Smartduvet Breeze

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  • June 27,2017
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Everyone has their ideal sleeping temperature. Whether it happens to be a chilly room temp with an oscillating fan constantly blowing or a snug environment with a space heater keeping the room toasty, to each their own. But here’s the problem: If you’re sharing a bed with your partner in crime, it’s difficult to find the perfect balance between both of your ideal sleeping conditions. That is, until now. Introducing the Smartduvet Breeze – the world’s first dual-zone climate controlled self-making bed.

Intelligent Design

Designed to make your existing bedding exponentially better, Breeze allows you to adjust the temperature for each side of the bed – giving you the benefits of partner isolation. Without having to replace your own bedding, Breeze’s intuitive technology slips in-between your duvet cover and uses strategically placed chambers to cool and heat your body.


Equipped with a control box that fits discretely under your bed, the evenly distributed chambers of air eliminate humidity while keeping you dry all night. Whether you prefer to have a warm flow of air hitting your body during a cold winter night or like the cooling effect during the dog days of August, Smartduvet Breeze circulates the air under your duvet for optimal comfort.

The Smartduvet Technology

According to the Canadian-based Smartduvet, Breeze uses the scientific effect of “evaporation cooling” to increase your body’s natural evaporation process. Outside of much-improved sleep conditions, there is running list of benefits the Breeze provides to the consumer. For one, night time sweating leads to the ideal breeding ground for germs and dust mites. A steady breeze that eliminates night sweats also destroys the chances of bed bugs. Secondly, the act of heating/cooling your body directly means that you can control the temp of your bed instead of having to adjust the temp of your entire house. By using the Smartduvet technology, you essentially reduce your carbon footprint.


Armed with an intuitive iOS/Android compatible smart app, the Breeze allows you to pre-heat your bed on cold winter nights, cool your bedding on hot summer nights, and last but not least – set bed making times. The control device, once activated, inflates the main chamber – lifting the duvet and the top sheet back to its original resting position. With the bed making function omitting a bit more noise than the “almost silent” heating and cooling chambers, it’s best to not turn on the bed making tech when your significant other is still sound asleep.


“The patent-pending bed-making technology pumps air in the inflatable layer placed between your existing duvet and duvet cover – forcing the layer to return to its original shape.”


For the dual-zone climate control, Breeze is available in Queen (90 x 80″), King (90 x 102″) and California King (94 x 104″) sizes. The Twin (59 x 79″) and Full/Double (80 x 80″) size only comes with single-zone climate control. With an estimated ship date scheduled for September (2017), the Smartduvet Breeze is poised to disrupt the entire bedding industry. Hopefully, there little to no compromise on comfort – because that would be a deal breaker.

  • Self-Making Bed Technology
  • Dual-Zone Climate Control
  • Evaporating Cooling Tech
  • iOS/Android App
  • Removes Humidity
  • Prevents Bed Bugs
  • Reduces Sweating
  • Availability
  • Questionable Comfort