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  • May 10,2017
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Ideal for those involved in house remodeling, interior design, exhibition design, and home improvement, the VH-80 is a bilateral laser device capable of measuring up to 80 meters. Engineered to calculate the distance between itself and targets with pinpoint accuracy, the VH-80 laser can take three values at the same time (left, right and the total length).


Shooting two pulses of laser light in opposite directions, the “world’s first bilateral laser” measures the exact time it takes for each pulse to bounce back to its home sensor. The end result: a powerful, super-accurate laser eliminating the need to hold a tape measure from one spot to the next. Compared to a tape measure, this time-saving device can record multiple lengths in three moves in under three minutes. A standard tape measure takes 15 moves and 30 minutes without nearly the same accuracy.


With a +/- 3 mm accuracy with class II laser diodes, the VH-80 works from anywhere – as long as it’s positioned along the line of measurement. Eliminating the need to bend around obstacles on a job site, climbing tall ladders, or using another person to hold the tape, the VH-80 laser is equipped with five internal calculation modes making for a seamless measuring process.


Capable of taking three measurements per single action, the VH-80 comes with an intuitive smart app that keeps track of all data collected on site. If you just need a single laser measurement, simply adjust the settings in the app and select whether you want to shoot from the base or the front of the device. Here is a breakdown of VH-80’s five internal auto calculation modes.


The Bilateral Laser Mode (default setting) – This means you can measure the distance between two points by positioning yourself anywhere along the line of measurement.

The Continuous Measurement Mode – This mode measures at a set time interval and changes with your movement. Because VH-80 captures left, right and total value measurements, this mode is helpful with finding midpoints or sectioning.

The Area Mode – Turn your wrist once in this mode, and the VH-80 is capable of acquiring the two needed values to determine the area of the space you’re measuring.

The Volume Mode – Similar to the Area Mode, the VH-80 can acquire the volume of a space with three consecutive measurements. Simply flick your wrist three times while holding the laser and you have the volume of the space in question.

Pythagorean Theorem Mode – By measuring two sides of a triangle (if you remember from Geometry class), you have enough data to acquire the third. In this mode, the VH-80 can measure indirect lengths that are large and in view.


Every great smart device comes with an intuitive smart app. The VH-80 bilateral laser is no exception. Whether you want to draw plans and input values in real-time or construct plans directly on your photo reference, just simply measure, drag and drop. The VH-80 has an impressive internal memory keeping all of your measurements neatly organized by project for quick reference.


Magpie Tech, the company behind VH-80, has already secured $560,000 in funding from their Kickstarter campaign. With an estimated ship date scheduled for September (2017), expect to see the VH-80 bilateral laser on construction sites around the world.

  • 3 Measurements Per Single Action
  • Time Saver
  • Highly Precise Measuring
  • Lightweight Mobility
  • Single Directional Functionality
  • Intuitive App
  • Availability (September 2017)