Taga 2.0

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  • May 09,2017
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Designed with safety, comfort, and maneuverability in mind, the Taga 2.0 is a modular three-wheeled street bike engineered for the modern family. Whether it’s the StableTurn steering geometry, the fully reclining child seats, the lockable cargo box, or the option to upgrade to electric assist, Taga Bike made sure that its next-generation family bike came with a full arsenal of amazing features.


First and foremost, this is an action-packed tricycle that is capable of transporting three kids – ages six months to up to eight years old. Whether you want to face them forward, backward, or towards each other, the Taga 2.0 allows parents to bring the entire family for a weekend picnic at the park. If your youngest needs to take a mid-day nap while at the park, simply recline the seat to its sleeping position and snap on the Royal Canopy to keep the sun out of their eyes. If you happen to live in San Francisco where a jaunt to the park means climbing up three small Mount Everest’s with three kids, the Taga 2.0 can be upgraded to an electric bike powered by a pedal-assist.


On the heels of Taga’s first family bike (Taga 1.0 convertible Bike-Stroller), the company wanted to make a more affordable, yet high-quality bicycle. After three years of testing and adding a full suite of accessories, the Taga 2.0 was born. With more than 85% of the bike made from recyclable materials, the “ultimate most affordable family bike” is also an eco-friendly ride, especially if you consider the reduction in would-be gas, parking, and gym membership costs. Purchasing Taga 2.0 instantly diminishes your family’s carbon footprint.


Whether you want to run errands around town, pick up the kids from camp, or take the family dog for a mid-afternoon adventure, the Taga 2.0 is super practical. Equipped with a lockable cargo compartment, you can store school bags, helmets, groceries, pets – you name it – well… as long as it’s under 154 lbs. Feel free to keep the St. Bernard home while you whip into town to pick up some provisional.


There’s little to no concern around the bike’s structural integrity. Built for safety, the Taga 2.0 has a rigid frame, disc brakes, and has gone through rigorous stress testing – potholes don’t stand a chance against Taga. With a luxury seat padding and adjustable headrests, your children will always be riding in comfort even if you’re trekking through rugged terrain or battling unpaved roads.


Everything about the Taga 2.0 is impressive. From its unique StableTurn steering mechanism based on Ackerman geometry to the DualBar handling which improves the bike’s center of gravity, Taga Bike spared no expense when it came to rideability. Designed for children ages zero to eight, you can easily add a Maxi-Cosi infant car seat and use it together with Taga Bike’s built-in toddler seat. By reclining the child seat up to 160-degrees, you can have both your toddler and seven-year-old sound asleep in your Taga 2.0 as you work in some morning cardio.


Lastly, the team at Taga Bike made their child seats completely foldable – turning them into the lid of the cargo compartment, which can be locked. If you need some extra space for carrying items, simply close the cargo lid and bungee-cord your stuff down. Storing your Taga Bike is as easy as folding down the child seats and separating the frame into two parts with a quick-release lever.

  • Modularity
  • Price
  • Sustainiability
  • Design & Comfort
  • DualBar Handling
  • StableTurn Steering Geometry
  • Lockable Cargo Box
  • Electric Assist Compatible
  • Accessories are expensive