Z4 Aurora Projector

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  • February 13,2017
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The XGIMI Smart LED Home Projector is an action-packed screenless entertainment center that doubles as an office assistant. With a projection range from 40” to 300” (up to 25-feet) and fully-controllable by hand gestures, the Z4 Aurora is arguably one of the most innovative portable 3D projectors on the market today.


Armed with high-quality Wi-Fi Harmon/Kardon Stereo acoustics, the Z4 Aurora comes with a state of the art 3D gesture panel – allowing users to control volume by drawing clockwise/counterclockwise circles. The machine itself is super-silent (less than 30dB) and houses a high-capacity MStar Quad-Core 1.5 GHz processor, a Mai-450 MP4 graphics processor, a 2GB dual-channel DDR3 memory controller, and supports 1080p/2k/4k movies, Xbox, PS4 gaming consoles.


The Z4 Aurora is equipped with the active shutter 3D-imaging technique used by DLP cinema projectors. With 16 techniques to enhance image quality and 11 ways to adjust color, the XGIMI projector is designed to adjust to all types of environments and allows users to customize their picture. Capable of synchronizing with media stored on your PC, Mac, Android/iOS devices, the Z4 Aurora projects a perfect square screen whether you’re preparing for a PowerPoint presentation or setting up a family movie night.


The Z4 Aurora can instantly transform into an office assistant due to its compatibility with leading file management software programs. By switching from the standard version to the business version, users are able to turn their home entertainment projector into an engaging conference room presentation. From oversized excel spreadsheets to animated slide decks, the Aurora lets you connect to any big screen via Wi-Fi in a matter of seconds.


Aurora’s groundbreaking projection is powered by energy-efficient OSRAM LED illumination. With a lifespan of 30,000 hours, the XGIMI smart projector is engineered with longevity in mind. Whether it’s the Bluetooth remote control with a high-capacity rechargeable battery or the high-precision electronic focus, the Z4 Aurora projector is highly accurate, convenient, and efficient.


With an abundance of interfaces (LAN, USB 3.0, DCIN, HDMI, AV, HDMI2), the Aurora is more than just a home or office projector. It instantly becomes the central hub for all of your connected media devices.

  • A Virtual Home Theater–300 inch Screen
  • Turns any Surface into a Giant Screen
  • Cinema-Quality 3D Experience with +/-30 degree keystone correction
  • Outstanding Image Quality
  • Android Operating System
  • Innovative Gesture Control