it appears from the first wave of early bird receivers of Muzo, it looks as if the “sophisticated vibration counter system” may not be as advertised. Hopefully, the company will make some much-needed alterations to make good on their promise.


Source: Indiegogo

  • Vibration Monitoring System
  • Anti-Vibration Technology
  • Billionsound Technology
  • Personalized Acoustic Sleep Therapy
  • Secret Mode (Muzo Sound Masking)
  • Muzo’s Companion App
  • July 2017 Availability