You Liked: Robot Lawyer Shaking Up Australian Legal System

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On the heels of a recent iReviews article featuring artificial intelligence and its impact on healthcare, Futurism published “Need Legal Help? Give This Robot Lawyer a Try” – an article showcasing the future of AI in Australian courts.

Just a few months following the release of CEO Elon Musk’s Tesla Master Plan (Part Deux), Mercedes-Benz unveiled its all-electric, heavy-duty urban truck. Both Tesla and Mercedes hope to release their semi-truck in 2017. Let the race for electric truck dominance begin!

Healthcare, whether it’s analyzing electronic health records (EHR’s) or providing in-home rehabilitation for elders, seems to be the perfect domain for artificial intelligence. According to a recent article published in the International Business Times, Stanford University experts have predicted advancements in AI and analyzed their inevitable impact on North America by the year 2030. The […]

Just when you thought the next best thing in battery innovation was supercapacitor technology… Scientists from the University of Bristol Cabot have discovered a way to generate electricity from radioactive waste.

It’s no secret. Tesla is an amazing company. All they want to do is protect our planet from CO2 emissions and at the same time, look good while doing it. They now have the greatest clean energy combo plate in production: Tesla’s Model 3 Sedan, the Powerwall 2 home energy grid, and their new tempered […]

According to a recent Futurism article, “the background level of C02 in the atmosphere is about 400 parts per million, and human emissions within the past year add up to three parts per million to that total.” Whether the instrument to eradicate harmful CO2 emissions comes from our natural resources or from technological innovation, the […]

Adidas is partnering with German sportswear manufacturer AMSilk to create its first synthetic-silk concept shoe called, “The Futurecraft Biofabric.” Unveiled recently at the Nov. 17th Biofabric Summit in New York, the synthetic silk is called Biosteel and according to a recent Quartz article, “it’s one of the most exciting new textiles in development.”

If you can remember the military warplanes from the future, a.k.a. Skynet, in the movie Terminator, then it’s easy to imagine Urban Aeronautics’ AirMule – an AAV (Autonomous Aerial Vehicle) designed “to get people out of dangerous battlefields without endangering the pilot or crew.”

There’s a new player joining LIFX and Phillips Hue as the leading multi-colored LED smart bulb. Toronto-based Nanoleaf is taking an entirely different approach toward interior lighting by designing a multi-colored smart panel system that fastens together like Jigsaw pieces. Looking more like an illuminated piece of artwork, the Nanoleaf Aurora has panels that are […]