You Liked: Toyota’s Mini Social Robot: designed to befriend lonely people

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Toyota Kirobe in palm

Whether it’s Japan’s Kirobe or the United States’ JIBO, social robots are hitting the tech world by storm. Using open source programming to fuel creativity, robotic engineers seem to be racing the clock to launch their version. This begs the question: why the sudden movement towards companion robots? Is technological innovation dictating the newfound obsession […]

Educational robot

Whether it’s AvatarMind’s iPal – the child-sized robot built “mainly for companionship,” or UBTECH’s gesturing Alpha 2 – a robot designed specifically to “simplify life for your family,” crowd funding and startups alike have seen a recent uptick in humanoid robots. These robots do it all: sing, dance, play games, connect to social media, speak […]

PowerEgg drone in flight

iReviews recent product review of PowerVision’s PowerEgg drone focused on the futuristic technology built within their rugby-sized quadcopter. With its revolutionary egg-shaped design and powerful autonomous flight modes, the PowerEgg is packed with a ton of amazing features.

Uber passenger drone

Popular Science’s Sept. 27th article written by Kelsey Atherton entitled, Uber is Working on a Vertical-Takeoff Aircraft… is a glimpse into the passenger drone crystal ball and how it might impact the booming rideshare industry. Doing its best to make the famous cartoon The Jetsons a reality, Uber is sticking to its mission to offer […]