Healthwatch Review



Technology 99%
Cost 97%
Device Compatibility 99%
Ease of Use 96%
Health Monitoring 99%
Sleep Monitoring 97%

Advertising Disclosure: Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers.  Compensation,  along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.

Advertising Disclosure

Many or all of the companies featured provide compensation to us. These commissions are how we maintain our free service for consumers. Compensation, along with hours of in-depth research, determines where & how companies appear on our site.




The HealthWatch is a fitness tracker that also functions as a smartwatch when connected to a smartphone. It’s compatible with both Android phones and iPhones. Though it has some cons, it’s one of the best fitness trackers that you can buy on the web today.

Millions of people wear smartwatch devices every day because they want to track their activity levels and make sure that they stay healthy. Depending on the watch that you choose, you can set reminders when it’s time to take prescription medications and use alerts that remind you to get up and get active. These watches can also track your sleep patterns and let you know if you get a good night’s sleep. When you sync your watch to your phone, you can check incoming calls and text messages as well as emails too.

One of the hottest new electronic devices on the market today is the HealthWatch. This watch goes beyond what other smartwatches do to help you actively monitor your health. It can keep track of the steps that you take and calories burned or the distance that you walk. This watch also monitors your blood pressure to let you know when it’s too high or too low. You can use it to track your blood oxygen and heart rate too. You can easily share all that information with your doctor later. Our HealthWatch review goes into the top features about this smartwatch to help you decide if it’s the best smartwatch and activity monitor for you.

Learn more about the HealthWatch in this short video.

What is the HealthWatch?

The HealthWatch is an electronic gadget that is right on trend for the modern era. It takes the idea of a fitness tracker and adds new features to help you stay in shape and improve your overall health. The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 left hundreds of thousands of people working from home and left even more unemployed. You probably found that you spent more time on the couch than on your feet and that you picked up a few pounds too. If you had the HealthWatch on your wrist during that pandemic, you may have felt better about the time that you spent at home. Some of the things that this smartwatch can do include:

  • Monitor your blood oxygen levels
  • Track your heart rate
  • View your blood pressure reading
  • See how many calories you burned
  • Count the steps that you took or distance moved

This smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices to let you sync it to your phone or tablet. You can view how many steps you took each day and try to burn more calories later in the week. The modern design of the watch and its bright face are just some of the other features that we think you’ll like.

The HealthWatch can monitor your sleep patterns and habits too.

What is the HealthWatch?

Using the HealthWatch to Beat Stress

No matter how happy and calm you feel on most days, stress can always creep up on you. Do you have a coworker who constantly gossips about you behind your back or takes credit for the work that you do? Hearing your boss heap praise on someone else for the work that you do can make you dread going into the office. Stress can also affect your home life because you take your bad mood home and can take out your feelings on your loved ones. That stress can also affect your health and increase your blood pressure.

Using the HealthWatch is an easy and convenient way to keep an eye on your stress. It alerts you of any increases in your blood pressure, which can let you know that you’re in a stressful situation. This serves as a reminder that lets you know that you need to walk away. The watch can also let you know when it’s time to get up and take a walk. Even a short walk around the office or block helps you clear your head and reduce your blood pressure, which can also improve your mood and lower your stress.

Using the HealthWatch to Beat Stress

The HealthWatch has features that you can customize based on how you want to use it.

How Do You Know if You Have High Blood Pressure?

One of the reasons why you might not know that you have high blood pressure is that it doesn’t cause symptoms in some people. Doctors often call it the silent killer because, by the time that you know you have a problem, it’s too late to find a solution. During your check-ups, the doctor will check your blood pressure and let you know if it’s too high. When you wear the HealthWatch every day, you’ll know instantly if you need to speak to your doctor because this smartwatch will tell you when your blood pressure is too high. Some of the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure that you might notice include:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Feeling out of breath
  • Changes to your vision
  • Pain in your chest
  • Dizziness, especially when you wake up or move from a sitting to standing position

Keep in mind that these symptoms manifest in different people in different ways. Many of these symptoms only appear in those who had high blood pressure for an extended period and left the condition untreated. You can use the readings from your HealthWatch to show your doctor that you have a problem with your blood pressure.

The OLED screen on the HealthWatch makes it easy to view your information in any amount of light.

How Do You Know if You Have High Blood Pressure

How Can You Use the HealthWatch?

Using the HealthWatch is as easy as using any other smartwatch or health tracker. Thanks to the bright OLED screen, you can easily see the time or any of the info that you want to view with a quick look down. The first time that you put it on, you’ll find that you can adjust the band to get the fit that you need. As long as it sits tightly on your wrist, it can track your heart rate and other features of your health. If you want to take it off at night, the watchband is just as easy to remove.

With the HealthWatch, you can sync it to your phone and view alerts without grabbing your smartwatch. Not only does it show you the name of the person calling, but the watch also lets you read text messages and decide if you want to send one back. With one touch of the screen, you can decline calls too. It can also replace the old fitness and activity trackers that you used in the past. This smartwatch monitors your activity level to count the distance you moved or steps taken along with the calories that you burned. You’ll love that the HealthWatch can send that data to your phone.

How Can You Use the HealthWatch

The OLED screen on the HealthWatch makes it easy to view your information in any amount of light.

Where Can You Use the HealthWatch?

You can use and wear the HealthWatch anywhere you might use a fitness tracker or smartphone. It’s one of the best gadgets that we found for those who spend a lot of time in the gym. Whether you want to lift weights, go for a dip in the pool or play basketball with friends, it will keep track of how many calories you burned. The HealthWatch syncs to your phone in seconds, which makes it easy to view the calls that you get. You no longer need to pause to answer the phone or worry about missing an important text message while you’re at the gym.

If you worry that your job is too sedentary and that you spend too much time sitting at your desk, you’ll like that you can replace your smartphone with this smartwatch. It has reminders and alerts that let you know when you sat for too long, which can help you get off your feet and get moving. You’ll also find that you can wear the HealthWatch on your next vacation. It lets you keep in touch with your loved ones as it monitors everything that you do on your trip. It’s an easy way to make sure that you stay fit as you have fun.

Even if you love swimming in the ocean or fishing on the lake, the HealthWatch is safe to wear due to its waterproof design.

Where Can You Use the HealthWatch

What Can You Do with the HealthWatch?

Some of the different things that you can do with the HealthWatch include:

  • Monitor your heart rate and keep track of any changes to that rate throughout the day
  • Keep an eye on both your blood oxygen and blood pressure levels
  • View the total number of calories you burned every day
  • See how much physical activity you do throughout the day
  • Access songs and music files stored on your smartphone
  • Bring up your camera to take new photos
  • View incoming calls and text messages
  • Look at alerts from your linked social media accounts and profiles
  • Track the distance between two points
  • See how well you sleep at night

The HealthWatch also has a multi-sport mode for those who perform different types of activities. This allows the watch to monitor the time that you spend playing sports such as basketball or cycling. This mode works if you play a game of pickup football with your friends or you go for a long swim. You can use it to count the steps that you take during those activities and to view the calories that you burned while playing. No matter what you love to do on your own or with friends, the HealthWatch can monitor and track those activities.

What Can You Do with the HealthWatch

As the HealthWatch is waterproof, it’s safe to wear during all types of activities.

Who’s This For?

Do you want to workout but worry that you will miss a phone call from your boss? As the HealthWatch connects to your smartphone, you can hit the gym or take a walk around the block while still having full access to your phone. The simple screen lights up when you get a call and shows you the number calling. If you have that number saved on your phone, it will show you the name attached to your contact list too. It’s also a great gadget for college students concerned with gaining the freshman 15 because it helps them stay in shape as the study away from home. Other people who would benefit from the HealthWatch include those who:

  • Want to lose weight but need some extra help
  • Need to track their sleep patterns to see if they get enough sleep every night
  • Received warnings from their doctors that they have high blood pressure
  • Like to workout while listening to music and want to use the songs or streaming apps on their phones

If you want a convenient way to track your activity levels and make sure that you get the exercise that you need, the HealthWatch is the best fitness tracker for you.

The HealthWatch acts as a pedometer to track the total steps that you take.

Who's This For

Why Should You Use the HealthWatch at Night?

Though you might think that the HealthWatch is a fitness tracker that you can only use during the day, it also comes in handy at night. Depending on your health and other factors, you might need as much as eight hours of sleep or more per night. Some studies found that children need more sleep than adults do, but getting a small amount of sleep can have serious effects on your general health, including:

  • Making you more prone to accidents
  • Causing a lack of concentration
  • Interfering with your thought processes
  • Increasing your risks of suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure and other medical conditions
  • Making your skin look older

It isn’t just those who suffer from insomnia that can experience these problems. You might notice that you have a problem concentrating at work and handling simple tasks because you only got a few hours of sleep the night before. Unless you can sleep for at least three hours at a time, your brain and body do not have the time they need to recover. The HealthWatch monitors your nighttime activities and can let you know if you got enough sleep and went through the sleep cycles.

Why Should You Use the HealthWatch at Night

Using the HealthWatch has benefits during the day and the middle of the night.

Should You Buy It?

We think that the HealthWatch is a must-buy for anyone who wants to track their health, lose weight or get in shape. Some of the reasons that we think this health tracker include:

  • It monitors your blood pressure and oxygen levels and updates you to any changes throughout the day
  • You can see how your heart rate changes as you workout or rest
  • With the tracking option, you can see how much physical activity you get every day
  • The band/strap adjusts to fit small and large wrist sizes
  • It comes with a battery that lasts for up to 15 days on standby mode and seven days when you use the watch
  • Thanks to the OLED screen, you have no problem seeing the data on the screen
  • The touchscreen responds quickly to the lightest of taps
  • It lets you quickly access and control your smartphone camera
  • You can send the content from the watch directly to your phone

The HealthWatch is stylish enough for everyday wear.

Should You Buy It

It’s equally important that you consider the benefits of the HealthWatch as you decide whether you buy it. One nice benefit is the watch’s design. While similar smartwatches have a high-tech design that looks great at the gym but not so good at the office, the HealthWatch has a design that you can wear any day of the week. It looks just as nice when you wear it with your workout gear as it does in the office and nights out with friends. Some of the other benefits that we found about using the HealthWatch include:

  • It can alert you about health problems and let you know when to visit your doctor or hit the ER
  • As long as you keep the battery charged with the included battery, it will work all night and every day
  • You can easily stick to your diet and make sure that you don’t eat too many calories
  • With nighttime tracking, the device lets you know if you get the right amount of healthy sleep at night
  • It sends notifications from your phone that help you decide whether to take a break and reach for your phone
  • The durable design of the watch ensures that you can wear it everywhere you go, including the beach on vacation and the gym
  • It has a waterproof design that makes it safe to wear around water and as you sweat
  • You can download the HealthWatch app and create a detailed report with data about your general health
Should You Buy It

Men and women can benefit from the HealthWatch at work and the gym.

What About the Cons of the HealthWatch?

As much as we like the HealthWatch, we learned that some shoppers didn’t like it as much as others did. One of their major complaints was that it was hard to use. Even after following the included instructions, they weren’t sure how to sync it to their phones or make it track their activities. Activity monitoring was another problem that some had. They found that moving at their desks at work or shifting while sitting on the couch counted in the same way that taking a walk or working in the gym did.

One of the older complaints about the HealthWatch was that it only came in one design. The company behind it responded to those complaints and came out with new bands/straps. You can pick a color that matches your workout clothing or one that blends with your everyday wardrobe. Though the band has an adjustable design, some found that it still didn’t fit as well as they wanted. There were also complaints about where the HealthWatch is available. Unlike other fitness trackers that you can buy in any big box store, the HealthWatch is only available online. The link that we gave you allows you to buy as many of the health trackers as you want and take advantage of low prices and free shipping.

The pros of the HealthWatch far outweigh any of the cons that you might see.

What About the Cons of the HealthWatch?

Where to Buy

Though the HealthWatch retails for $178, you can save money when you buy the fitness tracker right here. Clicking that link takes you to a site when you can buy the tracker for only $89 and qualify for free shipping. Why order from another site that might take weeks to get the HealthWatch to you? Our link not only lets you get free shipping when you purchase one HealthWatch or multiple trackers but save money with each one that you buy too. Buying more than one lets you get your family involved and can help you lose weight with friends.

One of the deals that you’ll see allows you to buy two smartwatches and pay only $177 rather than the retail $534 price. The best deal is for those who purchase three of the watches. This deal drops the price from $890 to $267 and lets you pay only $53 per watch. You can pay with any type of credit card or with your PayPal account. To make sure that you get the most out of your smartwatch, you can pay $14 for the extended warranty. This warranty lasts for three years and covers all the problems you might have with the watch.

Where to Buy

The HealthWatch comes packaged with instructions in the box.


One of the deals that you’ll see allows you to buy two smartwatches and pay only $177 rather than the retail $534 price. The best deal is for those who purchase three of the watches. This deal drops the price from $890 to $267 and lets you pay only $53 per watch. You can pay with any type of credit card or with your PayPal account. To make sure that you get the most out of your smartwatch, you can pay $14 for the extended warranty. This warranty lasts for three years and covers all the problems you might have with the watch.

Fitbit Versa 2

You can’t think about fitness trackers without thinking about Fitbit. One of the main trackers that the company makes is the Versa 2, which has a sleekly modern design with a black adjustable band. It has built-in Alexa to connect to an Amazon device. This allows you to learn about breaking news and do internet searches on the go. Compatible with multiple music streaming apps, the Versa 2 lets you access all your favorite songs when you don’t have your phone nearby. Though it also tracks your fitness levels and sleep patterns, the high price is a turn off for many.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung was one of the first companies to compete with Apple phones and also makes one of the best smartwatches called the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Many shoppers like that it looks more like a traditional watch and less like a smartwatch thanks to the visible gears on the face. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone and similar devices. Though you can quickly charge the watch’s battery, a full charge gives you days of use. You might like the included charger and two bands that fit all wrist sizes but not be thrilled about the high price.

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

Those looking to save money might choose the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR priced at around half the cost of the HealthWatch. That low price shows that you get what you pay for though as many users complained about connection issues and the internal features. It may not accurately track your steps or the calories you burned. This fitness tracker comes in multiple colors and has a band that fits both men and women, but you may find that the band runs a little small. The 14 built-in exercise modes let you track your activity level based on what you like to do.

Garmin Forerunner 35

With the Garmin Forerunner 35, you get a smartwatch with a large face and an adjustable band. The base model retails for more than $100 and does not include a heart rate monitor. Getting that feature will cost extra. It works with Garmin Connect to help you stay connected. Not only does this let you view text messages and incoming calls, but the feature allows you to respond to incoming messages and decline calls. While the Forerunner 35 is a good smartwatch, it falls short for shoppers looking for a fitness tracker and smartwatch combo.

Final Verdict

It shouldn’t surprise you that we look favorably on the HealthWatch. Though our team tried other types of fitness trackers in the past, most had some serious flaws. Some didn’t track steps taken when playing basketball and other games. Other trackers did not connect to smartphones, which made it difficult to check emails and text messages. You usually need to choose between an expensive smartwatch that functions as a fitness tracker or a cheaper fitness tracker that lacks some smartwatch features. The HealthWatch is one of the only gadgets that function in both ways, which is why we recommend the watch for many people.

With the HealthWatch, you can track your steps and activities during the day to see how many miles you walked and calories burned. It comes in handy at night when you want to see if you entered REM sleep and whether you woke multiple times without knowing it. This tracker also gives you tons of information about your overall health, including heart rate and blood pressure. You no longer need to wait until your next doctor’s appointment to see if you dropped your blood pressure or your heart rate is too high. Anyone looking for a smartwatch and fitness tracker combo will like the HealthWatch.