If you are a flight attendant, frequent flier, or just someone who wants to make travel a breeze, look no further than Modobag. A fascinating combination between luggage and an electric scooter, Modobag aims to change the way the world travels. With over six hundred percent funding on Indiegogo, Modobag is going to revolutionize the way people travel forever.

Honda Unveils Its Self-Balancing Electric Motorcycle

Designed to eliminate the somewhat intimidating learning curve for newbie motorcyclists, Honda combined low center-of-gravity design features with cutting-edge self-balancing technology. The end result: an electric vehicle that is super easy to maneuver and a full host of balancing features while riding at low speeds or at a standstill. In other words, Honda’s Assist-e keeps itself balanced at low speeds without rider input.

BMW Making Wireless Charging Easier Than Refueling

BMW has done what no other car manufacturer has been able to do: engineer a wireless charging station for one of its electric vehicles. Designed for its BMW 5 Series iPerformance EV, the oversized charging pad connects to a 220-volt outlet and is capable of charging the 530e hybrid in 3.5 hours without a cable. This is the true definition of disruptive technology.