Honda Unveils Its Self-Balancing Electric Motorcycle

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  • October 10,2017
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By releasing the images of its all-new Riding Assist-e self-balancing electric motorcycle, Honda has reaffirmed its vision of “enjoying the freedom of mobility” and “a carbon-free society.” At the 45th Tokyo Motor Show taking place on October 25th, Honda will give everyone a glimpse of its revolutionary self-balancing electric motorcycle.

Honda’s Self-Balancing Technology

Designed to eliminate the somewhat intimidating learning curve for newbie motorcyclists, Honda combined low center-of-gravity design features with cutting-edge self-balancing technology. The end result: an electric vehicle that is super easy to maneuver and a full host of balancing features while riding at low speeds or at a standstill. In other words, Honda’s Assist-e keeps itself balanced at low speeds without rider input.


According to, the original Riding Assist concept used a Honda NC700 as its base, with the self-balancing tech strategically housed in the front end. “Instead of using gyroscopes, the technology uses robotics developed from Honda’s UNI-CUB personal mobility devices to stay upright at low speeds or at a standstill, making micro adjustments to maintain balance.” By tapping into the company’s in-house humanoid robot research, Honda was able to design an action-packed beginner’s bike that is not only powered by an electric hub motor but has the security of a self-balancing sensor located beneath the rider’s seat.

Engineered for Beginner Motorcyclists

Equipped with four different riding modes depending upon the rider’s experience level, the Riding Assist-e is configured to different lean angles ensuring rider safety at all times. This safety feature deactivates when the rider reaches comfortable cruising speeds where bike control has been stabilized. Judging from the prototype images, Honda’s new electric motorcycle will feature a robust trellis frame, a drive shaft housed in the single-sided swingarm, and a battery located low in chassis. All of these features have one common theme: they all contribute to the bike’s low center-of-gravity.



As it stands right now, all of the detailed specs are well, speculation. On October 25th, the world will have greater insight into the Riding Assist-e and its performance. “What’s particularly interesting is that the electric powertrain and self-balancing systems are completely separate,” mentioned in a recent feature article. The single-sided swing-arm also seems a bit oversized – leading many to believe that Honda’s keeping a few design secrets all to themselves prior to the 2017 Tokyo Motorcycle show.


The Tokyo Show will also feature a new Super Cub C125 concept, a Monkey 125 concept, and a Super Cub 110. With so many Formula E superbikes, like the Energica EGO showcased on racetracks across the world it’s nice to see an electric motorcycle manufacturer is focused on targeting the newbie cyclist. As impressive as high-performing electric motorcycles have become, there’s a beginner rider niche looking for an eco-friendly, alternative means of commuting to work. It looks as if Honda got the memo.

The 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. is pleased to announce that the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 will be held from October 27 (Friday) through November 5 (Sunday), 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight, in the Ariake district of Tokyo’s Koto-ku. The 45th Tokyo Motor Show will, like the 44th edition in 2015, feature a Preview Day, on October 27 (Friday), offering limited attendance to purchasers of Preview Day tickets, ahead of the show’s opening to the general public on October 28 (Saturday).


The Honda Riding Assist motorcycle won the Best of CES 2017 “Best Innovation” and “Best Automotive Technology” awards as judged by Engadget, the official partner of the Best of CES Awards, as well as the Popular Mechanics magazine’s Best of CES “Editors’ Choice Awards.”


The Tokyo Motor Show 2017 will be a comprehensive exhibition that includes passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, carrozzeria, vehicle bodies, and parts, machinery and tools, as well as automobile-related services.

About Honda Motorcycle

Honda produces a wide range of motorcycles, starting with commuter models that pioneered motorization and are loved worldwide, to sports models that bring dynamic riding pleasure. The ultra long-selling Super Cub continues to be the de facto commuter model and is the reason why motorcycles are called “Hondas” in some parts of the world. In 2016, the re-imagined CBR1000RR defined what the modern sports model should be. And at the Milan Motorcycle Show, Honda announced the scooter/offroad hybrid model X-ADV, hailed as the pioneer of a new category. Honda continues to lead the motorcycle industry as its top manufacturer.


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