ili Wearable Translator

If you’re passionate about world travel, but your global exploration is limited to regions that can speak a familiar language, then the ili Wearable Translator is a product that tries to fill in those basic language gaps. It’s the first wearable translator that doesn’t require an internet connection in its attempts to break down the language barrier.

LaDouche Hot Water Heater

Capable of producing unlimited hot water and designed to reduce 20% water consumption, Solable’s eco-friendly device is poised to revolutionize the shower experience worldwide.


Imagine if your desk lamp was smart enough to know your ideal environment for working from home or your preferred brightness levels for reading prior to bed. Introducing Lumigent – the smart desk lamp that understands voice commands like, “Hey Lumi, change the position to bedtime reading.”

WELT Smart Belt

With wearable smart tech trending, no piece of clothing is exempt from a union with technology. WELT, the Smart Fashion Belt, finally made its debut at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, promising to help users embrace a healthy lifestyle while remaining fashionable. WELT’s sleek, inconspicuous design allows even the most stylish consumers access to useful health metrics that will surely improve their quality of life.