Titan Note

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  • April 24,2017
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The most innovative smart devices are the ones that disrupt an entire industry – change the way everyone does things by creating an entirely new precedent. Introducing the Titan Note – a circular device that simply rests on any surface and accurately takes, summarizes, translates, shares and edits notes. Armed with state-of-the-art voice speech and voice recognition technology, the Titan Note is poised to revolutionize how we all take notes.


Whether you’re sitting through a two-hour lecture or part of an important business meeting, Titan Note records everything and then later turns it into text. With an accuracy level that equals human transcription, you can rest assure that Titan will never miss a single lecture, presentation, conversation, or word.


Capable of seamlessly distinguishing between speakers, the Titan Note lets users concentration on the most important aspects of a lecture. It alleviates the stresses of taking perfect notes while encouraging engagement between colleagues and fellow classmates. Just imagine being able to just press play on a pocket-sized device and then turn your attention to only the most important information. Talk about undivided attention!


Whether you want to summarize notes, translate a foreign lecture, share notes with colleagues, edit notes from a presentation, or simply transcribe your own thoughts – Titan Note’s application is widespread. By resting the inconspicuous device on any table surface, you have instantly transformed a business meeting into a well-organized presentation without the concern around taking notes.


The Titan Note comes with an intuitive app allowing users to fully customize every recorded session. After the end of a meeting, access the iOS/Android compatible app to see a full summary of notes into quick snippets of texts you can playback or edit at any time. Capable of translating ten different languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian), the Titan Note is a powerful resource while traveling abroad or during your tenure as an employee at a multinational company.


Outside of the impressive list of note-taking functions, the Titan Note device doubles as a portable speaker/microphone. From listening to a Spotify playlist to accepting incoming calls, Titan Note is quite the versatile device. Water resistant to IPX5 standards, users never have to worry about spilling a morning coffee on Titan during class and unlike a traditional notepad, it won’t get ruined if it touches water. If your smartphone runs out of battery and you need a quick charge, simply plug it into Titan’s USB port and bring your device back to life.


Since there’s no single app that accurately records entire lectures and meetings, it’s no surprise that Titan Note’s Indiegogo campaign is about to eclipse the $950,000 funding mark – surpassing its $35K goal by 2,671%. With an estimated ship date scheduled for September 2017 (right in time for the start of fall classes), the much-anticipated Titan Note will be sprinkled throughout lecture halls and resting on conference room tables across the globe.

  • Distinguishes Who’s Speaking
  • Summarizes Notes
  • Translates Notes
  • Shares Notes
  • Edits Notes
  • Organizes Notes
  • Water Resistant
  • Access Notes via iOS/Android Compatible Devices
  • Listen to Music
  • Availability (September 2017)