You Liked: Adidas’ New Futurecraft Sneaker Made of Biosteel

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Adidas is partnering with German sportswear manufacturer AMSilk to create its first synthetic-silk concept shoe called, “The Futurecraft Biofabric.” Unveiled recently at the Nov. 17th Biofabric Summit in New York, the synthetic silk is called Biosteel and according to a recent Quartz article, “it’s one of the most exciting new textiles in development.”

Jeremy Munday, a University of Maryland researcher from the Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics, has created the first “controllable” solar-powered smart window. With the duo-pronged ability to manipulate transparency but also harness electricity to power other devices, the smart windows can only be described as revolutionary. It also uses solar energy to […]

A dramatic unveiling of the latest high-performance electric vehicle doesn’t have to be isolated to Tesla – even though its Model 3 release this past July was impressive. Jaguar may have just one-upped Tesla by incorporating HTC Vive’s virtual reality technology into the London unveiling of its SUV-concept called I-Pace. With its production version set […]

If you can remember the military warplanes from the future, a.k.a. Skynet, in the movie Terminator, then it’s easy to imagine Urban Aeronautics’ AirMule – an AAV (Autonomous Aerial Vehicle) designed “to get people out of dangerous battlefields without endangering the pilot or crew.”

California-based medical device company Second Sight developed the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System – the only FDA-approved bionic eye device. Since the Argus II humanitarian approval in 2013, mechanical eye technology has advanced exponentially and now the possibilities are endless.

Imagine opening your favorite recipe app just by holding your smartphone to your stomach. Or as soon as you take a sip of the last bit of water, a server is alerted and knows immediately to fill your glass. This is the technology behind RadarCat (Radar Categorization for Input and Interaction) – a device that […]

In a recent Futurism article, author Barry Fitzgerald writes about advances in gene editing that could eventually give humans superpowers seen only in Marvel Comics characters. Whether it’s Wolverine’s accelerated healing powers or Beast’s superhuman strength, gene editing tools like CRISPR/Cas9 make modifying our DNA possible – and by doing so – could transform us […]

Elon Musk’s vision to build Hyperloop One – a rapid transit service – is one step closer to becoming a reality thanks to investments totally $160 million. Capable of reaching speeds of 1,200 km (800 mph), Hyperloop One can take passengers and cargo from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes.

As it stands right now, lithium-ion batteries are the most cost-effective solution to further Tesla’s electric car master plan. On the heels of its July Model 3 launch, Tesla has opened its $5 Billion Gigafactory. With battery cell production set to start in 2017 and Model 3 orders estimated at 500,000 units per year, Tesla […]