Matrix PowerWatch

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  • April 19,2017
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Matrix PowerWatch

Matrix Industries is proclaiming that its newest smartwatch is “the world’s first smartwatch you never have to recharge.” After an exhaustive search for another smartwatch that is powered entirely by your body heat (to no avail), I hereby crown the Matrix PowerWatch the most innovative smartwatch hitting the market. With an estimated ship date scheduled for September (2017), I can’t wait to strap this wearable piece of innovative tech on my wrist.


Whether it’s measuring calories burned, activity level, or sleep metrics, the Matrix PowerWatch combines thermoelectric technology with an intuitive power meter. Equipped with an iOS/Android compatible app, users can access a full suite of data around their day-to-day health. Arguably one of the PowerWatch’s coolest wearable tech features: the power meter informing users how much electrical energy can generate throughout the day.


After a full day of powering Matrix’s smartwatch using your own body heat, your data is safely stored in its memory after you turn it off. Upon waking up and turning your watch back on – the PowerWatch restores itself exactly where you left off. If you’re ever concerned about battery power or your energy consumption, just look at your watch face and look for the PowerMeter. The intuitive interface will always keep you updated on how much electricity your body heat is producing.


There are four major features built-into the Matrix PowerWatch:


The Calorie Counter – As your body turns calories into heat, the PowerWatch accurately measures the calories you burn using Matrix Industries’ advanced thermoelectric technology.


The Step Counter – Using a powerful sensor, the PowerWatch is capable of tracking the number of steps you take to make sure you’re staying active.


The Sleep Tracker – Making sure that you stay on a preset sleep/wake up schedule, PowerWatch monitors your sleep quality so you never have to worry about having to change your watch in the morning.


Water Resistant at 50 Meters – The Matrix PowerWatch holds one of the highest waterproof ratings of any smartwatch currently on the market, according to the company’s website.


As with most smart devices, it comes with an intuitive companion app that lets you manage your watch’s functionality while analyzing your own performance metrics. Whether you want to track calories, the number of steps you’ve taken, or simply how well you’re sleeping at night, the PowerWatch app is your central portal of all things health and wellness. If you’re the competitive type (and if you’re buying this watch, you certainly are), the app allows you to set up competition with friends to see who can reach their fitness goals the fastest.

With an estimated ship date scheduled for September (2017), Matrix Industries is poised to disrupt the wearable tech industry with its awesome PowerWatch.