• iReviews
  • February 05,2017
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Imagine if your desk lamp was smart enough to know your ideal environment for working from home or your preferred brightness levels for reading prior to bed. Introducing Lumigent – the smart desk lamp that understands voice commands like, “Hey Lumi, change the position to bedtime reading.” And voila, she immediately adjusts to a preset lighting preference.


Armed with an 8-megapixel camera and connected by Wi-Fi, Lumi not only repositions to preset brightness but also takes photos. Whether it’s family portraits or pictures of documents on your desk, Lumi’s high-res camera detects motion and is capable of storing images in the cloud or saving them using a microSD. This is a great way to capture your work at different stages.


When you talk to her “Hi, Lumi”, she automatically transforms herself into appropriate positions determined by the voice she hears. Lumi’s main body has four degrees of freedom rotating on a flexible axis. This allows her to transform into the preset lighting positions but also collapse into herself – a space saving feature.


Her perceptive 8MP eye can revolutionize work collaboration, according to Lumigent’s website. “Having a “smart eye” on your desk can revolutionize work collaboration, for example, artists and architects can share drawings captured by Lumigent seamlessly to cloud services, then ask her to switch to webcam mode to start a video conference.”


Lumi is the first robotic smart desk lamp that springs to attention once she recognizes your voice. Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and four powerful motors, Lumigent is always adjusting to your situation –whether it’s late night homework or early morning research. Once of the highlights of the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Lumigent has a Fall 2017 estimated release date.


With a price tag anywhere from $400 to $700, this will be one pricey smart home device. But if you’re someone who wants a fully connected desk that not only keeps you working in ideal environments but also takes a snapshot of your work, Lumigent is the perfect smart home addition.

  • Auto-focus 8MP camera
  • Preset lighting angles
  • Voice Recognition technology
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity (iOS/Android compatible)
  • Space Saver (folds into itself)
  • Cloud-based storage for images
  • Available Fall 2017
  • Price $400-$700