You Liked: Georgia Tech’s Energy-Harvesting Fabric Powers Devices

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Imagine if you could harness energy by simply walking around in a polo shirt. Or if wearing a backpack during a mid-day hike meant storing energy from the sun. Scientists at Georgia Institute of Technology have created a textile that can be sewn into fabric and then used to power gadgets. It does this by […]

In a recent article entitled, “New Tech Allows Deaf People to Sense Sounds,” Futurism features Neuroscientist Dr. David Eagleman’s new technology called the Versatile Extra-Sensory Traducer (VEST). With the help from Scott Novich and his team at Rice University, VEST uses the senses of touch to help the deaf ‘hear’ again. The VEST was inspired […]

Daniel Huang, co-founder of Mophie, has created the Immotor Go Scooter. The electric scooter is foldable and can travel up to 20 miles on a single charge. Focused on redesigning the urban commute, Huang claims that his battery is “indestructible” making it the first of its kind in the world of pedestrian-level transportation.

Dubai police showed off their newest crime fighter at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) and it just so happens to be an android. Able to shake hands and salute, Dubai’s Robocop can scan faces and spot people from 10 to 20 meters away.

Panasonic’s Sept. 29th press release features the company’s bendable lithium ion battery device. Still in its development stage, the flexible battery stands to transform the wearable tech industry. With wearable consumer technology products like the Myo Armband, DigitSole Smartshoe 001, and the PoloTech Shirt all set to hit the market, this is a welcomed innovation. […]

With safety being at the forefront of Tesla’s engineering, the Model 3 will now come fully equipped with their proprietary self-driving hardware. According to an October 19th blog article published by the Tesla Team, the full autonomy-driving feature will be safer than a human driver. “The person in the driver’s seat is only there for […]

In a recent LiveScience article entitled, “Augmented-Reality Helmet Could Give Cyclist Extra Eyes on the Road,” author Edd Gent interviews Richard Price, Industrial Engineer at British design firm DCA, about his firm’s newest concept called the Optic Helmet. The Optic Helmet, according to the article, uses augmented reality to give cyclists a 360-degree view of […]

The advances in virtual reality technology, although groundbreaking, have yet to break a very important barrier: full immersion. This is where the user transforms from an observer to a participant. The HTC Vive, for example, is arguably the most sophisticated VR systems ever sold but can you call it full-immersion? More like unparalleled immersion.

Advancements in display technology, whether it’s in the form of 3D holographic technology or acoustic levitation, seem to be breaking new barriers and it can only be described as fascinating. A recent Engadget article entitled, “Forget holograms, here’s a ‘floating e-ink’ display,” showcases JOLED, an acoustic elevation system that uses sound waves to suspend objects […]