Deejo Knife Review

  • Jacob Wilson, iReviews
  • September 01,2022
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Pocket knives are simple products that have stood the test of time with their designs. This means that for any one knife to stand out it needs to remain reliable, useful, and have a pinch of something extra to make it stand out.


The Deejo brand of pocket knives aims to stand out with its lightweight build and unique design. While they come in many different designs and styles, what I want to focus on is what these knives offer at a base level and work from there. From the good, the bad, to the stylish I want to touch on everything there is worth knowing about these aesthetically interesting blades.

  • Simple to handle
  • Customizable blade choices
  • Offers multiple weight options
  • Lightweight
  • Thinner and uncomfortable handle
  • The chance window to return is short
  • The blade isn’t made of the strongest material
  • The lack of an assisted stud makes it open less smoothly

Deejo brand knives are a longstanding series that specialize in being lightweight, at most 37 grams, and streamlined. While they make a variety of knife options their pocket knives are what get the most attention.

Product Features:

  • Large decal selection
  • Minimalistic build
  • Metal blade always on display
  • Simple to snap open and close
  • Takes up little space

What is a Deejo Knife?

Deejo brand pocket knives at their core are similar to the time-tested design of any other simple pocket knife. They’re sleek and simple, and have a heavy emphasis put on the aesthetics of the knife. The looks are at the forefront with these knives, but they don’t detract from the blade’s ability to function.

Even at their heaviest Deejo pocket knives only weigh a minuscule 37 grams. For reference, the average modern pocket knife weighs almost 100 grams. This feathery weight goes along with the aesthetics to create a knife that should be as easy to carry as it is admirable to look at.

Deejo Knife Unboxing


The first impression I got of the Deejo knife was how simple it was. The decal aside, it’s got minimal parts and the blade is always visible. It snaps open and shut with a basic motion and has just enough cover to keep the edge of the blade from being exposed.


This simplicity pairs well with the decal and gives the knife a unique look. The decal is the main selling point here. It’s the entire reason I think anyone would want to buy this knife.


My first impressions of the Deejo knife are good, but I wasn’t blown out of the water either. That’s not a bad thing, though. Simple is good sometimes, and there is no reason to reinvent the wheel for a product as basic as a pocket knife.

Deejo Knife Features

The main feature of the Deejo pocket knife, as with the entire Deejo line, is the lightweight design. As mentioned before, even at their heaviest the pocket knives weigh nearly a third of what most other knives weigh.


This difference in weight is for the heavier models, with the lighter models weighing just a smidge over a fourth of a typical pocket knife. This means that their weight is unnoticeable without turning the blade into a cheap plastic toy.

The material used for the blades is the most typical part of these knives. While it’s not a flimsy metal that will snap at the slightest pressure, it is certainly not the best metal out there for making a long-lasting blade. It won’t crack down on you fast, but it also won’t survive a severe beating.


What is special about the blades is the level of customization on offer. Decals are the name of the game with Deejo pocket knives.


On their website, there are over a dozen of premade looks and designs that can be chosen from baseline, but it doesn’t end there. Consumers that look a bit deeper will find what I think is the most exceptional aspect of the blade. Loads of potential for customizing the look of the blade are given to everyone allowing them to forge the pocket knife of their dreams.

All of these aspects make the Deejo Knife passable as a baseline knife that comes with the addition of being a lightweight and easy-to-use option. The extra detailing and customization allow for personalization, unlike any other knife I’ve seen. This makes it the clear best choice from a purely aesthetic point compared to most of the competition.

Deejo Test

Who’s Deejo Knife For

When I look at the Deejo series of pocket knives I see a product that is for people that love to express themselves. The attention put into allowing customization and detailing allows the knives to look unique when compared to one another. This is made even more of a plus when the baseline designs are aesthetically pleasing compared to the average knife.


It’s not a knife for people who will be putting their pocket knife through constant heavy abuse. While it won’t just snap on you and can last a long time with basic care, I can’t ignore that the materials used for it are not the strongest. If you want a knife that’s strong and nothing else then it’s best to look elsewhere.

What Are the Benefits of Deejo Knife?

The main benefit of Deejo pocket knives is their lightweight build. While they’re not the strongest knives on the market, for their weight they are decently sturdy. The blade will also work fine for the basic cutting jobs that the average consumer will be doing.

The blade itself also stays visible even when tucked away. This may bring up the issue of wear and tear if it’s not kept safe, but it allows the artful designs on the blade to be on full display. The customizations a person puts on the blade are never fully hidden and you don’t need to pop the blade out to see them.

Customization Options

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the customization options of the Deejo series of pocket knives, but what exactly does that mean? Well, there are two big parts to the customizable nature of the pocket knives.


The first part is the build of the knife. When going to the Deejo website consumers are presented with a variety of options to check to find the knife they want. The options include size, weight, handle material, finishing, and a sharpening style. This gives a wide range of options that few other knife companies can compare.


What takes Deejo a step further is the option they call tattoos. While a bare blade is still an option, Deejo blades can come with a vast array of decals and designs put on the blade. These extra bits of decor range from simple singular pieces on the blade to a full visual overhaul of what the blade looks like.


Deejo even lets people put together their knives from the available options. When going to their store every knife available has a customization option underneath. Clicking this button takes you to a page with a 3D model of a knife with a variety of options to cycle through and pick from.


Not only does this make putting together the perfect knife easier than anywhere else, but it also lets you get a good look at the knife beforehand. You get to see a decent 3D approximation of what the knife you’re putting together will look like. This means you can rest assured that when you find a style you like that it will look just as good in person.

Should You Buy It?

The question of if you should buy the Deejo series of pocket knives comes down to a few factors I believe. It’s important to think these questions over and weigh the good with the bad to decide on a product like Deejo.


To start with, the most important question is what you plan on doing with your new pocket knife. If you’re wanting a pocket knife to simply have a pocket knife then this may be one of the better options for you. The fact it weighs so little and has so much personalization on offer means that you can get the knife of your dreams and not have to worry about carrying around a heavy piece of metal.


On the other hand, if you’re looking for a knife that is nothing but practical then you might want to look elsewhere. There are plenty of more tactical and practical knives out there that put a focus on having the right tools for any job. There are also other options that can survive almost anything but intentional damage.


Another question to ask yourself is how much you care about aesthetics. If you put even a little stock into the design and look of the items you carry around with you daily then I say look no further than the Deejo knife for a starting point. The sleek look and ability to make the knife truly your own make it second to none in this department.


If you don’t care even a bit about how your knife will look though, I can’t say the Deejo Knife is meant for you. It doesn’t make an absurd amount of sacrifices in the name of looking good, but it is still a key selling point of the knife. If you don’t care about looks or aesthetics, then that’s one of the biggest draws of the knife thrown out the window.

How to Buy Deejo Knife

The best place to purchase a Deejo pocket knife is from the Deejo company’s website right here. Their storefront is the best place I’ve found to purchase the knife. While the return window they offer is monstrously short, they do offer warranties on the knife for specific risks.


If you’re at all interested in looking at the designs they have, how you can customize the knives, or if you want to learn more about the products themselves then there is nowhere better to go.

How Does Deejo Knife Compare to the Alternatives?

When it comes to competition there is a whole world of pocket knives out there that aim to fill different niches. For what it is, the Deejo series of pocket knives does what it aims to do well. However, there are still other knives I’d like to touch upon as alternatives.


The Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS is a practical pocket knife for practical usage. In terms of ease of opening the knife, it’s the exact opposite of a Deejo knife. While Deejo has no auto systems in place, this model of Smith & Wesson as a flipper/finger method makes getting the blade out as smooth as butter.


The Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight Signature Folding Utility Pocket Knife is a sturdy blade that puts the endurance of other pocket knives to shame. It’s a high-quality knife with intention behind its design. With that said, the quality comes with a massive price tag compared to other knives and isn’t as easy of a purchase.

Final Verdict

Deejo pocket knives I see as a luxury item that owns up to that title. They’re not the cheapest knives out there, but they also aren’t the most expensive you will find either. What that extra price tag gives you is a blade that is designed to look pleasing, smooth, and all with a touch of personalization.


If you’re wanting a blade that is nothing but practical then there are probably better options for you, but the Deejo pocket knife isn’t trying to be the blade you want. Their target audience is those who want to have a stylish yet functional blade that will last them as long as it has basic care. The light build of the knives even adds some practical functions to the aesthetically focused knives.


With the customization options that they give, I can’t help but recommend the Deejo series of pocket knives. Anyone that is looking for something with a bit of flash and plenty of choice in their purchase will find what they want in these blades.

Jacob Wilson, iReviews

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