Meeting Owl

Capable of focusing on one speaker at a time, the USB connected Meeting Owl comes equipped with an intuitive 360-degree camera. Whether it’s reducing meeting chaos or simply making sure all participants share their thoughts, the Meeting Owl is designed to make conference calls a more fluid process.

Noise Cancelling Helmet Boosts Office Productivity

Even though you may look like the third member of Daft Punk, Hochu Rayus’ futuristic noise-cancelling helmet is guaranteed to boost office work productivity. The ‘Helmfon’ device completely drowns out distracting background noise notorious for disrupting employee concentration. Still, in development, Ukrainian design company Hochu Rayu hopes its revolutionary prototype shakes up the entire smart office industry.


Normally, when a company self-proclaims that they are “The world’s first,” it comes with a bit of skepticism – mostly because their competition has similar claims. Thankfully, OTM Technologies has created an input device that is truly a world’s first. Introducing Phree – an unrestricted, high resolution, and portable smart gadget that lets you write, draw, and annotate with a personalized touch.


Imagine if your desk lamp was smart enough to know your ideal environment for working from home or your preferred brightness levels for reading prior to bed. Introducing Lumigent – the smart desk lamp that understands voice commands like, “Hey Lumi, change the position to bedtime reading.”