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  • June 25,2017
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FUGU Luggage – an industrial design company dedicated to revolutionizing the way we travel – has created the “world’s first expandable suitcase.” Equipped with inflatable walls made of waterproof Ripstop fabric, the highly durable FUGU suitcase can be used as either a carry-on or expand to a check-in suitcase. This is the perfect suitcase for the traveler who packs light en route to their favorite vacation spot but needs the extra space for family gifts and personal collectibles.


Expandable from the maximum regulation size for carry-ons to the max regulation size for check-in baggage, the FUGU suitcase is one of the most versatile suitcases hitting the market. So what makes the FUGU luggage so special outside of it being a shape-shifting travel companion? First and foremost, a suitcase that adjusts to the traveler’s needs has to be intelligently designed.

FUGU’s Intelligent Design

FUGU Luggage is more than just way to transport belongings, it makes your life a lot easier while traveling. With built-in shelves that can either be attached or collapsed, your FUGU luggage can seamlessly transform into a storage unit. Imagine not having to unpack and then repack your belongings in your hotel room or during an Airbnb stay. You can easily separate dirty laundry from neatly folded clothes by designating certain shelves.


If your profession has you traveling like Magellan or you happen to be a freelancer exploring the world, this is the perfect suitcase for you. The FUGU doubles as a portable table – making it the ideal companion for the remote employee needing a laptop stand, makeup dresser, or reading desk. The FUGU also comes with a custom-made removable laptop case – giving the traveler the option of keeping their computer on them at all times or checking it in with their other items.

So how does FUGU Luggage work?

There are three ways in which the user can inflate FUGU Luggage’s walls?

1. Pressing a button in order to activate the built-in electric pump.
2. By externally attaching any regular air pump.
3. Breathing into an external tube.


Only a half-a-pound heavier than any standard-size suitcase (26″ x 20.5″ x 15.5″), the FUGU Luggage can hold 115 liters in its check-in size and 41 liters in its carry-on compacted version. The FUGU Luggage has been engineered for longevity. From its expandable walls being made of Ripstop Fabric to its shock-absorbing outer frame being constructed of Drop Stitch Fabric, the FUGU Luggage is designed to handle the rigors of travel.

Advanced Technology

FUGU Luggage is positioned to attract the modern traveler. It can easily fall into the category of a smart suitcase with its GPS tracking sensor powered by an intuitive companion app. The world traveler needs to know where his or her suitcase is at all times and the FUGU luggage is no exception. Simply open up the FUGU app on your smartphone and instantly locate the whereabouts of your suitcase, whether it’s spinning around a baggage carousel in another city or resting securely in the overhead compartments.


Setting itself apart from the competition, the FUGU Luggage allows the traveler to customize their own experience. Whether you want to inflate your suitcase for a month-long journey or deflate it to carry only the essentials, FUGU’s expandable walls give the traveler a choice between carry-on and check-in.


Source: Kickstarter

  • Airline Baggage Size Compliant
  • Shock Absorbant Expandable Walls
  • GPS Locator Technology
  • Waterproof Materials
  • Custom-Made Electric Pump
  • Availability