Synthetic Muscle Brings Lifelike Robots Closer to Reality

 Artificial intelligence (AI) has made headlines nearly every day this year. Jaguar wants AI not behind the steering wheel, but in it. LG is working on a smart mower robot for your lawn. And Microsoft recently revealed Brainwave, their solution for real-time AI. But now, Columbia University researchers are figuring out how to enable robots to “flex their muscle”  in a different, more literal way.

3D Printing in Space is Now Possible Thanks to Startup Made in Space

3D printing in space is complicated. Between the lack of gravity, lack of air, and other obstacles, getting a 3D printer to work in space is nothing short of miraculous. A startup named Made in Space is helping astronauts do just that. The company developed a method to 3D print outside of the International Space Station (ISS). Astronauts can repair, upgrade, and prototype without having to go inside a space capsule.