Smartbe: Intelligent Stroller

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  • January 03,2017
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The Smartbe is an intelligent electric stroller designed to protect your most valuable asset: your child. It does this in the most sophisticated way possible. From its self-propelled mode to its anti-theft sensor, the Smartbe stroller offers a full suite of features that makes parenting easier. Satisfying all U.S. and European safety regulations, Smartbe is poised to revolutionize the childcare industry through innovation, minimalism, and safety.


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Some of the breakthrough features include a climate-controlled bassinet, feeding bottle warmer, automatic rocking chair, automatic power folding, an electric locker, music, webcams, and a microphone. With comfort in mind and safety at the forefront of its design, Smartbe comes with three navigational modes:


1. The Smartbe Self-propelled mode keeps the stroller in front of the user – whether you’re traveling up a steep incline or jogging behind it. This mode requires no assistance or physical contact whatsoever.
2. The Smartbe Power Assist mode is under the direct control of the user but is propelled by engines with minimal effort.
3. The Smartbe Manual mode allows the stroller to be pushed by the user without any engine assistance.


The sensors always keep the stroller within a safe reaching distance of parents even if they’re distracted. The invisible security system is always activated while in Self-propelled or Power Assist mode. Rest assured, you won’t lose your stroller while using the electric motor.


If you’re into exercising while taking your baby for a stroll, Smartbe’s ergonomic frame transforms into a running stroller. You can seamlessly adjust its frame, using the automatic power-folding feature, to a center-of-gravity position ideal for running. With three navigational modes to choose from, you can tackle a 5K loop around your neighborhood without avoiding heartbreak hill. If your running trail happens to be a dirt path or a local off-road trail, Smartbe’s four oversized tires can handle rough terrain without skipping a beat.


The Smartbe intelligent stroller comes with an intuitive companion app that is iOS and Android compatible. From activating the remote security monitoring system via your smartphone to turning on the light signals from a smartwatch, the Smartbe stroller can be easily managed with a Wi-Fi connection. With up to six hours of battery life on a single charge, the built-in rocker, bottle warmer, and music features seamlessly transform your baby’s stroller into a mobile nursery.


The anti-theft alarm is one of Smartbe’s most innovative features – allowing parents to rest easily while their baby sleeps soundly. Controlled by the Smartbe app, only authorized people like parents and nannies are allowed to unlock the wheels when activated. When used with Smartbe’s built-in camera, parents have a rather high-tech security system that not only monitors their baby from afar but also sends alerts to their smartphone if the stroller is moved.


With too many smart features to list in one review, here are some other Smartbe notables:

  • Retractable canopies that protect against cold, rain, insects, and UV rays
  • Light signals for added safety in the dark
  • Adjustable bassinet/seat positions for added comfort
  • Climate/temperature control to keep your baby comfortable no matter the temperature
  • Strategically placed air filters
  • Gravity-center control system
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Electric Powered Stroller (3 Power Modes)
  • Carrycot Webcam
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Remote Security Monitoring System
  • Light Signals
  • Battery Charger
  • Gravity Center Control System
  • Companion App (iOS/Android Compatible)
  • Automatic Folding
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • Built-in Camera
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