You Liked: BMW Making Wireless Charging Easier Than Refueling

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BMW, Electric Vehicle, EV

BMW has done what no other car manufacturer has been able to do: engineer a wireless charging station for one of its electric vehicles. Designed for its BMW 5 Series iPerformance EV, the oversized charging pad connects to a 220-volt outlet and is capable of charging the 530e hybrid in 3.5 hours without a cable. […]

nissan, leaf, 2018

2017 has been a crazy year in the auto industry. Toyota patented a cloaking device. GM debuted their new $5,300 car in China. Tesla, the usual spotlight stealer, released its Model 3 along with plans to ramp up production of the new electric car. But 2018 is shaping up to be just as wild. Nissan recently […]

China fossil fuel ban

China has joined both France and the U.K. in the quest to completely do away with the sale of combustible-engine vehicles. Without a specific date locked in as to when it would stop sales, the world’s largest automaker (28.03 million vehicles sold last year) is focused on cleaning up its environment by welcoming zero-emissions electric […]

Volkswagen, Minibus, Microbus, 2022, launch, renewable energy, sustainable

A few days ago, Volkswagen announced their intention to manufacture a smart minibus. The Volkswagen microbus sales locations are planned for North America, China, and Europe. “After the presentations at the global motor shows in Detroit and Geneva, we received a large number of letters and emails from customers who said, ‘please build this car’,” […]

gm electric car

Sure, Tesla’s Model 3 costs $35,000. And Lightyear is making a solar-powered electric car. The list of advances in electric cars grows exponentially every day. But none of them have what General Motors (GM) just released in China — the Baojun E100, a $5,300 electric car.   Baojun E100 Release Together with SAIC Motor and […]

Tesla, Model 3

Electric vehicles and transportation, in general, are advancing rapidly. Major automakers are now participating in what was once considered an obscure niche in the automobile market. Last week, Tesla released its latest electric vehicle, the Model 3. Many believe this new car will usher in the era of mainstream electric vehicles. But others harbor doubts about […]

Audi Will Become First German Car Maker to Race in Formula E

It’s official: Audi has taken over ABT Sportsline’s slot in Formula E for season 4. This factory commitment solidifies the brand’s spot as the first German auto maker to race in the famous electric vehicle racing series. This is not a surprising move when considering Audi’s and ABT Sportsline’s history together. The car company, famous […]

An Electric Car Powered by Solar Energy

The electric car is much better for our planet than its gas-guzzling counterpart. But charging stations are few and far between. Lightyear, a new automobile company, aims to solve this dilemma with a solar-powered electric car.   Science Fiction Became Science Fact… With Some Flaws The electric car was nonexistent just a few years ago. […]

Aston Martin EV Concept

With BMW, Jaguar, and Tesla unveiling their latest electric vehicle prototypes, there’s really no shortage of high-performance EV’s hitting the market over the next year. Even some of the Best Electric Cars of 2017 have impressive horsepower numbers (Telsa’s Model 3) while still maintaining a 200+ range on a single charge. They strike the perfect […]