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Advertising Disclosure: Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers.  Compensation,  along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.

Advertising Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.




You might feel like a YouTube celeb when you use Xmondo Hair products that are suitable for all hair types. You can choose products to treat and repair for your hair or for daily use and get free shipping.

Product Features

What is Xmondo Hair?

No matter what type of hair you have, the odds are good that Xmondo Hair makes products that are right for you. Brad Mondo gained fame with his YouTube videos, which helped him earn more than six million subscribers. His subscribers love the way he talks about hair care basics and the tutorials he posts that show them tips they can use at home. Since launching his YouTube account, Mondo also picked up more than 4,000 followers on Instagram. The success he found online led him to introduce a line of hair care products under the Xmondo Hair brand.
All Xmondo Hair products are free of parabens, gluten and sulfates. Real hairdressers test the products and give their feedback before any product goes live on the site. They are safe for vegans and cruelty-free, too. As a bonus, Mondo partnered with other YouTube celebs to get their feedback. Some of those celebs even appear in his videos to talk about their thoughts and feelings. You can pick up stylish products to try a new look and grab shampoo that leaves your hair feeling silky. Xmondo Hair also sells gear for those who love the brand along with bundles and products designed to treat and repair damaged hair. In our Xmondo review, we’ll go over the features that make this brand so popular along with where to buy them and their pros and cons.

Xmondo Hair makes several products that are safe for color-treated hair.

How Can You Use Xmondo Hair?

You don’t need to spend a lot of time or energy figuring out how to use Xmondo Hair products or even choosing which ones to buy. The Xmondo Quiz lets you take a short quiz and find out which products will work best for you. This quiz asks questions such as the length of your hair and hair type along with how you let it dry and how you want to finish your look. Your results will show you all of the products that meet your needs and include links that let you check them out and add them to your cart.
Xmondo Hair makes all of the products that you need from shampoo and conditioner to styling foam balm and foam that gives you more volume. If you have thin hair, you can look at volume products that make it appear thicker. Those who have color-treated hair can choose products that help them maintain their vibrant locks for longer and cut down on their salon visits. Other options such as the BDSM styling balm let you recreate the looks that you see on YouTube in a fraction of the time. You can check out all of the top Xmondo Hair products before you buy.
How Can You Use Xmondo Hair
How Can You Use Xmondo Hair
How Can You Use Xmondo Hair
How Can You Use Xmondo Hair

Xmondo Shampoo and Conditioner Options

You might feel overwhelmed when you see all of the products available from Xmondo Hair. We recommend that you start with a look at the shampoo and conditioner options. You usually need to wash your hair a few times a week, but ordinary shampoo can strip the natural oils from your hair and leave it looking dull and lifeless. Though Xmondo Hair offers multiple types of shampoo and conditioner, you should order quickly as some products sell out. Your top options include:
  • Project X, which contains ingredients designed to detox your hair such as Aragan Oil and remove the effects of pollution and environmental toxins. This product prevents buildup, too.
  • Hydraglow, which gives your hair the hydration that it needs through Jojoba and other types of oils. It can also prevent frizz.
  • Polychrome, which is the best option for those who dye their hair. This product can extend the life of your dye job.
  • Supernova, which Xmondo Hair designed for those with blonde hair. Not only does it keep your hair healthy, but it stops your blonde locks from looking brassy.
  • Recalibrate, which is one of the top choices for those with damaged or brittle hair. Regular use can improve the look and feel of your hair.

All of these products are available as shampoos or conditioners or as combos that include both. Most sell for $25 per bottle, which holds eight ounces. The Recalibrate products are the most expensive at $27 per bottle.

Xmondo Shampoo and Conditioner Options
Xmondo Shampoo and Conditioner Options
Xmondo Shampoo and Conditioner Options
Xmondo Shampoo and Conditioner Options
Xmondo Shampoo and Conditioner Options
Xmondo Shampoo and Conditioner Options
Xmondo Shampoo and Conditioner Options
Xmondo Shampoo and Conditioner Options
Xmondo Shampoo and Conditioner Options
Xmondo Shampoo and Conditioner Options

Where Can You Use Xmondo Hair?

Do you need a little help when it comes to getting ready for a night on the town? Once you snag the right Xmondo Hair products and watch Mondo videos on YouTube, you’ll have no problem getting the look that you want. You can use Xmondo Hair products to recreate any look that you want. Why not go with something a little different that will turn heads and make you the center of attention when you’re out with friends? It’s just as easy to find products that you can use daily when you need a more sedate look for work.
Xmondo Hair offers products that you can use at home and on the go. Shampoo and conditioner along with styling products are perfect for getting the look that you want at home before you hit the town. They are easy to use in a college apartment or dorm room as well as a hotel room. There are also products that you can use in the middle of a day at work when your locks start fading or you’re at a party and need a quick boost. No matter what you want to do with your hair, Xmondo Hair makes products that can help.
Where Can You Use Xmondo Hair
Xmondo Hair helps you get salon-quality results at home.

Styling Products from Xmondo Hair

When creating Xmond Hair, Mondo knew that he wanted to include styling products that were easy to use and helped shoppers get the same results that they saw in his videos. That is why the line now features several great styling products that include:
  • Glitterati: Named for the glitter used inside the bottle, Glitterati is a styling serum that tames flyaways and makes your hair feel smoother and softer.
  • Hydromania: This mist allows you to spray a conditioning serum directly onto your hair to hydrate it on the go.
  • Salty: This spray uses real sea salt that absorbs the natural oils from your hair to give you a more luxurious look.
  • Foreshield: A good product to use if you blow-dry your hair is this spray that protects your follicles from heat damage.
  • BDSM: Don’t let the funny name put you off because this hair balm is the perfect way to give your hair more definition and smooth flyaways.
  • Electrified: Get the volume that you want with this foam that you can apply several times a day.
  • Viper: If you have areas of your hair that stick up or spots that you want to tame, this smoothing oil is a great way to tackle those problems.
  • Club Kid: You can skip daily hair washing with this dry shampoo that keeps your hair clean and makes it smell great.
  • Wavetech: Many Xmondo Hair fans love this foam that gives them the thick waves and curls that they want.

These products start at $25 for the BDSM balm and climb to $29 for the Glitterati serum.

Styling Products from Xmondo Hair
Styling Products from Xmondo Hair
Styling Products from Xmondo Hair
Styling Products from Xmondo Hair
Styling Products from Xmondo Hair
Styling Products from Xmondo Hair
Styling Products from Xmondo Hair
Styling Products from Xmondo Hair
Styling Products from Xmondo Hair

Who’s This For?

Though we would like to say that Xmondo Hair products are suitable for everyone, they are better for younger users. Can you imagine your mom or dad using a product named BDSM or Electrified? While the names do grab your eye and capture your attention, some find those names a turn-off. When you check the site, you’ll notice that every photo shows models in their twenties with perfect hair and skin. Many customers learned about Xmondo products from social media, including TikTok and Instagram. Other customers became fans after seeing Mondo on YouTube.
That doesn’t mean you can’t order if you aren’t part of the target demographic though. Even if you only use YouTube to watch the news or movie trailers, you can still pick up a few Xmondo Hair products that are perfect for you. You might grab a soothing balm to tackle pieces of hair that won’t sit flat or a volumizing foam because your hair lacks the volume that you want. There are also dyes that you can use to add a bright pop of color and products to treat damaged hair. You may even find that you love some of these products so much that you head to YouTube to learn more and pick up some tips.
You can pick up hair care products along with hair dyes from Xmondo.
Who's This For - Xmondo Hair

Xmondo Hair Repair and Treat Products

Whether you visit a salon a few times a year or care for your hair at home, you may need some of the treat and repair products that Xmondo Hair makes. Simply washing your hair can strip its natural oils and cause major damage. The products that you use can lead to product buildup that makes your hair look dry and dull. One of the top products from the company is Prismatic Glow, which is a hydrating mask. You can use this mask once a month or more often to see the benefits of the Baobab and Argan Oils. Available for $30, this mask is that you apply and let sit for five minutes before you rinse it out. Other fun products that we found include:
  • Electric Rain: It takes only a dab of this moisturizing cream to make your hair look its best. It sells for $28 and has a light scent from the addition of apple and blueberry extracts.
  • Viper: Get the sleek and smooth look that you want with this smoothing oil that sells for $28. You apply a small dab to one hand rub it into your hair or against your locks.
  • Hydromania: For only $26, you can bring home this conditioning mist. You simply remove the cap and spray the mist all over your head when you need more hydration.
Xmondo Hair Repair and Treat Products
Xmondo Hair Repair and Treat Products
Xmondo Hair Repair and Treat Products
Xmondo Hair Repair and Treat Products

Who Would Benefit from Xmondo Hair?

Both men and women who care about their hair would benefit from Xmondo Hair products. Do you want to add a bright strip of pink or purple to your hair or go with a wild color all over? This company has you covered with hair dyes that lack the chemicals found in other dyes that are also safe for your hair. You’ll also find products with unusual names that will turn heads. Imagine the reactions of your friends when they ask why your hair looks so good and you point to BDSM. Some of the other shoppers who would benefit from Xmondo Hair products include:
  • Those with a few free minutes to take the quiz and find out the best products for their hair.
  • Customers who want products that will restore and repair or treat their damaged hair.
  • People with internet access who can head to YouTube to watch tutorials and learn how to use new products.
  • Shoppers looking for unique and unusual products that they can use daily or before special occasions.
  • Those who want to pay later for new hair care products because they can choose Afterpay.
  • Anyone who can afford the high prices of these hair care products but also like the idea of getting free shipping.
Who Would Benefit from Xmondo Hair
Xmondo Hair products look great displayed in any bathroom.

Hair Dye from Xmondo Hair

Are you tired of the way that your hair looks and want to dye it? Maybe you love the idea of adding a bold color to your hair. Thanks to Xmondo Hair, you can now pick from some fun dyes. We recommend that you check out the product description as this shows you what the color will look like on blond hair. This gives you an idea of how it will look on your hair. Keep in mind that the color will appear lighter and more subtle on darker hair. Each dye uses hydrolyzed vegetable protein and other ingredients that hydrate your hair and restores damaged areas. All colors retail for $37 and last for several weeks or washes. To apply the dye, you need to follow a few simple steps:
  • Cover your hands with gloves and wrap a towel around your body.
  • Dip a comb into the hair dye and run it through your hair.
  • For larger sections, apply a dab of the dye with your hands and rub it into your hair.
  • Repeat the process, making sure that you covered every area that you want to dye.
  • Rinse away the dye until the water runs clear.
Xmondo Hair makes dyes in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and purple. All dyes use “Super” in their names to explain the bright and bold colors that they provide.
Hair Dye from Xmondo Hair
Hair Dye from Xmondo Hair
Hair Dye from Xmondo Hair
Hair Dye from Xmondo Hair
Hair Dye from Xmondo Hair
Hair Dye from Xmondo Hair
Hair Dye from Xmondo Hair

Should You Buy It?

Some of our favorite things about Xmondo Hair and reasons you should buy from the brand include:
  • You can choose the type of products that you need for your specific hair type. Xmondo sells products for those who need more volume and help with tangles along with options for those dealing with flyaways or needing help with frizz control.
  • The company’s founder walks you through all the steps of using each product in his YouTube videos. You can also pick up tips on how to try new styles at home through those videos.
  • Xmondo works with Afterpay to help you afford the products that you want. You make one payment when you order and three payments later.
  • Thanks to Xmondo bundles, you can get all of the hair care products that you want for less. Repair My Hair is a bundle that comes with everything necessary to treat damaged follicles.
  • Xmondo Hair offers free shipping to US and UK customers. You just need to spend $60 or more in your order to qualify.
Xmondo Hair offers tons of brand apparel that you can wear daily.
Should You Buy It - Xmondo
Should You Buy It - Xmondo
Should You Buy It - Xmondo
Should You Buy It - Xmondo

Cons to Consider

Though we didn’t find many cons of Xmondo Hair, we did find a few. Many customers were unhappy with the high prices on the site. Brad Mondo launched the brand and claimed that he would make products suitable for everyone, but those prices don’t fit in all budgets. You may find that you need to spend more than $50 to get a good shampoo and conditioner bundle. If you take the Xmondo Quiz, you’ll likely get four or more recommendations for products that you can’t afford. Other complaints that we found include:

  • Some said that they could get the same results from generic products and those that cost much less.
  • A few customers thought that certain products weighed down their hair and left it feeling greasy.
  • Many people didn’t like the large amount of glitter used in the popular products.
  • If you do not live in the United States or the United Kingdom, Xmondo Hair will not ship to you.
  • A small number of shoppers had allergic reactions to the ingredients used in some products.
Though Xmondo Hair products are great for many shoppers, you should look at all of the complaints.
Cons to Consider - Xmondo

Where to Buy

We make it easy for you to find all of the top Xmondo Hair products because you can click on this link to buy. This also allows you to check out the Xmondo Quiz and see which products your hair needs. The official website offers tons of links that let you follow the brand on Instagram and other sites. You can easily find out when new products will arrive in the online store and when sold out products will go live again. Other things that we love about ordering through this link include:

  • With Afterpay, you can order multiple hair care products and pay for them with three future payments. Though you do need to spend a minimum of $60 to qualify, you only pay one convenient payment today.
  • The links to YouTube let you check out the founder’s most popular videos. If you have a YouTube account, you can subscribe and watch new videos as soon as they go live.
  • Xmondo Hair has a digital newsletter that you can sign up for on the homepage. This helps you get discounts that work on future Xmondo orders.
  • You can check out fund merchandise that lets you rep the brand in your daily life. We are fond of the joggers that are comfortable and fit men and women.
Xmondo Hair makes fun merchandise such as joggers and hoodies.
Where to Buy - Xmondo

The Competition

While there is a lot to love about Xmondo Hair, you should take the time to check out the competition. Some of these brands make a big name on social media.


One of the top haircare brands on social media is R+Co, which gives you 10% off your first order. The company gained even more fame after partnering with influencer Jenny Cho to launch a new line of products. We recommend that you check out the New Launches to view the newest products and that you look over the Best Sellers list to see what other customers loved. R+Co offers free shipping when you spend $35 or more and gives you free samples with all orders. You might like the Rainless Conditioner, which is a dry conditioner that absorbs natural oils.


Another brand that you might like is NYX. Though many know this brand for the cosmetics it makes, it now makes many different hair care products such as dry shampoo. You’ll find hundreds of posts about this brand on social media and similar sites. Thanks to the vegan line, you no longer need to worry about what you put onto your body. This line includes the Total Control Pro Drop Foundation, which goes on smoothly and hides problem spots. Many customers also like that NYX gives them 20% off the first time that they buy and offers other discounts that they can use later.

Living Proof

If you saw Living Proof online and want to try a few products, now is a great time to buy because you get 10% off. The hair care quiz is similar to the Xmondo Quiz and helps you pick the right products. You’ll answer questions about your daily routine and hair type to get personalized recommendations. Living Proof offers different collections of products that work together such as Color Care for those with dyed hair and Perfect Hair Daily if you want products you can use every day. Some of the popular products include dry shampoo and hairspray.

Fenty Beauty

You might hear the name Fenty Beauty tossed around as it’s the brand launched by singer Rihanna. She wanted to create a product line designed for women of color who didn’t have as many options as other women did. The line how includes hundreds of products such as foundation and eye shadow that match unique skin tones. You’ll also find a wide range of hair care products along with products for your skin and hair. We recommend that you sign up for the newsletter to get 15% off your first order and other discounts in the future.

Manic Panic

One of the main competitors to Xmondo Hair when it comes to hair dye is Manic Panic. You can choose from semi-permanent hair dye that lasts for several weeks or longer or temporary hair dye that washes out much faster. Both versions come in dozens of colors that range from pastel pink and purple to electric blue and yellow. Manic Panic lets you shop by color to narrow down your options. We also like that you can buy products at the same time that extend the life of your dye job and keeps your hair healthy and strong.

Final Verdict

We had a hard time finding bad reviews of Xmondo Hair products because so many customers had a good experience with the brand. After checking out the website and trying some of the top products, we found that we liked the brand as much as those customers did. Xmondo Hair makes it easy to find the right products for you, no matter what type of hair you have. It takes only five minutes or less to complete the small quiz and see your recommendations along with links to buy those products. As long as you answer honestly, you’ll get solid products that work for your hair.
Our only real issue with this brand is the price point. Xmondo charges quite a bit more than similar companies do. It’s almost impossible to find anything on the site for less than $25. However, the site offers different ways to save. If you follow the brand on social media, you’ll learn about upcoming sales and get exclusive promo codes. Those codes come in handy as we didn’t find any evidence of online sales. Use our Xmondo Hair review to find out more about this online brand, including where to buy and which products are the best.